As Socialists and Fascists attempt to destroy our histories and civilisation by tearing down memorials to our great ones and falsifying our past—let’s plan for our next generation of heroes coming to the fore today.

Hero 1—Herbert Riley—crossing state borders in Australia in defiance of illegal orders by power mad politicians acting outside law and Constitution—and he’s winning 

By law, perhaps in national emergency, the federal government could close borders—an open question—but States are forbidden by law, yet act as ‘corporate entities’ today having their police enforce non-laws as long as the sheep allow it.  Herbert Riley is calling them out.

I’ll put up the first $100 for Herbert Riley’s Statue in Canberra.  No one exemplifies what is needed right now more than a person with courage to use the law to prevent lawless governments from exceeding their power.

Heroes 2 & 3—Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins—I don’t think these two need any introduction.

This once relatively unknown journalist, Tommy Robinson, had the courage to ask Muslim rapists about the outcome of their case leading a corrupt British government to put him to ruin.

Katie Hopkins lost her home and is broke simply for asking uncomfortable questions of those betraying her nation about the Islamic invaders they support above their own people.

If we win this war to save our civilisation, these are among the souls responsible for it.

They had to courage to speak up—even though it cost them all—rather than letting traitorous politicians destroy us without a fight.

Hero 4—Nigel Farage—saved Britain from the European Union and is now fighting the invaders storming its shores

If BoJo and the Prissies continue allowing a free Britain to be stormed and overwhelmed by those sworn to destroy it—this man will be Prime Minister in addition to his other amazing service to England and Western Civilisation.

Hero 5—Kanye West

This seemingly unlikely hero for the salvation of Western culture has focused his nation’s attention on the real crimes against Black Americans at the hands of the Democrat party—including the murder of 50 million Black babies via abortion, and the Slave mentality of the New Plantation that keeps them entrapped—and he’s holding Christian rallies, drawing thousands.

In a bold move last week, West announced that he was filing to run for president in key ‘swing states’ to draw votes from Democrat candidate Joe Biden so his friend, Donald Trump, would win them for sure.

For those who think it a joke—West met requirements in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri—and may yet qualify in California. 

Hero 6—Tucker Carlson

Antifa Fascist thugs stormed his home. A woman claimed he tried to have sex with her—only to learn he changed his show jacket for a personal jacket—on the set—and left to be with his wife at their Christmas Party.  The woman said years later, she felt ‘uncomfortable’ watching him change jackets—which equals rape in the cancel culture of today—and MSM ran with it.

He is vilified and keeps on plugging.  The more they try to destroy him, the firmer he holds them to task—and the higher his ratings go.

Statue material for sure.

As John Steinbeck wrote in his novel, Cannery Row:

“No one knows how greatness comes to a man….need gives it life and puts it in action; it never comes without pain; it leaves a man changed, chastened, and exalted at the same time—he can never return to simplicity.”

And perhaps greatness was thrust upon these individuals—but they could have rejected it and taken the easy route instead.  They chose courage.

We have another hero in our midst—and if he doesn’t edit this out—I’ll leave it without a name, but our readers know who he is.

He’s the man who with great courage stands up against those who would silence us all and keeps this last bastion of free speech open for every opinion—once the job of the press in days gone by.

He’s Hero 7

Let’s make sure these heroes are remembered after we save Western Civilisation.

*Hat tip and thanks to King of Hearts for info on Herbert Riley.

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