Four deaths?—No—just four cases of Wuhan Flu started the lockdown—while she ignores 7,800 suicides

A new report by Unicef contains a shocking statistic – New Zealand has by far the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world.

BBC NEWS ( reports “The rate of 15.6 suicides per 100,000 people is twice as high as the US rate and almost five times that of Britain.”

At this rate in a nation of 5 million, that’s 7,800 dead New Zealanders—but Jacinda’s pushed off next month’s election over four CASES of Wuhan Flu.

People kill themselves out of desperation, Jacinda—and hapless leadership can be a leading cause of it.

You focus on radical Islamic invaders over your own people.

You blame those being invaded for disliking the invaders who have caused your crime rate to spike—and your ill-conceived ban on guns has backfired as it always does, wherever your fellow Islamo-Marxists try it.

According to figures obtained by Radio New Zealand, “Last year had the highest rates of gun crime and deaths involving firearms for nearly 10 years.”

Like all other tyrants, Jacinda’s answer is more tyranny.

Her latest decree is downright Orwellian and outside her authority. 

She is now putting New Zealanders in detention while she sorts out the sheep—who will vote for her—versus the strong who want her gone.

That’s right.  (LifeSiteNews) reports–‘The government of New Zealand has announced that all COVID-19 infected citizens, and possibly close relatives with them, will be taken and placed in mandatory “quarantine facilities.”

Jacinda has packed 32 hotels with ‘detainees’ and following the example of her fellow Marxists in California housing street people with drinks and drugs on the house (and meth labs) in fine hotels—they will be able to register to vote—for her.

Let’s look at her government’s record on ‘life and freedom’ issues:

  1.  In March, lawmakers voted on a bill to decriminalize abortion in spite of the issue failing on public referendum—attempting to override the people.
  2. With civil liberties out the window, Jacinda is keeping churches closed while allowing secular entities to reopen.
  3. The economy was devastated under her dictatorial policies putting 240,000 out of jobs (just in tourism) which will take years to bring back—if she remains in power.