Alexander Soros, son of George Soros, and Kamala Harris are pictured here after their final interview in Biden’s VP vetting process. “This was the moment,” Soros said, “when I decided she would be the pick. I told my dad and he agreed. The rest was just a formality.” George Soros through his son is hand picking our next VP.

Ever wonder how you take a border-line prostitute like Kamala Harris—who slept her way to the top of California government—and set her up to be the next president of the United States? 

Sleepy Joe Biden is just a placeholder, as everyone knows and is now admitting (discussed below).

But it takes buying off an entire political party and forcing it to drink the Kool-aid of Marxism, for starters. We can check that one off.  Done, long time ago.

And that part was easy, as these Saul Alinsky-loving Marxists have all been taught to spread ‘em for a bit of cash.  “By any means necessary,” Saul wrote.  And I think most of them actually enjoy it.

Like this infamous pant-suit icon who invented the Russia hoax to take down a duly elected president of the United States and almost succeeded!

Just imagine the chutzpa required to even attempt something like this.

Or did her ‘courage’ come from knowing she had the entire cabal of Global Marxist Billionaires and Intel agencies assisting her? Having Satan on one’s side can give an extra touch of confidence, we must suppose.

But you can’t just compromise a few like Hillary Clinton—a known corrupt servant of the Dark Lord—you’ve got to have them all on the dole.

And from corrupt city prosecutors, such as Kim Gardner in St. Louis and Kim Foxx in Chicago who refuse to prosecute Democrat criminals—to seedy governors like Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo—all the way to the bowels of the Deep State—Soros has ‘em all, bought and paid for.

But the real key to the take-down of America is owning the Speaker of the House.

Baby George baking cookies with Aunt Nancy, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

And the Soros boys certainly do that.

But let’s go back to the beginning, if you will indulge your humble scribe.

There would have been no Obama presidency without George Soros, as we exposed a year ago in the esteemed Richardson Post.

Human Events magazine credited the old Nazi with making an Obama Administration even possible, and they’re right:

“The first shots in the Obama Revolution, the highly unlikely campaign that elevated an inexperienced former Chicago community organizer born in Hawaii and raised in Indonesia into the Oval Office, were fired at the Long Island Southampton beach house of billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros.”

Soros funded Obama’s 10-year career in national politics with millions, but made billions in return on insider profiteering, mainly in the energy sector, but also through having special access to his State Department – even directing it from time to time on geopolitical matters (specifically Ukraine and Iran) – but always to his own benefit.

And his diminutive offspring, the new Marxist Kingpin, Alex Soros, regularly delivered Satan’s orders to his White House minion.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this string of insider photos and  much of the information herein were supplied to me by a senior former IRS official, who had the courage to quit his decades-long career when ordered by the Obama Administration to weaponise the IRS—and attack Conservative groups.

Here’s what daddy said to do Barry.

For Lefties and Media hacks who said this wasn’t true—the IRS recently settled lawsuits filed by Tea Party groups against the IRS for millions, over doing just that—on order of President Obama. And in this amazing photo—I don’t know how he got it—the Marxist underpinning of the Democrat Socialists of America, were all given their instructions from their Supreme Global Leader, via Junior.

Every member in this shark tank should be charged with treason, starting with the hand puppet on the right – Barrack.

Alex Soros travels between their homes and is a constant in the nefarious activities being funded by his father to destroy America.

You might note Obama’s ‘Wingman’ (as he called his Department of Justice attack dog—Eric Holder) is young Soros’ sidekick (or date?) at the gathering to his left.

So here’s the wheel and the deal

And just days away from the most important election in my home-nation’s history—every poll is predicting a landslide for the anemic cadaver put forward by Soros—Joe Biden—so the prostitute-in-waiting can ascend to the presidency.

And that is not idle speculation – Pelosi said it

These are the spokes of the Soros wheel rolling forward since 2004, designed to bring down America and institute Marxism

This week, Speaker of the House and Soros pawn, Nancy Pelosi, proposed legislation to create a Commission empowered to remove a sitting president, using Amendment 25 to the U.S. Constitution.

Causing quite a stir amongst those who have actually read the Constitution and its amendments—Aunt Nancy had to clarify that she had no intention of using it against the current president—as the process must be initiated by the Vice-President of the United States, pursuant to §4 of the amendment.

Mike Pence would never betray President Donald Trump like that—but the Soros-picked courtesan, Harris, would betray Democrat ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden for table scraps.

The world has rarely seen such a power-hungry woman…since 2016.

Kamala Harris is so unlikable that she got only 2% of her own party’s polling during the primaries—so she quit the race without receiving a single vote from the members of her own party.

Now, she has been chosen by Soros to take over America if Sleepy Joe, who often does not even know where he is (like yesterday when he was in Las Vegas, and said he was happy to be in Arizona)—happens to win in the Soros-fixed election.

This is very possible, as up to 50,000 fraudulent ‘mail-in ballots’ are being found each day to be used in the upcoming post-election ballot counting. Democrat States and judges are violating the U.S. Constitution by over-riding their own legislatures to give extra time to insert these fraudulent ballots—after the election—some by as much as three weeks.

But they forgot who they are up against. Over 70,000 patriots appeared at an impromptu rally in Sanford, FL just last night, and the man who was hospitalised and wished dead by the left only last week, gave perhaps his best performance ever.

So I am going against every poll in America—including the latest three claiming  the President is down by 14, 15, and 16 points, respectively—and calling for a landslide of 60%—even in this fixed election.

I’m not a pollster, but know my fellow Americans, and they will not go quietly into the night of Marxism.

They will rally, and the silent majority will amaze the world—just like in 2016.

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