Bidens dementia

Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino, reveals troubling information about Presidential front-runner, Joe Biden’s, rapid cognitive decline

From sources still within the Secret Service, Bongino learned that there is alarm at the Democrat candidate’s growing state of dementia. Dan’s contacts openly wonder if Biden can make it till America’s November election.

These people were Biden’s protectors  when he was Vice President. They are now guarding him as candidate three years later, so they are in position to know.

Bongino said, “Biden can hardly complete a sentence. He gets lost midway, and on numerous occasions in public appearances, has not even known where he was.  Do we really want this man negotiating for us with Xi Xinping?”

Biden has also been indicted by the Government of Ukraine on criminal corruption charges for bribing the president of that nation to fire the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter—which the Democrat candidate admitted on film.