Trump and Xi prepare for war

As first revealed here on January 29th, the China virus escaped the P-4 lab in Wuhan. That has now been confirmed by multiple intelligence agencies–which will trigger this war.

And as President Trump has acknowledged, the leak of the virus – if accidental – is one thing, but lying about it and costing potentially millions of lives–as Xi’s government has clearly done– is quite another.

Our sources were right and despite crushing attacks for telling this truth, the MSM is now catching up to The Richardson Post that this came from the P-4 lab, just as we wrote.

This amounts to an act of war, more because of the cover-up than what we still believe to be an accidental leak.

And this is having consequences far beyond the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by this killer.

It is bringing about the re-ascendancy of the Western World – and its nation-states – while creating the seeds of revolution on Mainland China

So China will be fighting two wars at the same time–one within, and another without.

As we wrote last year, “It is no longer a matter of years.  If there are not immediate economic and social reforms to please the gods and Heaven, China will be splintered into regional governments hostile to the ruling party of the Communist Dynasty and it will be over.

Communism’s Mandate from Heaven – if one ever existed – has been revoked.”

President Xi’s agents just kidnapped 15 of Hong Kong’s freedom leaders including Martin Lee, known in the territories as their “Father of Democracy.” That’s another gauntlet thrown at the Western World’s feet. He’s daring us.

Xi has thrown down with Hong Kong.  No freedom in China will be tolerated—anywhere—including in the former British dependency, despite the treaty guaranteeing it

China has long prepared for this war

The Richardson Post called this inevitable war on August 29, 2019 – again, far ahead of the pack – citing the five Battleship Islands China illegally constructed in the South China Sea.

These are Fiery Cross Reef, Mischief Reef, Spratly Island, Woody Island, and Subi Reef, each having 10,000-foot runways, barracks, and fighter jets.

There is nothing ‘commercial’ about them. They are stationary battleships designed and built to force Chinese hegemony in Asia, as is Beijing’s goal. They were deemed illegal by the International Court in 2016 – but that ruling was ignored by the craven Obama/Biden Administration–some of whom we now know were on the take.

Yes, with just $1.5 Billion in cash to then VP Biden’s son, Hunter, Joe Biden became a willing and very useful idiot for the Communist regime as he remains today – now, the presumptive Democrat candidate for President of the United States.

This situation is unthinkable, but the U.S. media–such as CNN–has been called out for pumping direct Communist propaganda straight onto the airwaves– collected, translated and broadcast from the CCP.

We can’t yet prove how many of them are paid off agents of the Communists, but their actions at CNN and most of the rest of the MSM would indicate a deep bench of Reds.

A stationary battleship—quite a concept

Xi’s relatively cheap bribe was accepted by then Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden – and many elements of his Democrat Party we are now learning as well, including some who harboured Chinese spies and/or took pay-offs funnelled through third parties and nations.

So having literally bought off the United States White House, despite the International Court’s ruling, China continued to build these islands and arm them for the coming war while Obama and Sleepy Joe looked the other way.

The straits China now control are also a superhighway of world commerce.

An estimated $3.37-5.3 Trillion dollars pass through this international body of water each year.

That includes more than 30% of all global maritime crude oil, and this body will either be wrested back from Xi by the international community, or that region’s fall under his reign is complete.

With an admitted bias in favour of our Western World, we’ll throw out a few more predictions

First of all, if Joe Biden, the Chinophile groper of young girls, wins the U.S. presidency this fall through voter fraud–which is his only path to the White House–then I recommend we all learn Mandarin and read Mao’s little red book cause it’s over for Western Civilisation.

With the U.S. press and the entire Democrat Party licking President Xi’s boots while urinating on President Trump’s every day, it’s a Fait Accompli.

Xi wins and the Democrat Party will side with other Communists to take apart what remains of the greatest nation the earth had seen.

If President Trump wins, he’ll take out these five battleship islands which sit in direct violation of rulings by the International Court first, exposing China’s vast coastline to punishing bombardment–after they attack Taiwan.

Yes. Unfortunately, that’s another prediction.

Though Beijing amazingly avoided a single case of Wuhan flu, it will not escape devastation if Trump goes to war with China

Instead of choosing just between ‘guns or knives’—like Harvey told Butch Cassidy—Trump will choose the unexpected

While America is $23 Trillion in debt – China is almost double that at an estimated $43 Trillion in the hole. Neither is good, but one is far better, especially when considering the U.S. owes China, not the other way around.

Beijing’s manufacturing sector was shut down for over two months, and its reputation is in tatters after shipping substandard protective equipment to France, Spain, Poland and others.

The gowns literally disintegrated in the hands of French nurses and doctors, and the boxes supposedly filled with masks, contained paper scraps instead.

And who in the Western world will side with China’s economy and markets against the U.S. – and Trump?

Again, I am admittedly partisan to the West unlike the controlled media and Democrat Party in my home nation, but self-interest of these nations is important to keep in mind.

China makes things for sale to the world while buying as little as possible in return from everyone else. That is not an endearing trait to would-be export nations–which is all of us.

Just think of all the billions in bribes Xi has paid to leaders in all of these nations to convince them to give up sovereignty and control of their borders allowing his propaganda highway to pass through! That is now ending

The U.S., on the other hand, has hoovered up the world’s excess since 1926, becoming the world’s largest market to friends and foes–but that is also changing.

America’s markets will soon be, “For Friendlies Only”

If the U.S. and Europe close their markets to Chinese products – and freeze
Beijing’s assets – it will be like when Harvey challenged Butch for leadership of the Hole in the Wall gang.

That will be as unexpected to Xi as Butch Cassidy’s kick in the groin was to Harvey, and once the Chinese apparatchiks in my nation (and everyone else’s) stop getting their bribes, it’s over. 

Xi thinks his self-serving One Belt One Road initiative and related payoffs to European and Asian leaders is a permanent fix. 

It’s not – especially after China killed hundreds of thousands and is increasingly unpopular in these nations and around the world.  A swift kick in the privates will get Xi’s attention fast, quick and in a hurry–and we suspect one is coming.

And yes, I know about the fleet of small Chinese submarines, the catamaran style battleships, the killer satellites – but Trump is not Obama 

Instead of dumping billions on the tarmacs of our enemies like Obama/Biden did for Iran, and funding/cuddling with Islamo-Nazis seeking America’s extinction (pick one of them or all) – Trump built killing machines to take them out instead, and they don’t discriminate.

Though built for Islamo-Nazis, America’s new war toys work just as well against Chinese dictators – and their allies, like little Rocket Man – who will no doubt be Xi’s proxy to kick off the shooting part of this war.

The crystal ball is unclear on one thing – Russia

Which side Putin will land on is an open question.  The Chinese and Russians were so jealous of one another in my youth – trying to out-Marx each other, seeing who could kill the most of their own people – that the hatred cannot have completely dissipated.

They are natural enemies, whereas Russia actually saved the United States – a little known fact – back in 1863.

The Czar sent his Russian navy to prevent Brits and French from attacking New York, saving Abraham Lincoln’s union (photo courtesy of G. Edward Griffin, the Creature from Jekyll Island)

We were also on the same side in the second part of WW2 (once Stalin was forced to make a switch as Putin will no doubt do as well).

Putin’s Russia has an economy the size of New York, and with roughly 52% of his revenues coming from and historically depressed energy sector – he is on the rocks already and will need some friends.

There are only so many swords he can beat into plow shares to keep his people in vodka – a key to keeping himself in power.

My bet is that he will ultimately side with his own people to the West, rather than Little Rocket Man and Xi on his Eastern flank. Putin is not silly, so he knows who the next victim of Chinese aggression will be if he doesn’t have some back-up.

So, war it is – and the outcome is uncertain – but I’m betting on Western Civilisation to once more rescue mankind from the forces of darkness.

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Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland