Donald Trump China boycott

Australia’s Sky News reports that Chinese officials are threatening “economic consequences” against Oz if it investigates the Wuhan outbreak

Ambassador Cheng Jingye promises Chinese people will likely boycott Aussie products “if Australia was to initiate the probe.”

So, the Chinese won’t buy Aussie coal?  Empty words

Not buying products made in Australia?  China only imports meat, grain, wood/charcoal and minerals from Down Under, because they have to, so let’s not get this twisted Comrade Cheng.

In fact, this is such a joke, we need to turn this around on the virus spreaders. 

Suppose we – yes ‘we’ – all of us who do not wish to be Communist bootlickers, just say ‘no’ to their products and do so with one voice?

According to Asialink Business, the total trade between China and Australia reached roughly AUD 215 billion in 2018 – heavily in China’s favour.

The United States is far worse – even with Trump’s tariffs – 2018 marking a $419.2 billion dollar trade deficit alone.

Both Australia and  America provide raw materials and commodities to the dragon, only to buy back trinkets and finished goods in the end – with huge value added – all going into Xi’s pockets and propping up his designs on ruling our world.

We, in fact, are his enablers.  Has anyone asked ‘why’ lately?

So, what can china do if ‘we’ quit buying their junk and make our own paper dragons in Australia, NZ, Britain, us and Canada?

Two things will stop the Dragon cold

First, we end the One Belt One Road initiative the Communist are using to strangle us and encourage European sellouts to rethink quickly. 

Post-virus Italy, France, Germany and other leaders who took the cash may be ripe for changing their minds now.  Let them keep Xi’s bribes, but save our nations by stopping the virus highway through Western Europe to its railhead just north of the English Channel (Rotterdam).

So, throw out the Contis, Macrons, and Merkels; and vote in the Salvinis, Le Pens, and Weidels for starters – leaders who won’t sell out their nations for 30 pieces of silver like the Soros crowd have.

Tanzania’s president, John Magufuli, was the first to my knowledge to do this last week by refusing a $10 Billion USD cash ‘loan’, which was meant to set the stage for losing his nation’s port to the Commies when it could not be repaid.

That’s the Chinese trap, and Magufuli wisely advised them that he would accept their ‘help without conditions’ in building his port, but not put his nation up as collateral, as Beijing demanded.

In fact, Magufuli not only stopped construction on the $10 Billion Bagamoyo port project, giving Beijing a black eye – he amazingly, refused WHO ‘orders’ to close down Tanzania’s churches. What?

“At a Sunday service this week,” reports VOA NEWS, “Magufuli said the virus is ‘satanic’ and therefore cannot thrive in churches.”  

Who is this guy?  Refusing bribes from Beijing and orders via its puppets at WHO to close churches? 

I rather like his style, and some Europeans could learn from his example. 

While UK Prime Ministers such as Cameron, Blair (and even Johnson) allow their families to be compromised by Huawei cash; and U.S. Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, takes billions in bribes from Beijing for his – John Mafufuli is standing up to them – in Tanzania – so it can be done.

Disgraceful! Joe Biden was bought by Xi.  Sold out his nation for just $1.5 billion – the perfect democrat candidate

So that’s first – STOP Xi’s Road to Our Own Ruin, and stop it now. No Belt. No Road, but why stop there?

We keep going as free nations, and simply quit buying Communist products.  Any of them.  That is Step Number Two.

There is nothing they make that we can’t – or didn’t teach them how to make in the first place. 

We can’t stop our free people from buying Chinese junk, but we can make it more expensive to import than to produce at home.

As part of this process – and as a matter of national security – we refuse Huawei’s 5G network in to hoover up all our communications just because our ruling class was bought off, and we quit buying the bulk of our medical supplies and pharmaceuticals from them for starters.

Then, we go from there.

We force our hapless pols to add tariffs to offset Chinese slave labor and government subsidies – and any expenditures of public funds must be products made in our own nations or by our allies – not from Communists.

Funding and enriching our enemies was once called treason.

Let’s call it that again before it is too late.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland