Oliver Twist with porridge

Yes. Victims. Imagine losing your job, for example, simply because your research proved beyond any doubt that the polar bear population was thriving instead of becoming extinct as we had been assured would happen.

That’s good news, right?  Well it should be, but apparently it is not if you’ve been telling a lie for a decade and got caught, so no it’s not good news at all.

Professor Susan Crockford is the example.  She proved that the poster species of the global warming brigade is actually doing quite nicely for itself.

A species we were repeatedly warned in 2008 by global warming promoter, Al Gore, would be extinct by the year 2013 when he solemnly warned that “scientists agree” that “the North Polar Ice would be completely ice free” so they [polar bears] will all drown.[1]

A species said to be nearing extinction that is now over-populating would be good news for everyone, any sane person might think, but not to the global warming crowd.

This was apostasy – like saying the world was not flat back in 1500.

How dare she!

So, the University of Victoria didn’t celebrate the findings and evidence of Professor Susan Crockford’s research in 2019. Instead, they fired her, simply for telling the truth.

Why?  Because her facts and evidence went against the whole Carbon Hoax narrative, to which the entire mainstream media and institutions of ‘higher’ learning had attached themselves with religious fervor.

How dare she! is right

Professor Crockford’s evidence was against the Big Lie – the lie that would be used to take over the world – so she had to be destroyed.

Just weeks after Professor Crockford was fired, the small Russian village of Ryrkaypiy just 1,000 miles from where I live in Poland was overrun by 56 wild polar bears, requiring the closing of schools and stores as well as the cancellation of the town’s 2020 New Year celebration. [2]

So how did the legacy press present this clear evidence that we’d been lied to about polar bears becoming extinct – for over a decade?

The mainstream propaganda machine, CNN, blamed it on ‘global warming’, believe it or not.  Crazy, right?  We have more arctic bears because it’s getting warmer?

And I ask the reader to keep this example in mind, as this situation is repeated over and again.

A lie is told.  Proof appears in the form of hard, scientific evidence, photos, counting by air, electronic tracking of tagged pairs of polar bears and counting their offspring, and their offspring’s offspring and so on for a generation.

Yet CNN tells the public that the ice was probably too thin for the polar bears to stay on it, so this unprecedented population simply went on ‘walk about’? [3]

Just one little problem.

While they were telling this observable lie, there was far more ‘polar ice’ than in 2008 when Al Gore made his bizarre evidence-free prediction that it would all be melted by 2013!

Polar ice had increased – significantly – since 2008.

Yet Gore and gang’s wild predictions still stand.  No apologies, no “Oops, guess we got that one wrong,” it’s just damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead – and the media is still lying about it, in spite of the facts.

So, what are the facts about polar bears?

“Data from conservation groups and the government show that the polar bear population is roughly five times what it was in the 1950s. It is three or four times what it was in the 1970s when polar bears became protected under international treaty.”[4]

So, let’s get this straight. There were an estimated 6,000 polar bears when Al Gore was a little nipper in knee-breeches.

70 years later, while Al Gore is spending double-digit millions buying beachfront property with money he made as Ringmaster of the global warming circus, the polar bear population is estimated to be 31,000. [5]

That’s a 500% increase.

But if you tell the truth about it, as Professor Crockford just proved, you’ll still lose your job, even though the global warming promoters are buying up beachfront mansions in places they direly predicted would also be under the ocean – but no one is left to call them out for their brazen hypocrisy or their proven falsehoods.

Everyone in academia and the managed press, are goose-stepping in unison. They have to because they get fired if they don’t.

Global warming Commander-in-Chief Gore spent $8.9 million on his new beachfront shack last year, while former President Barack Obama – perhaps the greatest Carbon Hoax hypocrite besides Gore – just spent $11.75 million on his new beachfront ‘vacation house’ on Martha’s Vineyard.[6]

Sounds like being a mouthpiece for global warming is good work if you can get it – but if you had any integrity at all, would you be using the money you made lying about coastal cities being under water, to buy up property you told everyone would be under water as well?

It’s not just America where the crazies are ruling the roost

Emperors worldwide are running around naked, bragging on their ‘new clothes’ but few are wise enough to see it – and almost none are willing to call them out on it. 

This disease of believing in fairy tales instead of what is before your own eyes is not limited to the U.S. and Europe, it has spread to Down Under as well.

Imagine a scientist, for another example, at the very top of important research on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef being fired – even banned from institutions and professional societies – for simply being unable to find any scientific link between changes in Australia’s reefs and alleged ‘global warming’.

I say alleged, as it is simply a fact that temperatures have not increase even a jot since 1998. They have in fact, gone down approximately 1.5 degrees centigrade.

Yet that’s what happened to Dr. Peter Ridd, without challenge to his data or research, just because he told the truth.

He was scrapped by James Cook University for “not behaving collegiality [sic]” because he would not join the chorus on the Big [Global Warming] Lie.

Instead, he said that the alleged effects on the Great Barrier Reef was because of other causes – real causes – like pollution.

Dr. Ridd wasn’t even challenging the global warming theory.

He was just saying he could find no link between two different occurrences – alleged warming that was not happening and Barrier reef damage that his research showed actually was. 

That’s how crazy academia has gone in face of the most ridiculous claim in human history.

Or how about award-winning Chemistry Professor, Nicholas Drapela at Oregon State University, who was fired without warning or reason.

This happened because he was encouraging his students to apply the scientific method to any suppositions – even assertions of the Big Lie.

He did this because as a professor of science, that was his job – or so you would have thought.

That was it.  He was sacked for teaching Francis Bacon’s scientific method taught since shortly after the last Dark Ages – which I fear we are headed for once more under such tyranny of thought.

Not even science allows science anymore under rule of the global warming crowd.

Fast forward and it’s 2020 when the end game of the One World trap was supposed to be sprung.

The plan was to put us all under their boot and to make sure that few remain in academia who will tell the truth due to the very real dangers of doing so. 

No one in the media will question the Big Lie, and certainly, no one in the halls of government power are willing to take a chance.

Even industry has learned to be quiet about the obvious fallacies or face the mad crowds (like the MFW – ‘Mad Fucking Witches’).

These are groups who use economic terrorism to punish ‘non-compliant’ companies who don’t affirmatively back this theory.

But there’s a glitch. 

The people are waking from their slumber. 

They’ve been lied to so much and for so long that they’re starting to elect people who don’t lie to them about what they see before their own eyes.

Many are simply looking around after 30 years of being told catastrophe was just around the corner (in 2000, then 2008, then 2013, then 2020) and realizing that not a single prediction of doom and gloom has come true or even close.

Not a one.

The world is in fact a better, cooler, cleaner place.

Welcome to 2020.

STAY TUNED FOR Part 3 (Chapter One)!

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland

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[1] Former U.S. Vice-President, Al Gore, made this claim on December 14, 2008 at the COP15 Climate Conference in Germany.

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