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Why are the Medical Monopolies, Big Pharma, Big Government and billionaires so bloody rankled?

Let’s start with a Question – Do you think Bill Gates, George Soros or the huge drug companies with which they collude put you and your health ahead of their profits?

When you stop laughing – let’s dive in, cause this is serious and puts on display the whole drug company/government/medical monopoly scam.

How could a little piece of bark spark such outrage?

Let’s start with the history of this ancient medicine derived from the bark of The Cinchona Tree. “During the 300 years between its introduction into Western medicine and World War I, quinine was the only effective remedy for malaria.

So, the first point is, this drug has been used in Europe since Spanish explorers discovered the Incan people using it circa 1580 to cure malaria – and it was the only known cure during those centuries, saving lives safely.

 In fact, it takes roughly ten times as much quinine to overdose as aspirin.

Brittanica also reports, “the treatment of malaria with quinine marked the first successful use of a chemical compound in combating an infectious disease.”

I find interesting as that is our first clue why Big Pharma and the Medical Monopolies have no love for it.

Quinine and its derivative analogs such as hydroxychloroquine were first manufactured from Cinchona bark in laboratories as early as 1934 but were not patented and FDA approved until 1955.

The problem for Big Pharma is that they have never been able to create a synthesised ‘man-made’ version. 

It’s just not economically feasible to do so – which is our second clue as to why #Hydroxychloroquine has Big Pharma rabidly howling against it each day on ABC (U.S. version and Australian Broadcasting), CNN, NBC, MSNBC  and most others mis-information outlets collectively known as ‘the media’ (along with its hirelings in Big Government, and its profiteers in the Medical Monopoly).

So why are the media people saying ‘Hydroxychloroquine will kill you’ when it doesn’t and hasn’t in 300 years of use?

Yep!  Low-IQ joe Scarborough said just that and thinks it’s very funny now that President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine.

The answer is simple, you see. If it can’t be ‘man-made’ or patented, there are no billions to be made by Big Pharma producing it and no millions to be made by the medical monopoly for prescribing its use.

Unfortunately, it was not only Joe Scarborough – the anti-Trump MSNBC pundit – who said that Hydroxychloroquine “will kill you.”

It is the new media/Democrat narrative which is coming officially from Obama’s own mouthpiece, Jon Favreau. 

Who is Jon Favreau?  He was Obama’s speechwriter during his presidency.

He is also the current Propaganda Minister for the Deep State and Democrat media who is still doing Obama’s bidding – against Trump.

Favreau, in fact, has gone so far as to tell Democrat diehards that they must declare, “Hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and deadly and President Trump needs to be silenced,” to borrow from Twitchy’s headline about this media talking-point propaganda phenomenon.

Other reliably Leftist pundits known mainly for their anti-Trump skits and rants (From CNN’s misinformation specialist, Chris Cuomo, to has-been comedian, Jimmy Kimmel and most Democrat politicians), are parroting Favreau’s #Hydroxychlorine attack as well.

After you tell Joe Scarborough to say “it will kill you” on MSNBC, sober up Pelosi, get her in front of a camera to say Trump shouldn’t take it because he’s ‘morbidly obese’.  That’ll do it!  That’ll get it on the frontpage, son!

We reported here at The Richardson Post last year on Trump’s closure of Obama’s CIA’s Mockingbird Media program.

That has left the Leftist pundits now relying on former Obama White House speechwriter, Jon Favreau, to give them their daily anti-Trump narratives instead of the CIA.

And it’s very effective as we’ve seen from this Hydroxychloroquine attack – not one word of which is true – but the Saul Alinsky handbook for radicals never required truth now, did it? 

“The outcome justifies the means” and what could be more important than destroying Trump and putting another Socialist/Communist in his place?

Why is Speaker Pelosi attacking the president so viciously – even calling him ‘morbidly obese’?

Because anything President Trump says or does is wrong and since he is taking #Hydroxychloroquine himself, he must be attacked by the Favreau media machine for that as well.

Who needs the CIA when you have Obama’s wrecking ball, Favreau?

So why do the Democrats want to prevent a known cure from saving people’s lives? 

Could this be political – perhaps to harm the president’s re-election prospects – or is it because Big Pharma is one of the largest sources of political pay-offs to Democrat Party coffers?

It could be both.

Democrat State Governors and National leaders are actually calling for keeping their economies closed for months to come.

Meanwhile Republican Governors have either not closed their economies at all, or simply suggested safe practices – with one exception – Larry “One-Term” Hogan, who now faces lawsuits and protests as a result.

The widely differing results between Democrat tyrants and the Republican freedom approach, however, are staggering. They will affect elections for years to come.

For example, the harsh Democrat ‘lock-em down’ strategy of Governor Cuomo in New York, resulted in deaths of 147 people per 100,000.

Compare that to just 10 deaths per 100,000 under the liberty approach of Governor Ron DeSantis in Republican-run Florida where very few restrictions are in force.

This is incredible as Florida has 20% more elderly – the most vulnerable to death by Wuhan Flu.

We have every indication that this intentional bashing of the cure and continued unnecessary – even harmful – lockdowns, are purely political.

The Democrats appear willing to let tens of thousands more Americans die and destroy their own economies just to harm President Trump’s chances of re- election – as seen from their own rhetoric and actions.

So, what is the truth about Hydroxychloroquine’s ability to prevent and cure Wuhan Virus safely?

Hydroxychloroquine’s record borders on the incredible both in terms of its efficacy as a cure/preventative, as well as its safety, which is why the detractors are so angry. 

Beyond just anger, they’re actively expunging any facts that do not match the Favreau narrative, which is a story in itself.

For example, The New York Post reported on April 2, 2020  that “6,227 doctors in 30 nations have endorsed Hydroxychloroquine as the most effective coronavirus treatment.”

Amazingly, this factual event was censored by Twitter as not following ‘the authoritative narrative’.

So what is the ‘authoritative narrative’ and who sets it?  No one knows and the Social Media censors will not answer that question, though it is coming quite clear – they’re following Obama’s Favreau talking points like the rest.

How the Favreau/Democrat censorship team get away with such blatant suppression of fact by their Social Media partners is under review by Congress (specifically Senator Ted Cruz) but it is probably too late to make much difference before the 2020 election.

Fortunately in this case, the study was also published by the Washington Times and not removed (yet) so I’ll quote it before the censors get to it as well to make the point (and keep Editor Harry from questioning my ‘sources’ when they disappear – again).

Washington Times – “An international poll of more than 6,000 doctors released Thursday found that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine was the most highly rated treatment for the novel coronavirus.

The survey conducted by Sermo, a global health care polling company, of 6,227 physicians in 30 countries found that 37% of those treating COVID-19 patients rated hydroxychloroquine as the “most effective therapy” from a list of 15 options.

“Of the physicians surveyed, 3,308 said they had either ordered a COVID-19 test or been involved in caring for a coronavirus patient, and 2,171 of those responded to the question asking which medications were most effective.”

From local news here in Europe, we’ve also learned that 72% of doctors in Spain (and in France) have already prescribed Hydroxychloroquine for CoVid-19 with amazing results of up to 100% success.

European nations including Poland, where I live, are ramping up production of hydroxychloroquine as quickly as possible – with no known fatalities from the cure – in three centuries, for that matter.

To the chagrin of those seeking to damage Trump – and the treatment itself – The Richardson Post also found and published a study from 2005 where the NIH itself proclaimed that Hydroxychloroquine and its analogs are ‘the most effective treatment for SARS and Co-Vid diseases’ – so this is not news.

Was Dr. Fauci lying then or is he lying now?

They’ve all known for a long time that #Hydroxychloroquine is both the prevention and the cure, but halted testing back in 2005.  Why?  We suspect so Big Pharma could try their hand at developing an expensive vaccine instead.

We also include the NIH study below before that ‘authoritative narrative’ disappears – though endorsed back then by Dr. Fauci, the man heading up America’s Coronoavirus response – who was recently exposed as being financially in bed with Big Pharma and Bill Gates, as also previously reported here.

Fauci now refers to these amazing statistics – including his own study – as ‘merely anecdotal.’

That, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of lives have now been saved with this treatment while vaccines have saved none.

The headline of Fauci’s 2005 study is, “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread,” – and it still is – with two very serious downsides for Obama/Favreau’s media project to damage Trump:

  1.  It stops the spread of the disease in its tracks and prevents its return, which will allow Trump to miraculously turn around the U.S. economy before Election Day in November trouncing his opponent, ‘Sleepy Joe’, and retaking the House of Representatives – unless they can stop people from using it by stoking fear with lies, plus;
  2. It proves Trump right on this cheap, effective cure and preventative of both SARS and Coronavirus diseases – #Hydroxychloroquine – which is driving the Obama/Favreau/Democrat media machine crazy.

So Democrat Governors of Illinois (Pritzker), Michigan (Whitmer) and New Jersey (Murphy) are now demanding – as of today – the shut-down of everything, per Fox News segment (May 22, 2020) on Fox and Friends – “until a vaccine is available.”

I have a question for all of you tinhorn tyrants.

How’s that SARS vaccine coming along that we’ve been waiting for since 2003?

Never happened, did it?  17 years – no vaccine. 


And now you want us to trust Fauci & friends to come up with one – just because he is partners with Bill Gates and Gates is partners with George Soros and they fund your party ?

Or more likely, did one perhaps exist before the ‘virus’ was unleashed last October in Wuhan – near the Fauci sponsored lab that participated in its creation?

This is all starting to smell very, very bad, and I suspect a vaccine tied to these Globalist bandits is waiting in the wings until just the right moment – and the Democrat Party Chiefs have been ordered to stall just a little longer.

It reminds me of an old cartoon where a young Bill Gates is sitting at a boxy desktop and has a Eureka moment, “Aha!  I’ll create a computer virus – and then sell everyone a software program to fix it!”

Maybe that wasn’t really a joke after all. 

Howell Woltz (follow on Twitter @WoltzHowell)

The Richardson Post

Warsaw, Poland

[Harry’s note: In Queensland, the Labor Government has criminalized the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus with AUD$13,000 fines because doctors were starting to prescribe it to themselves and friends and family with Covid19. Can’t have that now, can we?]