The computer message with this link arrived early yesterday morning here in Poland from a reliable source once very high in the U.S. Government—“Howell. Please watch this ASAP before it is taken down.”

But they didn’t just try to take down this well-documented exposé of Deep State corruption—oh no—they took down the woman who exposed them—Millie Weaver.

She was arrested as soon as the video about the rogues of Deep State went live.

(This is video of Millie’s arrest–

First to go down—Kevin Clinesmith altered FBI- FISA court applications to spy on the Trump campaign (and beyond) and wrote “viva la resistance” when asked about his crime(s)

Since starting this article about “What They Don’t Want You To See”, it’s had 1,182,432 views (•Premiered Aug 14, 2020)

The Dominos began to fall with the first guilty plea of FBI senior counsel, Kevin Clinesmith—and now he’s singing like a songbird

But the characters and organisations behind all of this are the same as much of the criminal conduct we’ve exposed this past year.

From Ukraine to the Obama-led attempted coup against President Donald Trump—those are the ones now in the corner lashing out against people like Millie Weaver.

According to reports today, Clinesmith’s partner in this serious crime spree to defraud the secret court to spy on Trump was Sally Moyer, the skank on the left (not to be confused with the Queen of skank on the right).

Sally is the Deep State FBI plant working to get Hillary elected, famous for penning the e-mail, “She [Hillary] better win otherwise Ill be walking around w/ both my guns & likely quit on the spot.”

But who is behind all this?

I’m so glad you asked. 

The heads of the intelligence agencies under Barack Hussein Obama, created a myriad of Deep State Contractors—that those heading those corrupt agencies also own and head—like our old pal, John Brennan.

Corrupt John, was Obama’s head of CIA—and corrupt head of Deep State contractor, “The Analysis Corporation” (TAC)—at the same time. 

Brennan also got the contract to manage the “Congressional Knowledge Management System”—just proven to be spying on Congress to have leverage over its members—while hiding that information on servers here in Europe—Germany to be exact.

But there are more Deep State Obama rats in the corner with the snake—question is, who will rat first?

Remember our reporting on the crossroads of the Democrat crime spree in Ukraine last year—The Atlantic Council? 

They’re the crew who lined up Dmitri Alperovitch (also of the Atlantic Council) to hide Democrat National Committee servers here in Eastern Europe while claiming they were hacked by Russians (since proven impossible)?

The Atlantic Council, you may remember, was also funded by Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma—the company enriching the Biden family and Mitt Romney connections to the tune of millions?  But there’s more.

Meet General Jim Jones—Obama’s National Security Advisor—and Atlantic Council Chairman

As Millie Weaver and Tore Maras-Lindeman showed in the film above—this guy also ran much of the Shadownet and election influencing operations through his private firm, Clearforce, which is even paid by the Deep State to pick jury pools in cases involving their enemies—like Roger Stone.

Yep, Clearforce picked Roger’s jury pool, 100% guaranteeing his conviction for an alleged crime that never seemed to happen—Stone was recently released from serving any sentence by President Trump’s order for commutation.

We’re just scratching the surface of corrupt Deep Staters, but let me show you one more crook before we close

These three American traitors, Brennan, General Jones, and General Hayden, push NSA, FBI, CIA and DOD data to and through their private firms, collecting it to use as blackmail leverage against almost anyone—and any country—on earth.

Much secret data is also funnelled by these gangsters to Canadian player, CGI Federal, Inc.—to keep it close but out from under U.S. jurisdiction—including $46.6 million paid to this firm to ‘shred paper’ and handle the garbage from the anti-Trump Mueller probe—in Washington, DC. 

If anyone can provide any reason to pay a company in another nation more for taking out the trash than Mueller’s witch hunt cost in total, I’m listening.

Global Strategies Group is another Deep State plaything—used to illegally double-stream intel data to their private firms to control the game long after they’re out of high positions in government.

And while we’re on that topic, let’s talk about how they got exposed in the first place.

You may remember Edward Snowden?  He was the whistleblower who first pointed out all of this corruption and illegal data collection via private contractors from his days at Booz Allen Hamilton—another Deep State entity acting as private sector, while leveraging national secrets.

So, we’ll close with this happy note—Hero Edward Snowden may be coming home—a free man

When Trump was listening to the Deep State traitors above, he called Edward Snowden “a traitor” and went on to say he “should be executed”.

But now he sees Snowden as the first to expose the gangsters who created the network of secret spying—Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Jones, and others who the President might agree “should be executed” instead of Edward.

Just this morning, the President wrote on Twitter, “‘A lot of people’ think Edward Snowden ‘not being treated fairly’.”

That seems to include the President, who openly asked his White House team this week to look into bringing Snowden home a free man.

And speaking of The Deep State, Howell’s new book, “The Gospel According to Shem” is all about doing just that!