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So let’s continue from the last article, as this is an idea whose time has come:

The Collectivist/Islamified UNITED NATIONS undermines us and our way of life – and always has. That was, in fact, part of its ‘progressive’ purpose– to end exceptionalism.

“The United Nations was established by the Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice,” according to the history books – but to serve ‘humanity’?

What a joke. It’s left unimaginable damage and destruction in its wake and failed to stop a single tragedy in my lifetime–Cambodia, Angola, Rwanda, Haiti, East Timor and many others come to mind.

The centre of anti-western activity sits like a painful hemorrhoid in the heart of America’s financial centre –midtown Manhattan

Yes, history has proven quite the opposite and it’s time for a specific plan to rid ourselves of the UN now that we’ve awoken from slumber

Communist China and its dictator just tried to kill us, ladies and gentlemen.

The UN’s W.H.O. Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (an Ethiopian  malaria specialist who darn sure knew about the cure – chloroquine) is defending Dictator Xi and his hapless gang of thugs for this attempted genocide. 

He even praised Xi at every turn for his ‘handling’ of it.

The Islamic world – members of the same UN – applauded them and praised “Allah” for killing us.

What the hell are we doing in such toxic, anti-Western alliances with Fascists, Islamo-Nazis and Communists?

It’s time for a “New World Order” alright but not with these anti-freedom freaks and George Soros – admitted Nazi-collaborator – running and financing much of it.

Only 50 nations qualified to be UN members in 1945

That’s all, just 50, and it was heavily slanted toward Collectivist nations like The Soviet Union and what was then becoming Communist China.

Poland signed on October 15, 1945, as the 51st Founding Member – but remained under the Soviet boot as a slave nation until the 1989 uprising.

This particular United Nations founded in 1945– was actually the second 

The only thing Poles march like this over since 1989 is the EU trying to force Muslim jihadists on this Catholic nation in 2014 calling these hordes of young soldiers ‘refugees’.

The hapless ‘League of Nations’ was launched by America’s first ‘Progressive’ President Woodrow Wilson, but was such a failure it was dead before the next world war.

Enough history of what didn’t work – let’s move ahead, as there are now 95 nations on our side

That’s right.  Only 50 nations of all stripes joined the last United Nations initially, and we can almost double that number today with just our own.

Due to the break-up of The Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and the constant dissembling of big-block combos, there are now over 200 entities that claim to be nations – some recognised, some not.

I’ve listed those countries at the bottom of the article I believe could qualify to give fuel for my antagonists (yeah, I included Tuvalu, just for you), but here’s the point –  since 1945, Western Civilisation, the philosophy that informs it, and economic system that drove it to the forefront of world history, has been winning converts.

We have much of the world on our side today that was not before, so let’s bind together while all can readily see the risks of allowing Globalists, Marxists and Islamo-Nazis to control any organisation of which we are a part.

They just tried to kill us folks and will continue doing so literally and economically.  Don’t forget that for a moment

Our death – or subjugation – is the admitted goal of Communists and Islamists worldwide, so why do we tolerate them in our own wheelhouses and nations?

While the Islamo-Nazis, Globalists, and other Marxist thugs seem to be at odds, in reality they are not.

With the common goal of our destruction – or forcible subjection to one or both of their godless ideologies – they are cinematically aligned for an overlay to double-team us if we don’t wake up. They can win, as they are eating at our foundations from the inside.

Just look at and listen to Democrats in the U.S. or Labour in England and Australia.

Make no mistake.  Marxists and Muslims can’t be changed or converted

Bringing them into our world with that hope only makes us less safe, as the fools in Brussels, London, Paris and Berlin can now attest. It is cause for death for a Muslim to assimilate.

These foolish nations made a huge mistake thinking they could import people sworn to our destruction and change THEM. It always works the other way.

Look at England where even small towns like Luton have 35 mosques today, yet there were none when I was a child. Many parts of England are now under Sharia law and Councils, or in ‘no-go’ zones where real Brits are not allowed to tread.

In Quran 5:33- Mohammed declared for all times, “They [Christians, Jews and Kuffar (non-believers)] should be murdered or crucified or their hands and feet should be cut off on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned.”

Any Muslim not willing to carry out these atrocities is subjected to the same butchery – also according to this medieval war-lord turned ‘prophet’.

Do you so-called ‘liberals’ think Mohammed was joking?  Hardly 

When alive, Mohammed acted as the example of ‘the perfect man’ (for Muslims) personally beheading between 600-800 Jewish men of the tribes that fed and supported him in Medina (the Hadith differ in the number) then raping the Jewish leader’s 12-year old, Safiiyah, all night long after forcing the other women to become sex slaves or selling them and their children into slavery.

This is your perfect Muslim man, then and for all times.

Folks, big Mo chose this ancient Arabian god of darkness not me, and darkness is all that can ever come from it

Now take a look at Marxism, which murdered well over 100 million souls last century (and is still doing so today)

I recently read that Karl Marx is now considered “the most influential man in history” by a majority of American high school students, and Islamic studies are more prevalent than Christian studies on our campuses – where Christian studies are often not even allowed or offered.

Our children are actually being taught that garbage in our schools. Communist philosophy and Islam–but not about God or our own founders’ faith.

Great choice, eh?

The ancient ‘Arabian Moon God of Darkness’ [a.k.a. Allah] –  which was used as excuse to murder 10 million souls in Islam’s first century – or the Marxists who killed an estimated 160 million souls since that philosophy of theft and death’s inception, both pushing basically the same crap – subjugation of all human freedoms and personal choice.

There may be a special place in our Hell for these people – we can only hope!

So, let’s cut these parasites adrift from our organisations and nations and see how long they last without a juicy host from which to suckle. Better yet, let’s found our own and leave them to marinate in the swill and spawn of theirs.

With 95 nations around the globe on our side now, others will begin reforming themselves so they can join I believe, rather than trying to kill us or work so hard against us.

Then perhaps we can get back to true capitalism – the kind designed by Adam Smith based on Christian principles – not the over-privileged multi-national corporations, crony capitalists and monopolists or Globalists using paid-off legislators to turn free markets into racketeering operations of which Smith warned in WEALTH OF NATIONS.

Once back in form as nation-states with Globalism in the rear-view – we can take back our old system of real capitalism – William Wallace style if we have to – and we may, with all the entrenched special interests as part of our UNION of FREE NATIONS.

What if the modern world saw real Adam Smith ‘capitalism’ for the first time since the 18th and 19th and early 20th centuries?

It changed our world before–and will again.

This system of trade worked everywhere it was tried.

It created economic miracles, turning medieval nations and societies into centres of wealth and culture with nothing but free unencumbered exchange between human scale entities and individuals.

That is, until ‘joint stock corporations’ as Smith called them, began buying off legislators for special protections–but absent government interference or protection from competition, it worked to completely change societies for the better. 

Amazing it was – and could be again.

So here’s my list of 95 nations below – large and small – that should qualify for our new UNION of FREE NATIONS, including basically any who are or wish to remain independent of a tyrannical Globalist Order and to hold elections of leaders, while guaranteeing basic freedoms and rights that can’t be taken away through ‘democracy’– though many of them are admittedly not doing a very good job at the moment, including our own.

The current United States Congress acts as a protection racket and exists to serve K Street, not Main Street, but with freedom in the air, that can change as well

In fact, being such an optimist that we can take back America and Australia, I’ve added Russia in the list as well, which many won’t like, but I’d rather have them with us than against us.

Why?  History – and given how far they’ve come since I was a child and watched Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the podium at the current ‘United Nations’ saying we would all be communist by now – so they deserve a shot at being in the new UNION of FREE NATIONS.

And how different is Russia–kowtowing to oligarchs–from our own system today which caters to monopolies running most things from news, food production/distribution and social media/communication? These companies and their owners are oligarchs too.

So, it’s our time. Why do I say that? Because God is on our side – we can all feel it – but if we don’t rise up and take back our legacy now, it’s on us

There are other outlier nations as well so please add to the list, but no Marxist nations and no Islamic republics, which is a darn fine start – and a huge improvement over the last attempt.

F*R*E*E*D*O*M screams William, and I for one am with him.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland


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