As regular readers will be aware, we have covered the Obama Administration’s direct involvement in Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution in 2014 – and others around the world extensively.

We never expected to tell you, however, that the same corrupt Obamites, who sparked overthrows of duly elected officials around the globe, are now doing the same thing to my home nation and its duly elected President.

Democrat media hacks like Reza Aslan, threaten, “if they even try to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down’ (ie. Should Trump exercise his legal authority to name her replacement)

Yes, that’s right, the same people have been caught doing the same thing – to Trump.

Theirs was a very successful plot at the senior levels of the Obama State Department to undo democratic elections via an unholy alliance with George Soros’ organisations, the State Department’s US-AID division, and diplomatic officials under both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry when they were Secretaries of State.  

We covered this extensively HERE, HERE AND HERE.

In fact, these same political hacks held Soros-sponsored ‘War Games’ in Copenhagen June 18-19 of this year which were hilariously named “Alliance of Democracy” to plot how to undo a legal democratic U.S. election – when Trump wins re-election just six weeks from now.

We just thought we were done with this meddling pair—but no. only the good die young—so we may be stuck with them forever

The Maidan revolution in Ukraine “was also a stitch-up by elites that rather immediately benefited a member of the Biden family, and resulted in a disaster,” according to Michael Brendan Dougherty’s August 11th National Review article, “The Coming Color Revolution.”

And that same Biden family is the one Democrats are plotting to take over The White House – regardless of who actually wins the election.

The War Games in Copenhagen included the usual criminal element of the Clinton/Soros cabal

Hillary’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, for example, played the role of President Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden (who is presently incapable of tying his own shoes, much less plotting a coup against anyone).

First, they decided to flood cities and States under Democrat rule with ‘mail-in’ ballots to set the perfect stage for voter fraud – their own, in fact.

Democrats who sponsored violent riots, looting and burning of American cities all summer – now claim voting in person is ‘just too dangerous’.  Hmm.

The next part of the plan is to “harvest” enough of these millions of undelivered/unused ballots (including the usual dead Democrat voters) to put Biden over the top – after the election – while simultaneously “alleging voter suppression” by Trump.

Say what?

Then, as if on cue, Pennsylvania’s Democrat-controlled Supreme Court ruled to allow these unconstitutional practices; even though it’s against their own State’s law.

They then followed that up by kicking the third party ‘green’ candidate off the ballot to further improve Biden’s chances of beating President Trump – in a fixed election.

Not to be outdone, a Leftist Michigan judge ruled that Election Day is no longer election day. He ordered ballot counting to continue after the deadline, giving time for illegal ballots from the ‘harvest’ to put Biden over the top.

U.S. Attorney for Eastern District of Pennsylvania announces guilty pleas of Democrat state officials in ballot stuffing scheme (May 21, 2020)

All of this comes on the heels of guilty pleas by Pennsylvania Democrat judge of elections, Domenick DeMuro, and Democrat candidate for Common Pleas Court judge admitting to an illegal ballot-stuffing scheme used for the last three elections.

Winning Pennsylvania ‘by any means necessary’ may be key, which is perhaps why Democrat Marxists in the streets keep repeating that phrase.

But the U.S. Constitution does not give State courts the authority to sua sponte override State election laws, meaning these rulings will be ultimately be challenged. Unfortunately, time runs short for such lengthy processes.

Creation of the appearance of chaos and fraud is the goal, so this is just drama, because these people already know Trump will win Pennsylvania in a landslide. 

Seeds of doubt must be sown, however, per Colour Revolution ‘formula’.

That’s all these charades are intended to do – sow seeds of doubt.  And who better to sow them than the man overseeing so many ‘colour revolutions’ abroad under the Soros/Obama/Biden administration?

Take a bow, John Forbes Kerry. This former Secretary of State participated in the Soros-sponsored War Game plot June 18-19 in Copenhagen, to publicly plant the seed:

If people dont have adequate access to the ballot, I mean thats the stuff on which revolutions are built. If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that

,” said John Kerry

SO, who do we put in charge of the revolution against president Donald trump?  war protester cum Obama’s secretary of State, John Kerry

Yes. Kerry made the ridiculous claim that not allowing fraudulent ballots and the ‘harvesting’ of them by Democrats would deny them access to voting.

Thus, was the seed planted so that the media could ‘delegitimise’ Trump’s landslide.

This man was key to many of the Obama Administration’s Soros-coordinated ‘colour revolutions’ as Secretary of State, under direct guidance from their mutual mentor, George Soros. Soros was the man who bankrolled both John Kerry’s and Obama’s runs for President.

What’s more, it wasn’t only Ukraine that the Soros/Obama cabal toppled under Clinton and Kerry’s watch as U.S. Secretaries of State.  There were many.

Remember Bahrain (Pearl Revolution), Russia (Snow Revolution), Macedonia (Colorful Revolution), and Armenia (Velvet Revolution)?

These were all sparked by the Obama Administration under Clinton/Kerry, using Norm Eisen’s formula for fomenting revolution. Norm was Obama’s ‘Ethics Czar’ and had official training by Alec Ross who was the Soros-appointed assistant to Hillary Clinton,.

According to Eisen’s formula, seven ‘pillars’ are required to overthrow a duly elected government:

  1. A non-autocratic regime like Trump must be in power (as an autocratic one would stop their overthrow). Trump has proven himself to be anything but ‘autocratic’ as the continuing Democrat riots prove daily
  2. The elected leader must be unpopular (a claim which the Democrat-controlled media make of Trump every day)

3)   There must be a united and organised opposition. The Democrat Socialist           Coalition burned every major Democrat-run city in America proving this one irrefutably.

4)   An ability to quickly claim voting results were falsified (just one call to CNN by anyone from anywhere will take care of that)

5)   Enough controlled media to claim election was fraudulent. Democrats  have this in spades – studies show media bias of 92% in favour of Democrats

6)   A political opposition ‘capable of mobilising tens of thousands of demonstrators to protest election’ (Antifa and BLM Marxists perhaps?), and

7)  Sow seeds of division amongst the military and police. This has been done by Democrats using groups such as the ‘Defund the Police’ movement, This movement is full of compromised Obama generals and DNI director, Dan Coats who was recently exposed plotting to militarily remove Trump from office

In Soros’ War Games, Podesta [playing Biden] also “persuaded the governors of Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College” even though they didn’t win – but that’s not all.

“In that scenario, California, Oregon, and Washington then threatened to secede from the United States if Mr. Trump took office as planned.”

Kerry claims America ‘is a dangerous place under Trump’ while plotting a seditious coup with enemies both domestic & foreign

As an interesting note from history, Democrats plotting this coup refer to this region of secession (California, Washington and Oregon), as “Cascadia” – the same name used in Soviet Union plots to break up the United States. This information was released after the USSR’s collapse.

These traitors are proving to be both foreign and domestic enemies.

This is clearly a seditious plot to destroy America’s democratic process. But so what?

And here is where a slightly more ‘autocratic’ Trump might come in handy.

Trump has refused to exercise his federal authority over the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI, which so violated him in their ‘Russia Hoax’.

He was illegally spied on by the Obama Administration, vilified – and a lesser man would have fallen – all at a cost of $48 million to the American taxpayer.

As the Executive, Trump is the boss of the Department of Justice and its FBI (28 USC § 501–deems it is ‘an Executive Department’) and he could order the Sedition shut down and its criminal participants from the Obama era arrested and prosecuted.

But he won’t.  How do I know?  Because he won’t even stop the Democrat looting and rioting until governors and mayors ask him for help. 

In other words, he scrupulously follows the Law, the Constitution and protocol – even during an insurrection where he has complete legal authority to stop it.

That is just not Trump, in spite of the media’s rhetoric to the contrary. 

Consider that he has yet to fire or prosecute even one of those who plotted the last coup – some of whom are amongst the present batch of malcontents trying to overthrow him once again.

So how will this election be decided and by whom?

Good question – and my answer may have changed within the last 48 hours. That is because hard Left Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died at age 87 and under law, Trump has the sole power to name her replacement.

Further, only the Republican-controlled Senate is needed to confirm his choice, so it could be done quick smart, while Dems have to just sit and watch. That is why he must do it and do it quickly.

ACLU hatchet girl Ruth Bader Ginsburg replacement will be a pro-life conservative—and lefties are wigging out over it

If Trump waits until the Soros-sponsored War Games ‘seeds of doubt’ sprout on Election Day, the promised chaos by the Socialists will cause disruption, even if Trump wins in a landslide. That landslide is predictable despite the polls.

Why? Because the Democrat Socialists most reliable demographics – Hispanic and African American voters – are defecting to Trump in droves.

A half-century of unfulfilled promises by Democratic “party of slavery” are now seen by these groups as a sham. That’s because the allegedly ‘racist’ Trump did more for them in just three years than any President in history.

Prior to the pandemic, Trump’s policies sent Black and Hispanic and all other demographics to record levels of employment. In fact, they had the lowest unemployment in history, with rising incomes for the first time in 50 years.

I predicted a landslide by Trump of 60% (while the media had him at 34%) for this reason, and if anything, I believe that number has increased – in any honest contest.

The media has lied so effectively, however, that many voters are reluctant to admit their support for Trump.  They’re labeled ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’, woman haters – though Trump has never been any of these things (especially the last).

Trump receiving the Ellis Island award with Mohammed Ali and Ms. Rosa parks in 1986 for his colour-blind hiring practices

So, this will likely be decided by the Supreme Court, just as Bush v. Gore was in 2000

By Constitution, a questionable outcome must be decided in the House of Representatives, although they didn’t wait on that in 2000. 

The House is presently controlled by hardcore Socialist elements of the Democrat Party – but not even that matters.

Why? Because Article II of the Constitution calls for each state delegation in Congress to cast one vote and 26 States – a majority – are Republican.

That is why part of their Soros-sponsored War Games call for the governors of Michigan and Wisconsin to send Biden electors, even if Trump wins. The idea is to add more ‘chaos and confusion’.

We can deduce this from the bizarre moaning and gnashing of teeth among the Socialists over the past two days since Justice Ginsburg’s death, to have been part of their plan for some months.

They thought if they put enough dust in the air, the Supreme Court (with Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive and on it), would decide the election as it did in 2000.

And without getting too deep in the weeds, I think they might have won. Not because of facts in the case, but because supposedly Republican, John Roberts, was compromised by former CIA Director, John Brennan’s illegal spying program known as HAMR, as reported here on July 4, 2019.

We called it over a year ago here.

In fact, as we reported, Trump, his family, Chief Justice Roberts and 152 other federal judges were part of Brennan’s illegal spying ops (the HAMR scheme) to get leverage over them with negative information, illegally garnered, to use later to influence their rulings and behaviour.

Roberts has proven his complete lack of fealty to Constitution and principles as I predicted. He sided with Ginsburg, et al, on recent landmark decisions, all but confirming that he’s been compromised by Brennan and Deep State Obama operatives. This would presumably stem from the illegal adoption of his children from Ireland – via South America – many years ago.

So how it all plays out in history depends on which side wins and writes (or re-writes) it. Few doubt, however, that this is shaping up to be a battle for the soul of Western Civilisation itself.

Why do I say this?  For starters, I just watched an estimated 70,000 ‘protestors’ for Trump in Canada (removed by Twitter within minutes) and even the quiet Amish in America are having horse and wagon parades for Trump.

I’ve never seen anything like t

The enthusiasm for this man, even against the promised Socialism of the Left.

Howell Woltz (Twitter- @WoltzHowell and Parler- @HowellWoltz)

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland