Trump with Xi

How dare Trump?

Since Henry Kissinger secretly opened the door to the dragon’s lair in 1972 allowing hard-liner Richard Nixon and Communist Chairman Mao to clasp one another’s hands, the doctrine was developed and worshipped by all.

It has been the mantra of what former Trump advisor, Stephen K. Bannon, refers to as ‘The Party of Davos’ – the Soros types, who seek world control.

China would be placed on the fast track to global ascendancy – as a guard against another Communist power – The Soviet Union. We were told that this was the plan, although it made little sense to me then or now.

Marxists are Marxists and they don’t learn until they crash and burn.

The Communist regime that murdered millions of its own, we were told, would be given money, technology, student visas by the tens of thousands to steal America’s secrets and technology – the Holy Grail was theirs for the taking – “just be nice and like us,” was the message.

In return? RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) would be given first shot at saturating the Middle Kingdom with American junk food.

By the time I went to China 17 years later [1989] McDonalds, Coca-Cola, KFC and all manner of trashy American franchises dotted the landscape.

Great trade. Give up America’s world dominance in exchange for the Coca-colonisation of Communist China.

Well fortunately for us, President Donald J. Trump isn’t buying it

The public reason given by Kissinger for handing China the gut knife to eviscerate America, was that building up their nation would cause the Communists to come around to our way of thinking.

Merkel, Soros, Macron, May and other misguided fools had the same idea of flooding England, the EU and Australia with Muslims.

President Trump is not buying the Kissinger lie that Chinese ascendancy—and Western descendance—are inevitable

The rationale was that: “They’ll come around to our way of thinking.”

Both were wrong, though at age 96, Old Henry is still selling his snake oil that China’s ascendancy – and our decline – is inevitable, perhaps even desirable.

“We go up— you go down, Henry? Are you crazy or just stupid?”

What I find most amazing is that not only the Communist-loving Democrats and Liberals around the world jumped on board with national suicide, so did the Republican One-Worlders, culminating in President George H.W. Bush acquiescing in a speech in 1990 that this outcome – and One World rule under the U.N. – was not only inevitable, he said it will come to pass.

Just one problem – Bush forgot to ask ‘We the People’ what we thought about his fellow ‘elites’ selling out our American ideal to his cross-border buddies who would then rule us under a 1984 style Orwellian government.

I saw the speech that night – and quit his campaign – even though I was a family friend.

We turned George out to pasture over it – one of the only sitting presidents in American history who was not allowed a second term.

You see, ‘American’ is an idea, not a person

There is no “American” nationality or culture.  We are mutts, bound together by what was then a crazy concept of individual freedoms and markets, governance only by acceptance of the governed, and the Iroquois form of confederation – loose, open-trade, managed locally by our tribes (states) – but fierce in defence when our forces combined against a common enemy.

Even being a mutt cousin from the States, I’m made of all the strains that forged the uniquely rich language and heritage of England – the original melting pot. 

The Saxons, Jutes, and Angles who invaded from Eastern Europe bringing much of our language (and name, Anglia); the Romans who brought us Christianity and Greek philosophy from the Mediterranean; the Celts of the north and their fighting spirit; the Normans of France who so modified our culture; the Finns and Danes who gave our people seafaring skills to become an Empire – all in my blood – our blood.

We are people of a common heritage – and we will not go quietly into the night.

We are the culmination of all good that originated in Europe.

We are the heirs of the Roman Empire and Greek philosophers who carried those ideas to us, as well as the savage strength of arms from those who felled their Empires when they became weak of spirit.

That is exactly what our enemies seek to make us today.

No Marxists or Islamist can stop our ascendancy and dominance if we re-create the formula that made us great.

That starts with believing in our own hearts that we can be the world’s greatest. We then need to teach that formula to the generation coming along who will take our place.

So, do we go with Trump, that ‘Nothing is Inevitable’ and fight back – or do we just learn Mandarin?

Our heritage allows only one answer to that question. We fight back!

We choose Adam Smith and John Locke over Marx and Engels.

We choose the positive principles of our Christian heritage that made our rights ‘God-given’, over manmade ideologies and gods of darkness.

Why? Because that is the foundation of our beliefs.  Adam Smith designed Capitalism (the real version) as the only system of trade that encompassed Christian values. His Capitalist system encompassed voluntary trade, offering only the best quality at a fair price.

We choose personal liberty and Socratic ideals over Sharia and cult worship.

We are the culmination of all that is the best of the past—making our system the most capable of continued success in the future.

There is nothing China has to teach us. Neither can their economy ever compete with our own once freed from the theft of our innovations and intellectual property – which is happening now.

One cycle of new Western innovation, and they are once again a backwater.

The flood of Communist Chinese students and HB1 workers tasked with stealing Western technologies, are being denied entry – at least in America – by the Trump Administration, so the weaning from the Western teat has begun.

Left only with the inhumane and mundane – the very hallmarks of Communism and Sharia – those cultures will reform to our image, or be lost in the pages of history as parasitic ideologies that could not compete when challenged by the greatness of Western Civilisation.

‘Chinese innovation’ is an oxymoron, and Spain alone published more new book titles in a year than the entire world of Islam has in a millennia.

These are not innovative cultures.  By design, Communism and Sharia throttle free speech and thinking – as well as the human spirit – leaving theft and violence as the only means for those societies to advance themselves, respectively speaking.

Take away intellectual property theft, and China sinks.  Take away the sword, and Islam starves.

So this is the challenge – making ‘us’ proud again

If my fellow Americans elect anyone but Donald Trump in November of this year, my nation will not be able to return to its American heritage. 

If England puts a Corbyn in #10 Downing, consider them buried and gone.

We will be lost to the Davos One-Worlders, the Islamists, and so-called ‘progressives’ (the catchy new name for feudalism).

China’s ascendancy will pick up where it left off before the pandemic, as Communist China has already purchased the Democrat presidential candidate with $1.5 billion in hard cash to his family – a FACT.

Joe Biden suffers dementia and will be President Xi’s useful idiot until replaced by Hillary Clinton – an equally defective Soros-puppet. Both potential leaders have proven that they will sell out their nation for a dollar – or billions of them.

Unless the Secretary of Education in my nation, Betsy DeVos, is successful in turning ‘higher’ education back to that task, then my nation is lost. Currently, our educators are indoctrinating our kids – teaching Communism and Islam as positives rather than the deadly ideologies history proves them.

The Trump presidency is rolling back ‘progressive’ roadblocks to success at a rate of 8:1 faster than the Deep State and a Leftist House of Representatives can add them. Absent this, the financial re-ascendancy of America is doomed.

An economy intentionally shackled by anti-American ‘progressives’ is no better than a socialist one – which is their stated goal.

Our only real hope is ourselves.  We must stop the Leftists, One-Worlders, Islamist sycophants and weak from selling out our own nations and cultures as they have done for decades.

If these clueless pawns of foreign powers refuse to teach our own heritage – and do so proudly – then we must establish our own schools and means of teaching them ourselves until these people are voted from power.

Our culture is the fountainhead of what made us collectively the greatest nations in history. By abandoning what gave us wings to fly, we crash back to earth and join the barbarian Communists and Islamists who surround us.

We must reclaim our heritage proudly – or accept the humiliation of being the generation that gave away the formula for human success – without even putting up a fight.

Howell Woltz, follow on Twitter @WoltzHowell

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland