Welcome to the future sign

Socio-Anarchist dream-come-true – in Seattle!

Welcome to CHAZ: the World’s newest nation! In real time, America is getting a glimpse of its socialist future

There are lessons to be learned here – about both visions for America.

Crony capitalism has destroyed honest open trade between individuals and their small businesses.

The rich have done this by bribing legislature(s) to heavily regulate industries in order to insulate big enterprise from competition.

In doing so, they have ultimately allowed greed and corrosive political ‘donations’ to screw that system to the wall.

This supposedly “capitalist” economic model is now being rejected by an entire generation of Americans, though it is no more ‘capitalist’ than a Karl Marx dress-up party.

On the other hand, if you allow ‘progressive’ sappers to incrementally undermine a free society for a century – turning education into indoctrination, morphing  bureaucracies by sleight of hand into unelected legislative units while consolidating media into a single organ of leftist propaganda – then that nation’s head will fall into the basket as if a guillotine’s blade passed through its neck.

The United States has committed these twin sins of
right and left – now it pays the penalty

Democrat City Council and Leftist Mayor ordered police to abandon central Seattle to the rioters—who renamed it ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’—CHAZ. Kind of cute, eh? -like a baby scorpion

So, what do you get when you abandon the economic system that made you great and hand it over to Oligarchs, while simultaneously handing your constitutional government over to radical Socialists to be destroyed? 


The so-called ‘Right’ allowed and even supported over-regulation to the point of the absurd. They did this in order to protect their own largest enterprises and campaign donors from competition. 

Get big, then push away the ladder, to keep others from climbing it.  Works every time.

And they didn’t just screw over small businesses to the benefit of transnational conglomerates who spend billions buying members of Congress and Courts – they screwed the professions too.

You want to be a lawyer?  You must join the Bar monopoly and serve it above your clients and even the law itself. If you aren’t prepared to join the cartel, then forget about it.

Welcome to CHAZ—the world’s newest autonomous nation. Last week there were 194 nations.  Today—there are 195!            

Want to serve mankind as a physician or nurse? You must study only what the private medical monopoly allows and be licensed under its scheme.

If not, you go to prison for any innovation or method of healing.

You want to start a bank? Forget it.  The ‘too big to fail’ gang made that impossible several pieces of protective legislation ago.

“I can’t breathe!” Only black lives matter in CHAZ—not Christians as this Jesus t-shirt wearer learns—from mostly white Antifa/BLM

You can’t even braid hair or cut nails in America without permission from a private monopoly.

These cartels are empowered by bribed legislators who will have you criminally charged for providing such basic services outside the smothering control of their fiefdom.

By committing these sins of exclusion on the right, self-protective groups created a hatred of ‘capitalism’ perhaps too intense to survive. Ironically, this perverted form of capitalism is as far from Adam Smith’s economic system as a kibbutz or a commune.

So how is unfettered Anarchic Socialism working out in the ‘Free’ Society of CHAZ?

Some hard lessons are hitting the new-born republic early on.

Food, for example, ran out in less than 48.  Just a blip in central planning.

In a telling revelation about our newest nation’s indigenous people, requests went out to political handlers, funders and activists for supplies- ‘preferably soy products, gluten-free foods, and non-meat proteins’. 

Not joking, folks.  I read the texts.

The first thing they did was build border walls for CHAZ!  Last year they were against walls & borders—but border wall protests are sooooooo 2019!

Oh – and the ‘peaceful’ guys with guns and clubs are extracting ‘retribution’ tribute of $10.00 from all white people. Nothing racist about that, of course.

Six pathetic city blocks and the Socialists can’t even feed themselves – for two days – yet they’ve found weapons and thugs galore to ‘shake down’ local businesses for money in exchange for not burning them down – and to enforce disorder amongst their fellow disorderlies.

So, like in the movies – we’re getting a ‘glimpse’

Jimmy Stewart saw what life would have been without him in “It’s a Wonderful Life” – and Nicolas Cage in “Family Man” experienced his life had he made different choices – and now America is getting a preview…a glimpse…which should be considered a gift from God.

We see what Democrat’s post-constitutional America will be, like George Bailey saw Bedford Falls without himself
Few are lucky enough to get a ‘glimpse’—and we must learn from it

We’ve now seen what Democrats with absolute control do with such concentrated power in the microcosms of Minneapolis, Washington, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, Portland and New York .

They abuse it – seeking only more power and control, to the complete detriment of those they swore to serve.

Now they’re taking their freak show national

Democrat mayors and governors allowed their cities and states to be starved economically under harsh ‘lockdowns’ – which ended overnight it seems, when immersed into co-ordinated, sponsored terror attacks including invited rioters, complete with bused-in paid Antifa thugs to burn and loot their cities.

Make no mistake about the planning – as previously reported – it was with strategically pre-planted projectiles and incendiary devices creating chaos and death across America, with little or no authority provided to the police by Democrat officials to stop it.

They were, in fact, told to stand down in most cases and let it burn.

So Democrat-run cities across the nation burned while Republican cities did not – and these same thuggish leaders are now calling for their own police to be ‘defunded’ as if it were their fault they were told to stand down and watch it burn.

Black neighbourhoods and businesses were destroyed – by bused-in white kids from the suburbs paid $15/hour by George Soros’ Open Society-funded groups, an admitted fact on released undercover tapes (Project Veritas).

Just today, Project Veritas released more video proving former Democrat billionaire presidential candidate/Oligarch, Tom Steyer, also funded the looter/rioters via a private trust during a secretly recorded meeting with Antifa organisers.

By burning Black neighbourhoods and businesses, Democrats think they will keep this constituency dependent on their government-handout Plantation for another generation – and continue getting their votes. The damage done may be too great this time.

Thanks to Democrat ‘lockdowns’ and staged ‘burndowns’, there as been “a 41% decline of black [small business] owners from February to April, a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows.”

Democrats also told us blacks liked slavery—but they didn’t

Democrat Nirvana.  Got it – but many Blacks are waking up to the scam

Smart Blacks see what’s going on and are starting to call out White Democrat Billionaire Oligarchs who are literally Ubering White kids from the Suburbs to play dress up in thug-wear and wreak havoc on Black communities.

These aren’t natural acts or even spontaneous ones, of course, but Massa Soros doesn’t get it.  He believes all of us mere humans to be stupid, which will ultimately lead to his own downfall.

Antifa/BLM now taught to eye gouge, use weapons, projectiles and explosives to kill but still exude eau d’ mommy’s basement to the trained nostril

Almost exclusively White kids are being paid to riot, beat people; burn Black homes, schools, businesses and places of worship – then go back home to Mommy’s basement in the burbs and order pizza – while getting their electronic payment from Daddy Soros for their wild night on the town.

Meanwhile, guess who’s left to clean up this billionaire-funded destruction sponsored by America’s leading political party?  Do you think those 41% of Black businesses don’t see who did this to them?

No help from Democrats. They wanted it that way.

Had to shut down the ‘uppity’ Blacks trying for the American Dream rather than just taking the handouts. 

No Soros/Steyer-funded help either – they pay for ‘burn down’ but don’t do ‘build-up’.

That leaves just the poor Blacks who live there and lost everything to do it themselves.

They will have to rebuild their homes and businesses, thanks to billionaire thugs and Democrat officials – the two parties behind their destruction.

But arrogant White billionaires and Democrat Party Elites have something in common.  They are class-oriented and see everyone else as beneath them, while many of the most streetwise people I know are Black. They get this.

Only 8% of them voted for Trump in 2016, but recent polls are looking at 30% of this group voting for him in 2020.

Hispanics?  Could be as high as 50%, per recent polling.

The Democrat narrative appears to be failing. Forget ‘woke’–they’re waking up.

A Democrat midsummer night’s dream—the nation they despise on fire, from sea to shining sea—while somehow blaming it on Trump

Plantation Nirvana is being rejected by Black America – and I don’t think the recent intentional torching of their homes and livelihoods will do anything but drive them to the man who set record high numbers for black employment and gains in economic terms – Donald J. Trump.

And this, my friends, may be America’s salvation. 

What a story.

The burning of Black America by Blue-Dog Democrats – turns it Red for Trump and all Americans who love their country.

Citizens of all persuasions have seen the bleakness of their own future under complete Democrat rule. Will they now overwhelm the voter fraud already instigated by Democrats to give America a second chance under President Trump?

Can President Trump face both the Oligarchs who despise him on the Right as well as the Tyrants who seek to destroy a free America from the Left – and still survive?

I think so.  We’ll know in 140 days

Streetwise people have learned from the Pandemic Hoax, and now the Riot Hoax that they are and have been abused by the Democrat power structure.

Regular Americans see that the coddled oligarchs on the right have bribed their way into a larger slice of pie, not through openly competing, but through graft and gutless political hacks who seek profit from office.

That anger all Americans are feeling needs to be turned into something good – and both sins of right and left need to burn in the fire of absolution in 2020.

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland