Absent a stouter class of politicians, the answer could be yes.

The recent Netflix series, “Stateless” was created by the Australian Broadcasting Service—and it’s the only series I’ve ever seen that does not allow itself to be rated.

It presents likeable Islamic family units who are just trying to escape their own terrorist nations whilst facing horrific treatment by Australian authorities.

The real story is quite different, of course.  Why?  Because the Colonial Islamic forces invading our nations are very rarely ‘families’ for starters. They are young, male Jihadists.

In fact, 85% are these young single males of fighting age, bringing the virus-like ideology destroying the world with them, all under direct orders to impose it on those foolish enough to allow them in. 

Like most of Europe, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and the United States, for example.

HERE’S A CHALLENGE FOR YOU– Find even one of these cuddly Stateless ‘families’, or one Muslim woman for that matter, in this real-life picture of illegal jihadists flooding Europe

This took place just a day’s drive from where I live in Poland.

Under magnification, I find two plus sized European girls along for the ride (sitting on men’s shoulders–which no Muslim woman would do); and a couple of babies borne by unidentifiable bearers, who will be claimed as their own when they face immigration authorities.

And no doubt, they will be granted ‘asylum’ for it. The rest are older men–but no ‘families’.

What happens next to the two babes is anyone’s guess.  Rented? Borrowed? Stolen? We’ll never know.

Colonisation by Western nations—we are told—was the worst of ‘evils’. So why is everyone silent about Colonisation by Muslims?

Islamic Colonisation is far worse as it is being done by people sworn to ‘convert or kill’ all of us.  They bring nothing to our cultures but this one promise—the complete destruction of our nations, people and religions.

Am I overstating this? Hear directly from the leading purveyors of Mohammed’s political ideology before you answer that question.

Cleric Anjem Choudary, said it best. “When we muslims rise up…those who are not muslim, will be eliminated”

This Jihadist Cleric, still sucking off his British hosts whilst still walking the streets of Sadiq Khan’s London a free man says, “When we Muslims rise up in Britain, we will go door to door to assess the Islamic status of everyone, and those who are not Muslim will be eliminated.” 

For ignorant liberals still reading my work, this means, “Convert to Islam or we will kill you”–just like Mohammed warned his victims

Is Choudary just a ‘one off’ Islamic nutcase?  No, he’s telling it like it is under Islamic Law.  You join us, or we will behead you, per Mohammed’s teachings and example (he beheaded over 600 Jewish men who had taken care of him in Medina in just one day).

So, perhaps even less-informed liberal politicians should read on a bit, as they clearly don’t know about this–or worse–don’t care. 

Choudary is preaching the words of Mohammed, which he said are “for all time”, and those claiming to be Muslim, but not willing to commit these murders, must be butchered by their neighbours as well — under Sharia Law.

Another famous spokesman, “Sheikh Muhammed Ayed is an imam from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He encourages Muslim refugees to breed with Europeans and threatens the coming of an Islamic Caliphate to conquer Europe, destroy our countries and trample Christianity.”

Please watch it.

So, who is right?  ABC, Hollywood and their Media allies of #FakeNews—or your own eyes and ears?

That my fellow Westerners is the question we must answer now, today.

Who we elect, and who we listen to, about this unwanted Colonisation will either save our Civilisation, or seal Islam’s pact with the Devil to destroy us and the founding principles of our Western nations.

I can only hope that politicians, pundits and Hollywood fools (who make a living being someone else) read the Quran and see what Mohammed has in store for ‘useful idiots’ like them– especially their gay members.

Once his Jihadists take your nation, boys and girls, as the ISIS thugs below did in Syria, they will rape and then kill you.  All of you. Here, they had just beheaded 50 Christian Yazidi sex slaves so they could travel ‘light’ after Trump took over the war–and made it a real one.

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) take a rest in the frontline Syrian village of Baghouz on February 18, 2018. – SDF forces have been fighting in eastern Syria. (Photo credit DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

To Australian Broadcast Corporation and Hollywood purveyors of fiction, read the words of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed for yourselves.  Please, open your eyes and ears–as the culture and lives you risk are ours

Mohammed’s words are talking both to you and to the hapless politicians, senseless pundits and other defenders of Islam. 

You will be beheaded or sold into slavery, which is a scourge still practiced by Islamic Colonisers, because it is Sharia. Mohammed did it, so it is considered ‘holy’.

Your women will be taken, raped, sold as slaves and forced to breed new soldiers for Jihad, because he did it—for years. 

Next for the men, you will be beheaded or crucified if you don’t join the jihad and agree to butcher your neighbours—for the glory of ‘Allah’.

That is the continual cycle, stretching from Buddhist Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Christian Lebanon, Ethiopia and Turkey, all via rape and murder. Buddhists and Christians who once inhabited those lands are in various stages of being erased–soon to be a distant memory.

There are only two Islamic worlds:  Dar-al-Islam—which has already been colonised and is ruled under Islamic law, and Dar-al-Harb—nations now being colonised in preparation for their Muslim uprising

Barry Soetoro, a.k.a., Barack Obama, with his Kenyan half-brother in native islamic garb

The United States is well on its way, as you can see in the picture above.  We had one of them as president for eight years Islamifying the United States.

You doubt me?  When Barack Hussein Obama became president in 2009, there were zero mosques in the State of Florida.  When he left office, there were 32 built or under construction. 

The city of Minneapolis hardly knew what Islam was, so Obama imported 70,000 Muslims from Somalia to flood a congressional district, which unsurprisingly elected America’s first Muslim Congresswoman, the horrid, anti-American, Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar now openly advocates for the destruction of the nation that saved her from Islamic warlords, and the end of Israel.

Islam is not a ‘religion’ by any standard. It is a political ideology of world domination through rape, genocide and enslavement

According to Mohammed, Jihad has no end until there isn’t a single Jew, Christian or non-believer remaining alive other than those enslaved to serve, who pay a large percentage of everything they have each year to the local cleric—on their knees—in exchange for being allowed to live.

The time is late.  Young, well-trained Jihadists now live in our nations and unapologetically breed their army from our women, right under our noses. 

Reported rapes of our females are up 1,300% in many areas of Europe just since these Jihadists were granted asylum a very few years ago.

They are burning our ancient churches and cathedrals with no serious penalty (or visible attempts to arrest them), whilst draining our nations’ coffers to feed and house them as they build their numbers to destroy us.

Mohammed’s example encourages these soldiers to practice ‘deceit’ to enter our societies while draining us of resources. A lesson clearly taught well by their clerics. 

Mohammed even allows his soldiers to befriend us, but only until their numbers are sufficient to ‘rise up’ against us. 

What then, you ask?

In Quran 4:89- Mohammed said that after your kindness is abused to complete their infiltration, “then take them and kill them wherever ye find them and choose no friend nor helper from among them.”

We don’t hear that part on CNN, ABC and SkyNews though, do we?

Should the Islamic Colonists follow historical precedent and Mohammed’s example, Jacinda Ardern’s head will be first to roll across the marble floor as the lead fool who ‘befriended’ the Colonisers in New Zealand.

Turkey provides a particularly gruesome example in the late 19th and early 20th century for what happens next to Jacinda’s daughters and friends when Muslims rise up in New Zealand

Christian women were crucified naked, the Muslim way, where a sharpened stake was inserted into their vagina and hammered up through their abdomen for a slow, painful death.

It is too gruesome for us to post pictures here. We have in the past and unfortunately learned from it.  Rest assured this did happen in Christian Turkey just a century ago, and the last Cathedral in Turkey, became a mosque only last week.

For those with courage to see the fate your wives and daughters face once colonized–and can do without sleep for a few days–here is a photo from the 1915-19 genocide of Christian, Jewish and ‘unconverted’ women that can still be found

Many of the stakes from crucifixion via vagina are visible inside the skeletons in mass graves of Christian and Jewish women who were murdered by Muslims during the Turkish genocide

A film was also made about the Turkish genocide of 1915-19 while eyewitnesses were still alive, before the truth was banned in the very nations being colonised by this same death cult today.

‘Auction of Souls’ preserved these horrific acts and human stories on film by those who experienced their horrors and survived, including Aurora Mardiganian.

Many escaped to the U.S., including Ben Bagdikian, famous journalist at the Washington Post but few were ever allowed to be heard—then or now

Silence about the Christian and Jewish genocide in Turkey was traded by Western leaders in exchange for the promise of a secular Turkish state under Mustafa Kemak Atatürk, but you see Turkey today and it is a Muslim State.

The Christians and Jews are dead–per Sharia law.

No one can say we have not been warned. The Deceit phase is over as they prepare to rise up

Why isn’t there an uprising in our nations to stop the Islamic Colonisation and return the invaders forthwith to the nations that sent them?

The Colonising invaders of today are openly telling us exactly who they are and what they intend to do to us, as does history, but our leaders refuse to listen.

Why? I’ll tell you.

Because our weak politicians and enabling media not only fail to tell us the truth, they forbid its telling. This is often by law, so the public is still unaware of what is about to happen to them under the guise of ‘hate speech’–though quoting their own prophet.

We must spread the truth, using the Islamic Colonists’ own words and deeds by any means necessary, until even irresponsible governments understand their folly and shortsightedness. 

Perhaps when they learn that Islamic Colonists plan to take their heads and rape their wives and daughters first, it will make them understand that which they now encourage, will actually destroy them before us.

He who has eyes, let him see.  He who has ears, let him hear.

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Howell Woltz. (@WoltzHowell on Twitter and @HowellWoltz on Parler)

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland