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For new readers, we’re publishing The Carbon Hoax: A Story—Ruling the World With A Big Lie, one chapter at a time, like Charles Dickens did his first book, The Pickwick Papers.

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I’m not even going to tell you what their complete agenda was that April night in Rome, though I know it from their public statements and writings.

We haven’t gotten to that point in our relationship as writer and audience.

You probably don’t trust me yet so let’s keep going with the ‘narrative’ for a while, buttressed only by provable facts or the Founders’ own words.

Like me, at first you won’t believe it, though it’s all on videos with these horrible people saying what they intend to do with ‘us’ in their own voices.

But their plans for worldwide domination could never have come to pass without a really important American.

At that time, there was no greater man for the Club of Rome than Ted Turner, head of Turner Broadcasting and world champ sailor-come-from-little (his father ran a billboard advertising firm in Georgia).

Without a blink, Ted was ‘in’ because like Aurelio Peccei, he sought to accede to the Elite ranks from what they still considered the peasant class.

“Billboards?  And you want to rub elbows with us Elites?”

“That will cost you dearly, young Theodore.”

And while they took Ted Turner’s millions, he took to their narrative of global rule like a duck to water.

What was their agenda? Well since it is just below in a link to Ted’s own words, I’ll tell you.  They wanted to get rid of ‘us’.[1]

Yes, Ted said it. “We must reduce the world’s population by 95%”

So what do we do with this information?  The naysayers will challenge me by saying, “but Turner later lowered that number to 90% maybe even 80%.”

Great, so just how do/did Ted Turner and the Club of Rome intend to ‘get rid of’ even half of ‘us’ after saying it had to happen back then or we’d all be cannibals in 30 years?  [Yes. Ted Turner also said that on camera in the link below].

Let’s keep that thought on the back burner, but realize that they have never changed their thinking that there are way too many of ‘us’ but just the right number of ‘them’.

In 1968, there were roughly 3.5 billion souls on the planet. By 1973 when Ted Turner signed up and gave the Club $20 million to buy his way in, there were almost four (billion).

How did they propose to eliminate 3.2 billion of us lesser beings?

First of all, as any world dominator knows, you have to take control.

But how do you get billions of people and hundreds of nations to go against their own self-interests into what may be a terminal relationship for everyone except those at the top of the social pyramid?

This group also created the Club of Madrid and Club of Budapest, but we’ll use the original name in this tome as they work together, meaning all of these and subsequent groups agreed that ‘fear’ was the tool they would use to have us voluntarily accept their chains once more.

How you ask? By scaring the Hell out of everybody, while claiming to be the only entity able to save them from the non-event you intentionally manufactured.

The Club decided that the seeds of raw fear had to be planted in every heart and cultivated. 

This would not be overnight, and many accomplices would be required.

But tell the Ted Turners of the world that this is the view of the ‘Elites’, and you’ll have to beat off accomplices in the media and governments around the globe with a stick.

They will all want in, no matter how seditious or horrifying the cause.

But first, Peccei and King realized their program must be laid out clearly in a dossier. By 1971, Limits to Growth was complete and it was made public in 1972.

This document informed the world that despite all seeming well, it was on the very cusp of disaster—unless the reins of rule were handed back over to the Elites.

Catchy logo showing just the part of the globe the Club of Rome wants to control—which is all of it and all of ‘us’

In this document, according to Alexander King himself, they decided “the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill,”[2] as restated and republished in his book (1991), The First Global Revolution: a report by the council of the Club of Rome.[3]

“Would fit the bill.”  How do you like that?  Not true, but it ‘would fit the bill.’

Governments, NGOs, environmental groups, the media and the richest on the planet—even royals—joined up

It was time for this unrealistic self-rule nonsense to end, the Elites told us, in order to save ourselves from the disasters they’d picked out of a hat to create and fulfill by whatever means they thought necessary.

Not much of a sales pitch for global genocide, but the Elites loved it.

By the time well-known Dutch society journalist Willem Oltmans met with the founder, Aurelio Peccei, to bring the Club of Rome and its mission to light, the elite gang included members from across all ideological and political boundaries.

Not only had the world’s first news consolidator, Ted Turner (and his money) joined Peccei as a ‘founder’, but also Carroll Wilson (American Academy of Sciences), Jermen Gvishiani (Soviet Academy of Sciences), Edouard Pestel (Volkswagen Foundation), Alexander King (by then working with the OECD) and Hugo Thieme (Nestlé) were in the inner circle.

With the scent of an elitist cabal brewing, political and social lemmings of all stripes jumped on board.

Proximity to unadulterated, centralized power is an intoxicant for those who produce nothing themselves.

In his last year as president of the European Commission (1972), for example, Sicco Mansholt declared to his colleagues that “the Club of Rome message had to become ‘the fundament of the European Union’.”[4]

That became the essence of the EU from that point forward—putting the Club of Rome and its agenda center and foremost to that organization for all intents and purposes— as it remains today.[5]

The first world summit of the Club was held in the Soviet Union in 1990—the perfect setting for global rulers to gather and plot how to subject the world to harsh Socialist control under their management—and convince the people to do it of their own volition by voting away their freedoms.

Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union and head of its Communist Party, hosted the event, which was also quite appropriate.

By 2009 when the Club of Rome held its second world summit, 800 of the world’s would-be-masters gathered in Amsterdam to discuss the vexing problem of what they would do with ‘us’ after they succeeded.

By then, their pipe dream over wine in Rome decades before was appearing ever more likely.

America was under the rule of one of the Club’s puppets, thanks to key supporter, billionaire George Soros, who became active in world politics in 1979 and made the takeover of the American White House his goal, beginning in 2002, as we’ll discuss in Chapter 4.

Even Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix, of the Netherlands was on board by the second world summit with the group’s plan to rule the world even if it cost Trixie her throne.

I suppose being a part of the cabal who would rule the world was more attractive to a power-diminished royal than ruling a small waterlogged country your peers would soon claim was destined to be ocean bottom.

The chosen created crisis was dubbed “Global Warming” by Alexander King way back in the 1970s.  The hoax was in its fourth decade by the 2009 second world summit, and the brainwashing of ‘us’ was progressing nicely.

Soros puppet, Barrack Hussein Obama, was firmly ensconced in the White House, and the One-World agenda was all on go with not only Democrat Socialists, but Bush-Republicans, RINOS (Republicans in Name Only), as well as One World Globalists recruited and purchased from both parties.

The mainstream media was already consolidated and under their control, so the gates to the kingdom were open.

Prospects for convincing the world to give up its freedom and property to the control of the ruling class had never been more likely—it was actually happening—even in rich places like Venezuela.

“Venezuela was once the richest, most stable democracy in Latin America. What happened?” the headlines blared, but no one in Washington, DC was listening.[6] They wanted Europe, America and Australia to be Venezuela—as long as they got to run the place.

Venezuela followed the Club of Rome model of takeover and government to a “T”—and is now in chaos, starving—murdering its own people with 85% of businesses shuttered.

A great test case on what was/is to come—wholly ignored by the intentionally consolidated media under the seemingly direct control of the One World power-mad cabal.

Absent a break-up of their brainwashing machine, (a.k.a. the mainstream media), the world was well on its way back to feudalism with Lords in the manor house once more, and serfs (‘us’) back in the fields where they still believe that we belong.

And as badly as I hate to report it, the insidious plan of The Club of Rome is not only alive—it is thriving.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland






[3] Ibid