Cartoon democrat donkeys harness black men

Meet the gender-confused Commies running today’s most violent political movement, the purpose of which, is to fund The Democrat Party while destroying Black Lives.

Patrisse Cullors self-described “queer activist” founded BLM-US
Janaya Khan, her partner, also “black queer” founded BLM Canada

“Queer Activist” and “Black Queer” are their self-describing words, not mine – but it seems to matter to them, as it’s mentioned in every interview.

This pair reminds me of Walker Percy’s novel, “Love Among the Ruins” – except instead of being old, they’re just stupid Lefties burning Black neighbourhoods to turn them into ‘ruins’.

Why?  They are open about that – to destroy the existing society and build a Marxist paradise – which is why they’re partnered with their Soulmates, American Democrats as well as Canadian Liberals and British Labour.

I’m already crafting ideas for a film “Paradise” for after their takeover of these three nations, to be shown in re-education camps.

Patrisse – played by Chrissy Teigen, and Janaya – played by U.S. Senator Cory Booker; will look lovingly at one another, holding hands, as they burn yet another Black Neighbourhood to the ground!  What a scene! What drama!

And the crowd of prisoners will cheer on cue from the Party Monitor – while comrades-in-training (us) sit on pop crates and car wheels, because all the chairs were torched during the Revolution of 2020.

Touching stuff, no?

So, it’s not really about Black Lives?

You must have missed the part where I said they’re Marxists.  To Marxists, only two things matter: Power – and more power – to take other people’s stuff.

It’s never about ‘the people’ or in this case, the Black people.

I say that because the precise things Black Lives Matter and Democrats are against are the things that could build Black lives and restore their Communities to the pre-Welfare State successes they were becoming. 

That’s right.  Before the Democrats decided to ‘help’ them, many Black Communities and their employment rates were actually better off than their White Counterparts – in the same cities.

CHOICE is a way to fix this

No, no – when I say ‘choice’ I’m not talking about Democrat’s publicly-funded Planned Parenthood ripping 1,000 Black babies out of wombs each day in America – I’m talking about CHOICE IN EDUCATION. 

The fastest way to change Black Lives is to give them the tools to get a good job or to create their own.  Without basic skills, neither is likely.  With them, the sky is the limit.

The U.S. Department of Education estimates each child has a credit of $17,329, based on the money being paid the City of Baltimore to educate them.

With 87,747 students – one must ask what the city is doing with all that cash (over $1.4 Billion) which is double the education budget of many nations.

RESULTS?  “A Project Baltimore investigation found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English.” (Fox 45 News, Baltimore)

Beautiful schools, low student-teacher ratio—horrid results.  As one official admits, “this ain’t about education. Baltimore city schools are nothing but a jobs program for Democrats”

It’s worth repeating, “do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English.”

In other words, that money may as well be flushed down the toilet,

 but ignorant kids are fertile ground to sow the seeds of violent Marxism.


One of two things that could help the most is not allowed

In fact, the Socialist Sisterhood absolutely reject the idea.

They have decided “We don’t need no education” to quote Pink Floyd– and there is a clear agenda at play – keeping the masses poor and stupid so they will have no choice but to stay on the Urban Plantation and vote Democrat.

As previously reported, BLM is simply a money-laundering front for The Democrat Party via ActBlue – which takes in millions ostensibly for Black Lives and funnels the cash to Democrat candidates and causes.

The Democrat Party’s main constituents (other than Blacks) are NEA (National Education Association) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) union members – who are so powerful within the party that they actually choose who is allowed to run as a Democrat (per the NEA’s own website).

The last thing union teachers in public schools want is competition, so no School Choice or Reformers will ever make it to a Democrat primary.

According to CNS News, “In total, the Baltimore City Public Schools had about 10,165 teachers and other staff on the payroll in the 2012-2013 school year – or about 1 for every 8.3 students enrolled in the schools.

Some of the smartest people in America agree on one thing—black lives won’t matter for long unless we get daddies back in the home

“In the 2010-2011 school year, according to the U.S. Department of Education, the Baltimore City Public Schools had $1,441,019,000 in revenue  –  with 62 percent coming from the state government, 19 percent coming from the federal government and 19 percent coming from local government.”

But what if there were an alternative for Black children, where parents could take a voucher for $17,329 and get their kids an education instead of paying huge sums to failed union insiders who refuse to do their jobs?

A larger question is why aren’t Trump and Republicans hammering on this topic throughout Black America?

If Republicans stepped up and offered Black Moms a choice for their children, these women would elect them for it – but most Republicans seem too scared to take on the BLM Brigade – not to mention their Socialist Sisters in the education unions.

And suddenly successful black Americans are waking up to the fact that they are conservative—not socialists—and it’s shaking things to the core right now in US politics


Some disgusted educators alarmed that “Nine out of ten black boys in Baltimore City are not reading at grade level,” set up a Charter School–Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys –- and the results have been amazing.

One of the founders, Jack Pannell, starts each day with his all male students in the gym chanting the school’s motto, followed by a learning regimen for the day that goes an hour beyond public schools.

After three years of a mostly male teaching staff using learning methods targeted toward young Black men, proficiency scores have spiked 60%.

Sexist?  Who cares?  The problem is the young men, so let’s start there.

In fact, let’s tell Black Lives Matter and other Marxists who caused this to ‘Bugger off’.  They have no interest in fixing things, just stirring them up.

The Black Community has always been very conservative and religious – and now leaders of their culture know they’ve been tricked by ‘Progressives’.


You’re right.  I did and they are related, but these aren’t my idea as you can see in the frames above.  It’s every honest Black leader in America, including some rappers like Kanye West now seeing and saying the same things.

In fact, I’ve counted 137 Conservative icons from Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams, to Candace Owens and Clarence Thomas who have two thing in common – they are very smart having condemned the Democrat destruction of the Black Family structure – and they happen to be Black.

The Democrat Plantation scheme involves paying young Black women to have babies for as long as they remain unmarried. Until we end this evil – Black families and the communities in which they live, will continue to deteriorate.

The Democrats imposed this recipe for disaster on the Black Race almost 60 years ago and it must stop.

It has neutered Black Men as fathers, forced three generations of young Black women to raise babies alone, and over-incarcerated young males without a stable home (where they would have been with mother and children, absent Socialist tinkering).

This intelligent young woman, Candace Owens, has caused a stampede away from the Democrat plantation

This destructive Democrat policy has decimated Black Communities worse than a plague.

In fact, demographically, the Black race in America is the only one, other than whites, that is actually shrinking as a result of these Democrat/Socialist plans to exterminate them as a race.

Yes.  I said the Racist Democrat plan was to wither the Black Race into extermination

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, openly admitted the purpose of her work when she spoke to the Democrat Party’s KKK rally in New Jersey back in 1926.  It was to apply the science of “eugenics” to Blacks (as later explained and admitted in her 1938 auto-biography).

She is still an icon of the democrat party and the prestigious ‘Margaret Sanger award’ was given to one of her greatest admirers, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 2014

The Clintons’ Democrat Crime Bill of 1996 specifically targeted the Black Community by giving “crack” cocaine – used almost exclusively by young Blacks – a sentence 100 times that of pure cocaine.

If that makes no sense, then you understand it perfectly.  It’s like sentencing a year in jail for possessing a bottle of pure gin, but 100 years for having a gin and tonic.

Roughly one-third of a generation of young Black men went to prison as a result of this awful injustice.

Between policies of public assistance that demand fatherless homes and a Margaret Sanger clinic on every other corner in Black neighbourhoods, the Black population is in decline – just as intended.

And worse, these once vibrant communities have become uncontrolled killing fields as a result of intentionally misguided Democrat policies.

Violence has reached such a point in cities mismanaged under their rule that they are better referred to as War Zones (104 were shot just in Chicago’s Black neighbourhoods this past weekend, as example).

But things they may be a-changing.

Why? Because the Democrat Socialist plans all worked just as planned – and Black Americans now see they were intended to harm – not help them. 

No Black Daddies in the house to discipline children, turned young Black men into easy fodder for violent gangs, stoking ever more crime.

Neighbourhoods became easy prey for criminals because they were void of men to protect them – many being in prison for decades, for non-violent victimless crimes – thanks all to Democrats.

Few work opportunities existed for young Black women in these increasingly dangerous areas, and many chose to have government-dependant babies for cash, creating three plus generations of welfare recipients – numbers only now reducing under Trump’s economic miracle. 

Guess what?  Black thinkers awoke to all of this – and 41% of Likely Black voters now support President Trump

Yes. President Trump brought Black unemployment to its lowest number in history – with equally historic increases in Black wages – adding greater impetus to the movement to leave the Democrat Party and its failed policies (which is why the Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy him).

He also undid the Democrat’s bizarre Crime bill from the Clinton-era, which acted to set record numbers of Black men free – another reason so many now love him (Trump’s 41% support among Blacks is up from just 8% in 2016).

But until the Democrat Plantation is destroyed and put asunder, Black Communities can never heal themselves

These gender-confused Black Lives Matter Commies pictured at the beginning will be defeated. The Black America I know is too smart for them.

It’s not being Black that is a hindrance in America – or at least it wasn’t for a long time – though it may be again soon, which is not good.

I never hated a Black person for being Black.  We grew up together. We knew each other. We played sports together and we worked together.

 Coach Hollingsworth took our ragtag team of black and white players all the way to the state championship a half century ago, and many of us remain friends to this day

But having Marxists who can’t determine their own gender or views saying they speak for Blacks while trying to take over our nations with Soros’s billions – not a penny of which is helping even one of my Black friends in America – then there will be a problem.

In fact, these two girls are destroying the future for Black Americans, because no one will want to hire or work with them if seen as violent Marxists bent on destroying our cultures and nations.

And if anyone thinks White children being brutally attacked by Black kids fuelled by hate from Black Lives Matter is going to make relations any better – they need to think again – as if making it ‘better’ was ever part of BLM’s agenda.

Now you have it.  Democrats never had any intention of making it ‘better’ and neither did their money-laundering front, Black Lives Matter.

They intend to make relations worse – much worse, as Blacks are just Soros pawns in his plan to destroy America – from within.

It’s time for this pair of real racists—Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer—the owners of the Democrat plantation—to be gone with the wind as well

In fact – all the progress made in race relations during my six plus decades of life is quickly being erased thanks to the Democrat Party and George Soros, using two ignorant lesbians spewing hate and Marxism as a front to raise cash and destroy those gains.

BlackLivesMatter is just the latest lie they’re using to do it.

And once Soros and his modern-day Democrat-Nazi brigade finish using them, they’ll be treated like others in his life.

New movement afoot will defeat Marxist black lives matter—as Black Conservatives are now the fastest growing demographic.

If you want to know how that works out, you could ask Soros’s fellow Jews back in Budapest – if he hadn’t helped the Nazis send them off to death camps.

One thing for sure – this is a war like none other in America’s history.

And what happens to foot soldiers once Soros and the Democrats have no need of them to do their violent bidding? Both have a history you can still read, which explains what they do with those who are no longer needed – or who get in their way.

Maybe that’s why they’re so Hell-bent on destroying Western history and tearing down statues of its heroes?

Howell Woltz

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland

“Study the past, if you would divine the future.”