Coronavirus not as deadly as the black death

Oh my!  Got that one a bit wrong, didn’t we?  So sorry!  Carry on…

Just 10 days ago we were told that the United States would lose 2.2 Million of its citizens – perhaps more by now. The national shutdown that ensued from this bit of mis-information put millions out of work. 

There were 3.3 million claims for unemployment just this week – highest in U.S. history.

This same prognosticator, Neil Ferguson, told the U.K. press that 500,000 loyal (and not-so-loyal) Britishers and foreign squatters would end up with more than just a stiff upper lip – they’d be stiff all over.

Neil Ferguson of the imperial college takes back the gloom and doom predictions that may cost the world $25 Trillion in wealth

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the Royal Family (specifically, Prince Charles) have what Xi Bojangles calls a ‘demon’ (he should know, eh?), yet, other than missing evening tea with people they may not enjoy anyway, they’re doing quite nicely.

Prince Albert of Monaco came down with the dreaded killer last week – but he’s doing fine also. 

It’s rife in Hollywood and fancy places, but quite scarce in the workplaces – the only places that are not open for business thanks to these incredibly unwise ‘shutdowns’ of normal commerce by those in power.

Got it. Elites live by completely different rules than we–the hairy unwashed. While we’re on lockdown, they’re out and about catching this, apparently from each other.

No large crowds for us, no putting hot Chinese babes carrying signs “Hug me, I’m not a virus” (for which the mayor in Italy who did this is now apologising).

No rock concerts or sporting events with lots of passion–concerts and matches now come from the stars’ living rooms or empty stadiums– and it’s moving through our populations as all viruses eventually do.

What is it with this ‘deadly’ killer that has shut down all the world’s major economies and caused yet untold damage to them – but has proven to be less deadly than many of our normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ winter flus?

It seems the doctors, nurses, and care-takers are taking the brunt of this, not the Poshies

It’s actually getting rather posh to have the Wuhan virus it seems. 

One can garner great sympathy, have symptoms that mimic a bad cold or flu – and come out the other side no worse for the wear – and make yourself end up somewhere between a hero and a ‘survivor’.

Perhaps both. 

But there is a little secret coming out today – they lied about how deadly it would be.

And to make things ever worse for the doomsayers, Big Pharma (who doesn’t even have its Willie in this rumble yet) and hapless media making a living on this questionable ‘crisis’ – there is a well-established cure originating from the Cochina tree.

Cochina/quinine/coenzyme 10 are not new or ‘man-made’ through adulteration. To Big Governments and their paymasters, Big Pharma, that means they cannot be the source of next quarter’s billions for the Big Pharma cats–so they were simply ignored. 

Yes. Ignored for almost two decades after proving effective in 2002 against great-grandaddy CoVid-x.

That’s a fact. It was admitted just yesterday that they’ve known this worked since 2002–but sat on it, or as the spokesman said, “We dropped the ball.”

The NIH (National Institute of Health in America) found millions to make a sit-com about HIV situations and throw some really great parties, but not a farthing to do what they are now trying to do–prove the efficacy of this and other well-proven remedies in curing and preventing the Wuhan virus.

Who gave WuFlu to whom?  That is the question! (Now they both have it)

But now that the Poshies have it we’re good to go on a cure, no?

Maybe, maybe not

Quinine has served us well since the 1820s as a specific Co-enzyme and later in all of its derivative pharmaceutical forms, but since the 1560s it has been known as a curative tea to prevent malaria and many auto-immune afflictions.

And – it’s Spring in the worst infected zones already when such viruses go to meet their maker – which in this case is not God but the dictator of Communist China – Xi-Bojangles so this is near its end, regardless of what our hapless leaders say.

The only accurate data – as previously published in this esteemed news publication – is the Diamond Princess cruise ship, carrying mostly ‘elderly guests’ and that data combined with other confined groups of a more general population indicate “the real death rate could stretch from five times lower (0.025%) to five times higher (0.625%).”

That’s about the same – or even less – than the normal kill rate of flu.

Here’s the test.  Tom made it through Epstein’s pedophile island without a charge (so far) and 4 years on an island with a soccer ball, but can he make it through this—the dreaded Wuhan virus?

So here’s the “Tom Hanks” test.

This guy is now the biggest celebrity going through this ‘deadly killer disease’ outside of Londanistan pols and royals, right? 

And we know he’s sick.

The media have that part covered in spades –  “Tom Hanks and his wife Rachel are deathly ill in Australia,” and they’ve made it sound like he’s in Alice Springs with Mick Dundee dripping death beetle juice on his lip  instead of being treated like a celebrity in a first-rate facility.

But what will we hear when his minor sore throat and cough are gone? 

Crickets.  In fact, he’s already home, preparing for his next award at a Hollywood Trump-bashing ceremony, no doubt.

But a very liberal friend from California unknowingly sent me the Wuhan virus ‘test’ as a joke:

Hat tip to Douglas Ades, the most liberal man I know.

“Tom Hanks survived for four years on an island as a castaway.

He spent a year in an airport, without being able to leave it.

Caught AIDS in Philadelphia.

He was in World War II and rescued Private Ryan.

He went to Vietnam and rescued Lieutenant Dan.

Was on a boat kidnapped by Somali pirates.

Survived Apollo 13 trying to reach the moon.

Landed a Boeing on the Hudson River.

If this son-of-a-bitch dies of coronavirus, we are all fu**ed!”

So my bet that Tom Hanks, his wife, and the other 99.6% who get this particularly nasty flu survive it, was a winner.

Let’s get back to working and living.

If your leaders – or mine – keep this crap going past Easter, then it’s time to change leaders.

They are again trying to rule and rob us with yet another hoax.

I am embarrassed to admit that I bought it as well, but no longer. We’re re-opening our dental clinic here in Warsaw on April 6th. 

Our doctors, nurses, staff and patients need work and treatment respectively – and we will be there for them.

Take heart.  I’m not sure what the whole agenda of this thing was, but I promise to report it as soon as we can find out.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland