Arayana Pressley

“Pay us what you owe us” says Marxist Congresswoman, Aryanna Pressley. “No Aryanna, it is you who owe us,” say I.

Open letter to @RepPressley and BLM from Howell Woltz

‘White Privilege’ as you call it, started for my family after migrating to what would become America from Wales in 1613.

Our ‘privilege’ became rampant in 1614 when my ancestor, Col. Hugh Gwynn, rescued Chief Powhatan’s daughter, Pocahontas, from the freezing Piankatank River – saving her life.

Chief Powhatan rewarded Col. Gwynn by giving him what is still known today as Gwynn’s Island, as thanks for his selfless courage – and perhaps, colour-blindness.

Gwynn Island is still thriving four hundred years later

All Lives Matter to my family, Rep. Pressley.

That’s right, @RepPressley.  We did not steal land from the Natives, we, in fact, married them – yes, I proudly have some ‘Red Privilege’ as well.

The next century, beginning in 1776, we fought a bloody revolution to give you the rights you so abuse today, Rep. Pressley – the same rights your movement seeks to destroy for all of us including your own people – via Marxism.

The next century we built the greatest nation ever seen but between 1861-65, half a million “Privileged” Whites on both sides died in the bloodiest of all Civil Wars to set you free.

Outnumbered and outgunned, patriots vanquished the British conscripts of King George 111

More Americans died in this war to free the slaves than in all other U.S. Battles combined

No need to thank us for that as we were just keeping the pledge of our nation’s Founders in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to end the abomination of slavery and give all American’s the same chance.  

That doesn’t mean we all get the same outcome as you seek – no one can provide that.  What we have striven to give everyone, is the same opportunity, as much as possible.

Unfortunately, some very bad White People – known as Democrats – continued to oppress others with their Ku Klux Klan terrorist organisation even after the Civil War – very much like your Antifa/BLM groups do today.

As an historical note ignored in recent ‘noose’ hoaxes – over 25% of Americans lynched by the Democrat KKK were White Republicans – like me – murdered for helping Blacks – like you – register to vote. 

In fact, the worst year for White Republican lynchings by Democrats  was 1884 when 160 of us were hanged for the ‘Privilege’ of trying to see that Black Americans had the opportunity to cast a ballot.

Pretty racist, huh?

For Blacks, the highest number of lynchings occurred in 1892 when 161 were hanged by Democrats for trying to vote or register.

Democrats hung over 1,300 White Republicans for helping Blacks as part of their KKK terror campaign to keep Blacks from voting

Those were the record years – 161 Blacks and 160 Whites.

White privilege, I guess, is what bought us that one less lynching by the Democrats you so warmly embrace today – though they’re really not much different than they were back then – just more dangerous.

Black Americans and White Republicans have been on the same side since the party’s founding – if you ever want to study actual history.

As a (mostly) White person, however, those selfless acts to benefit Blacks are no more to my credit than being a slave could be to your detriment today – but I’m proud that White Republicans stood up for the Founders’ promise in the Constitution to everyone.

Lincoln took a bullet in the head for freeing slaves—so this week, Black Lives Matter tore down his statues—paid for by former slaves to honor him. Maybe Rep. Pressley can explain?

Next century, we fought two world wars against totalitarian ideologies that you and your Democrat Party now so radically embrace.

During those two World Wars, mostly Privileged Whites fought to keep you free and save this nation’s promise to all.

Millions, including my father, used his White privilege for the honour of helping destroy the National Socialists of Germany – the same that your own Socialist movement now seeks to emulate in many ways.

You want to destroy my nation it seems for the sin of sharing all of those privileges to the point that you could personally rise as a Black woman to one of the highest elected positions on earth – in a country whose population is only 13% Black.

If this mythical ‘White Privilege’ existed, Rep. Pressley, you could never have been elected

And all the while my White privileged people were keeping you free in the 20th century, Rep. Pressley – we were also busy inventing and producing more things and ways of improving life for all via our Capitalist system – and supplying the world with those inventions and products – than any ever in human history.

This is what has BLM and Dems so rattled.  Blacks realise that Trump has done more for them in 3 years than democrats ever did —prompting a stampede from the plantation

The White people you so harshly condemn – and to whom you now attempt to shake down for ‘tribute’ over experiences you never had – contributed more of the good in this world than any other.

Tell me who or what people ever did more? You can’t, of course, so don’t expect me to play your guilt game.

I’m very proud to be who and what I am and would never ‘apologise’ for it or ‘take a knee’ to any man – only the Lord – and I have no respect for those who would. 

You and I are both children of God, made in His image, so if someone doesn’t like who or what we are, that’s their problem.

And it’s not my ‘race’ that makes this system work – it is the ‘idea’ of combining free market forces and Christian values with God-given, inalienable rights – that does, but that, Ms. Pressley, is a ‘White’ thing.

Nobody ever combined those powerful forces before Adam Smith, Lord Montesquieu, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison – to name a few of them – gave it form.

My Native hero, Chief Canasatego of the Iriquois Federation, then taught the concept of federalism to Ben Franklin – to keep all in check.

The brilliance of combining Christians values, God-given rights, free markets, with a limited de-centralised government, using checks and balances between States and a limited federal entity – proved superior to all previous forms of governance – just like the Iroquois League upon which it was based, kept peace among their tribes for a millennia.

Chief Canasatego teaching federalism to America’s founders. He took one arrow and broke it. Then put 13 together, and no one could break them.  Individual arrows—together. This is the secret

Much was borrowed from the Natives Col. Gwynn found when he arrived – and that was not outside of God’s mind either, in my own. 

Merging this combination of concepts with the idea that rights can’t be given by man, only taken away – as they are granted us by God – made the American miracle invincible until Progressive Marxists began intentionally eroding each of those pillars – one by one.

You’ve torn down and vilified our religion, attempting to remove God – our Grantor of Rights – from public life.

You abort our future to the point that the Black race is in decline – but those 50,000,000 Black babies’ lives did not matter to you, because it was an intentional part of your overlord’s plan to eliminate the Black race, as admitted by your Leftist heroine, Margaret Sanger.

You spit on our Constitution by act and deed, while burning our sacred banner under which so many brave soldiers died to give you the very freedom and opportunity you enjoy.

Today – you demand money from those who committed no trespass against you, for harms never suffered in your ‘privileged’ life.

But if you want ‘reparations’, under law you must seek them from the one party remaining with ‘standing’ before a court – The Democrat Party.

Democrat leader of the senate, eulogised by Obama, Biden, Pelosi, (and liplocked by winner of Margaret Sanger award, Hillary Clinton)—KKK grand wizard Robert C. Byrd. Do you really think they’re worried about black lives, rep. Pressley?  If you were, you wouldn’t cavort with such evil overlords!

Living Americans who suffered slavery died a century ago (outside of Islamic nations) – as did slave-holders (outside of Islam) – but the political entity that did the harm in America still lives in infamy, so sue them with my blessings – and I hope you win.

The amazing socio/economic system which created this amazing wealth and freedom, however, is my peoples’ gift (both Red and White) to the world, and it has lifted more out of poverty than any ever known or imagined.

I credit my Red privilege for much of our American way as no European arrived on those shores who had ever followed a leader only by their own choice. They learned this radical idea from the Natives.

So I’m having a problem with your being upset about any ‘Privilege’, if such actually existed – which your being in office disputes

The 87% non-Blacks who comprise the majority of my home nation, earned the right for their lives to matter too, Rep. Pressley, and neither you nor your Marxist/Islamic confederation get to decide for the majority, ‘who’ matters. 

Your oath of office, Rep. Pressley, was to uphold this, so you either lied, or you should quit now that you act to destroy it

Our Founders took care of that – we all matter – none more, none less.

All lives matter under the United States Constitution

With courage, hard work, good ideas, blood and tears – and without a single slave owned by any American alive for a century – we created the greatest wealth imaginable.

So I will not tolerate being ‘excluded’ by any minority – or in your case, a tiny subset of a minority – or made to feel guilty for saving the world on more than a few occasions – while making it a better place.

Without ‘us’, Rep. Pressley, you could not be where you are today.


Not money, of course – traditional Americans don’t need, want or take handouts – but some gratitude would suffice.

And I want you to sing the Star-Spangled Banner with the 87% of us Americans whose lives you say don’t matter.

I want to see you hold your hand over the place your heart is supposed to be when our Pledge of Allegiance is being recited.

I want you to show gratitude that you are not still a slave to Asahi War Chieftains or Muslim warlords in Africa – to be sold to any foreign ship that anchored on their beach – as you know still goes on in Africa today.

Instead, you were here in the America you so hate, being given extraordinary opportunities to rise to the heights of this great nation as you have – clearly supported by more than just your own 13%.

We, the 87% you so disdain, created the system that made this possible – and many of us obviously voted for you.

So, you can repay all we’ve done for you with just a bit of appreciation – nothing more.

That’s all we ask. Be our fellow American, jealously guarding our God-given rights as you swore to do, rather than attempting to put them asunder to your Marxist Democrat overlords – all White, I might add.

That alone would put an end to real racism.

Having a common goal and purpose as fellow members of this great nation – doesn’t require stealing from or vilifying each other to achieve – and would bring us together as effectively as a Trump rally.

Nothing but love in the MAGA movement. It is incredible to see

Your Marxist ‘divide and destroy’ approach will set back our chance to live as one people for a half century – which is clearly the goal – but is that really the best for ‘Black lives’ if they truly matter to you?

Of course not – which should cause you to question the real motives of the “Party of Slavery” and whether it has really changed since they were hanging my people for trying to help yours, Rep. Pressley.

We should be on the same side against them – not against each other – as 41% of Black Americans are realising at this very moment.

That’s right.  In the latest poll of likely Black voters, Rep. Pressley – 41% are for Trump – rather than staying on the Democrat Plantation, in case you were too busy supporting the anti-America riots to see.

41% of ‘likely Black voters’ don’t want your vision of a Marxist America – they are choosing the American dream that Trump is offering.

And they’re taking it.

The sign reads, “March 20th, 1854-the founding of the Republican Party, formed in order to combat the pro-slavery forces of the Democrat Party, can be traced back to Ripon, Wisconsin”

The violence being perpetrated on all Americans as Soros-paid thugs descend on and burn predominately Black neighbourhoods and businesses – will only exacerbate the stampede of sensible Black Americans to Donald Trump’s camp and the party founded to fight  against the Democrat institution of slavery.

Don’t expect sensible beings to stay on the Democrat Plantations for a few handouts, once a viable opportunity for them and their family emerges.

Now that you’ve given us a glimpse of what rule under your Marxist philosophy will look like, Black Americans are waking up to the fact that they only matter to one party and it isn’t yours.

I suppose as a loyal, proud American, I should thank you for that.

Howell W. Woltz    (Twitter-WoltzHowell or Parler-ThePickering19)

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland