UN General assembly hall


The Japanese Deputy PM gets it. Over 700,000 have called for W.H.O. leader, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s resignation, within days of launching petition on Change.org.

“Japan’s deputy prime minister Taro Aso has said the world Health Organization (WHO) should be renamed as the “Chinese Health Organization” as he accused the global body of toeing the China line on the coronavirus pandemic.” (courtesy the print)

The W.H.O. head is a hack, but I understand it.  Tedros succumbed to Chinese billions poured into his native Ethiopia, like most politicians have, including U.S. Democrats and even a few RINOs. 

Got it, Ted.  When you were a kid, you were watching your less-fortunate neighbours chasing the last chicken in town and dying of a horrible famine—also caused by bad government—but let’s leave that for now.

But biting into a Chinese-staged virus is even more deadly—not only for your own continent—but all of ours. 

It’s time for you to go home, Teddy.

But let’s review.

Here is Xi Xinping’s hand puppet, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. It’s a good thing Chinese hands are small

You told the world in January of this year that President Donald Trump was being xenophobic and racist when he stopped air travel from knowingly infected Wuhan.

You even said that suspending air travel was a very bad idea—also knowingly promoting the spread of this killer—while sitting on personal knowledge of both its source and deadliness.

You, Teddy, told the world that this killer could not be transmitted from human to human—while you and Xi knew it was already killing Chinese citizens in untold numbers in Hubei Province.

Liars, you and Xi have proven to be, Teddy.  Dangerous ones, without souls.

Then, an estimated 40,000 infected Chinese left Hubei Province weeks after you and your master, Xi, knew very damn well they were potential carriers.

It’s actually five million travellers in total—after you and Xi knew the truth, Teddy.

They flew on direct flights all over Europe to the places China has absorbed such as Italy. They flew on direct flights to L.A., NYC, and Seattle — and other Chinese strongholds in the Western world–as well as to Chinese outposts in the African nations–again, direct from Wuhan.

I respect the Chinese for their love of family and ancestry, but after hosting 40,000 families—not individuals, mind you, Teddy—but families in a big wet-market throw-down munchfest during Chinese New Year in Wuhan, you and Xi sent them out like termites to consume and/or infect the wood of the world already suffering from Chinese takeovers of their economies.

When there is a Nuremberg-like trial on the Wuhan Virus, Teddy, you’ll be in the docks with Xi

Tedros (‘Teddy’) claimed days later on January 31 that ‘tens of thousands of cases had appeared (magically it seems) but waited until March 11th to declare a pandemic, after 118,000 had fallen under its death grip.

Take Italy, for example.  How many Italians are left in the subsumed leather and garment trade there?

None?  A few designers perhaps, since no one has the Italian sense of style?

The rest are Chinese who flew direct from the Wuhan wet-market family reunion of tens of thousands after Chinese New Year, to the jobs and factories they now control in Northern Italy.

Result?  A death of Italians more massive than Monte Cassino.

I’m sure you don’t even know what that was, Teddy, but maybe I’ll be at your trial and tell you how Polish patriots retook Italy for the Italians last century when no one else could–only to let the Chinese conquer it in this century without firing a shot.

Tedros (“Teddy”) will pay, just as he has been paid.

The wages of sin is death, Teddy.  So sayeth the Word.

Next?  Our own United Nations of Western Civilisation or UNION OF FREE NATIONS

Leaving Islamic and Communist nations in charge of things has proven to be a less-than-brilliant idea for the ‘progressive’ inspired UN (as was intended by those who founded it, in my humble opinion). 

That’s a different article, but they did not intend for freedom and individual rights to flow from this septic tank of cancerous ideologies, knowing bad ideas in such groups generally flow the other direction.

So, I propose that the President end the United Nation’s lease in NYC and turn it into a homeless shelter–or a Trump Tower–anything but the sewer of bad ideas it has always been. 

We’ll deal with this more thoroughly in another article, as I’m serious, and have even started researching which and how many nations might qualify for membership in our new UFN.

It would do far more good than its two predecessors, while ending the constant spying on, and sapping of my home nation and its resources by foreign enemies.

Send these corrupt people who hate us all back to the totalitarian paradises from which they came.

It would also free up thousands of apartments and parking spaces in mid-town Manhattan!

Great idea, no?

Then we create our UNION OF FREE NATIONS

We need to make a distinction between us and them.

All nations are not equal. We and our system of governance are better and those who believe in individual rights and freedoms should collect and stand together against the totalitarians, be they inspired by a false prophet of the ancient Arabian moon-god of darkness, or the genocidal madness of Marxism.

The UK, Canada, America, New Zealand (if NZ pitches Communist/Islamist Jacinda), South Africa–if they start protecting white farmers as they should–Australia, Japan, Taiwan and all those who have adopted our philosophy from the Greeks who founded it to the Visegrad Nations of Eastern Europe who adopted it—all should bind together and make a pact between free nations.

Maybe even let in Germany, France, Italy and the Scandinavian nations if they take on proper leadership that is attuned to freedom and nations rather than the One World Order George Soros nonsense.

Matteo Salvini wins?  We let in Italy.  Marine Le Pen ousts Macron?  Welcome to our world, France. Merkel is put out to pasture? Bring in the Germans.

You get the picture. They have to disavow Soros and One World tyranny to join a union of free nation-states.

We are people too.  Perhaps the world’s greatest.

And it is time we claim our own rather than letting lesser cultures pretend to be superior or equal. They are not–and it is not a race thing–it’s a culture thing. My America, made up of every colour in the human rainbow, is better than any totalitarian regime in history.

That’s just a plain damn fact. Australia runs circles around any dictatorship that’s ever been. That’s not arrogance, it’s just the plain truth.

No more embarrassment about our leading the world to science, knowledge, freedom and the secrets of economic success, or that a kebab stand on every corner has added anything to our amazing cultures other than bad food (and people) who cause us heartburn.

Speak boldly, and do so now. 

It’s time for our own UN–no tyrants invited.


Howell Woltz

International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland