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You thought we were done with Ukraine corruption?  Sit back and let us tell you a story about the Soros/Biden crime clan. It’s a doozy.

FACT- Soros’ crime operations dumped $1 billion into Ukraine.  He planned to take over that nation’s natural gas industry.

Why, you ask?  Well it wasn’t because George likes the energy sector or Ukraine.  He couldn’t care less about either.  He’s a trader.

It was so he could alternately flood and starve the LNG market in Europe, while playing the market. He would go ‘long’ (betting the price would rise) when he turned off the spout in Ukraine, and ‘short’ the price (sell contracts at the higher price just before he flooded it to make the price of LNG drop).

George knew he’d make back the billion in a week once he pulled off the deal – by illegally manipulating the market, while protected by the Obama White House from ever paying for his crimes. In fact, they were his partners.

Soros dumps in $70 million more to buy the US Election—and save his racketeering operation from investigation

Timing was perfect.  Soros owned the White House, as we’ve covered extensively, but as a reminder, we’ll go back to 2003 when the Clintons and Soros crime families created their ‘Shadow Party’, as reported even by left-leaning Human Events magazine:

Without Soros and the Shadow Party, Barack Obama would be, at best, a senator from Illinois attending social gatherings with domestic terrorists.… At worse, he’d be an unremarkable and unheard of state senator. Instead, Barack Obama is the President of the United States.”

yes.  I’ve used this photo before, but the only other one this good is a cartoon of the two of them in bed together—and nurse Ratched (our editor) won’t allow that!

All we need now is Burisma, a revolution and Firtash taken out”

Let’s take those in reverse order.

Who is Firtash, you ask?  He was George Soros’ nemesis and competitor for control of the Ukraine natural gas.  Yes. Dmitri Firtash had the same idea – and he was Ukrainian – which could have been a problem for Soros – a Hungarian under indictment in more than one nation.

So that problem was fixed for Soros by Obama’s State Department. They jointly formed a false-front entity, AntAC (kind of like Antifa, no?) which alleged to fight corruption, while engaging in it – to ruin Dmitri Firtash.

But they – AntAC, Soros, and shady criminals working in Obama’s U.S. Embassy in Kyiv – came under Ukraine prosecutors’ scrutiny instead.

While investigating how $4.4 million in U.S. funds earmarked to actually fight corruption had been diverted to participate in it – they traced it to AntAC.

So what did the Obamites do when busted? They ordered the investigation by Ukraine prosecutors of Soros, AntAC, and the Biden crime family ended.

Meet Dmitri Firtash—he was attacked by Soros/Obama goons—the same ones who would later go after President Trump!  Strange how the same Democrats are in every scandal, no?

Then, with a couple of quick phone calls, the most corrupt thug in Obama’s Department of Justice (Andrew Weissman) announced that Dmitri Firtash was a criminal – just as he would do to the President of the United States and General Michael Flynn three years later with zero evidence – and ruin the reputations of all three with fabricated lies.

Problem solved.  No more competition for George Soros – speaking of corruption – thanks to Obama’s State Department and DOJ Corruptocrats who make Ukraine’s alleged ‘shady dealings’ pale by comparison.

And to make sure none of the criminals actually faced justice, then Vice-President Joe Biden extorted the President of Ukraine into shutting down the entire Soros-Burisma-Hunter Biden investigation as well by firing the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin – by withholding $1 Billion in U.S. loan guarantees.

We’ve got Biden on film admitting to this crime – and he’s been indicted for it in Ukraine.

So, what about Burisma?

Burisma would be the shell to hold the natural gas assets for the Soros cabal, so it had to be corrupted by Democrats as well.

The company was set up in Cyprus originally to hold Ukraine gas licenses and companies offshore. Then in 2011, along came the Corruptocrats.

They packed the Board with corrupt American Democrats – and took control via a Delaware corporation (Sunrise Energy) in the State Joe Biden represented for 36 years in the U.S. Senate.

Rather incredible coincidence, no? Of all the places in the world, really? Delaware.  One of the few places on earth that allow owners to remain anonymous.

And not a single one of these hack Democrats knew a damn thing about energy – not that they needed to – as it was just a shell to hold Uncle George’s licenses and gas rights – after the revolution (yes, we’re coming to that part).

Biden/Burisma golf outing. Joe Biden swears he never met them.  Sorry Joe, but the Richardson post has pictures—and Hunter just admitted he paid “Pop” millions to do it

But Joe was no longer in the Senate.  He’d taken his RICO act to a whole new level – all the way to Uncle George’s White House, in fact, as Barry’s VP.

So Biden’s crack-addict son was added to Burisma’s board where he was paid $83,000 per month – yes, per month – to do absolutely nothing but introduce “Pop” (as Joe is known in the Biden Crime Syndicate) to Burisma oligarchs and give them cover – from the U.S. and Ukraine governments.

Taking no chances, they further packed the Burisma Board with Secretary of State, John Kerry’s protegé, Devon Archer, (who became Hunter Biden’s partner in government shakedowns), and Cofer Black – Senator Mitt Romney’s national security advisor, perhaps more famous for being the CIA hack who ignored warnings from 16 nations and allowed the 9/11 attacks on America to occur without any attempt to prevent it, though he knew.

But what about the revolution?

OK. I’m getting to that now. 

Soros quite literally called the shots at Obama’s State Department and even had federal staff there doing his correspondence and dirty work – while on the taxpayer clock

In conjunction with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (no crime story would be complete without a Clinton) Soros’ employee, Alec Ross, was hired as a ‘special assistant’ to Hillary Clinton by the United States Department of State to train revolutionaries – Yes. You read that right.

Alec ross bragged of training over 300 RevolutionARY-terrorists cells worldwide—as an employee of US State dept./Hillary/Soros.  This young man was the father of ‘colour revolutions’

We covered this incredible story of Obama Administration-sponsored revolutions being sponsored with Soros NGOs extensively last year, but for those who missed this chapter in the Soros Crime Chronicles, it might be worth a look HERE:

And the 2014 ‘spontaneous’ Maidan revolution in Kyiv turned out to be not-so-spontaneous either.  It was funded and fomented by the U.S. Department of State and George Soros – as part of their plan to take over that nation’s gas industry – to manipulate the European energy market – for profit.

Just another U.S. State Department sponsored ‘Colour Revolution’ to enrich billionaires who fund Democrats. Nothing to see here, folks.

That government was closing in on their schemes – so they simply launched a coup in violation of international law to find more malleable partners.

Rudy Giuliani has the goods on the Biden Crime Family, and yes, Hunter admits that they all give 50% of the take from the family scams to “Pop” – who is presently ahead in the #FakeNews polls, to become President of the United States.

Pictures of Hunter smoking crack while having sex with prostitutes and emails proving ‘Pop’ gets half of all the scams are hard for even the lamestream media to cover up!

Imagine the leverage China ($1.5 billion), Iraq ($500 million), Russia ($3.5 million) and Ukraine (up to $14 million) will have over the Biden Crime Family if this criminal becomes leader of the once-free world?

So many Biden Crime Family deals are being exposed now that it is hard to keep track of them!

I know, but they need to be put in context, as none of this is new – but it is the reason Uncle George Soros has no choice but to buy the White House for any Socialist Democrat candidate – otherwise he’ll die in prison.

The Socialist/Globalist element worldwide has done everything possible to destroy the one thing standing in their way – Donald Trump – but he’s still standing and might even win a second term because he has been fighting so hard to save the world from them.

Most of us Americans appreciate that – 51% as of today – which I think is some good news for what’s left of the Free World.  We still have a chance.

But most of those corrupt efforts to depose the president – at least those in the U.S. – were sponsored and paid for by one György Schwartz (a.k.a. George Soros).

And Donald Trump knows it.

You’re fired Soros!  Get out of my country!

What will Trump do to Soros?

In spite of the media hacks calling Trump horrible names and comparing him to dictators – he’s anything but.

If there were an autocratic bone in Donald Trump’s body, Soros would already be in jail – and most of the Democrat hacks undermining the U.S. Government would be in Guantanamo Bay where they belong!

So many of those Deep State Socialist sappers are still embedded in the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI, however, that he could never go after Soros and the Obama gang for starting revolutions all over the world to put Globalist/Socialists in power (as should have been done already).

But if we go back to the beginning – 1956, the year Soros came to America – Trump alone can send him packing for good with just one phone call. 

How?  Because Soros lied to get his visa, that’s how.

Soros was turned down initially, as he did not qualify as an ‘expert’ in his field under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.  He was not old enough.

So he filed a false affidavit to overcome that shortcoming – which can still be used to overturn the decision.  That could happen with one phone call from the Oval Office to Immigration and Naturalization or ICE – the same agency Soros is now lobbying to have terminated via the Dem-Socialists.

But that’s not good enough.

Soros needs to be stripped of his wealth, or he won’t stop trying to destroy free nations and building his Socialist Global empire.

And fortunately, the law goes by what was on the books back then, in 1956, as well as a newer law, The Holtzman Amendment, which requires anyone proven to be a collaborator with any totalitarian regime to be stripped of citizenship and deported.

Soros admits not only to being a Nazi collaborator – but to those being ‘the happiest days of my life.’

That’s all President Trump needs to do under the Holtzman Amendment – prove that Soros was affiliated with ‘a totalitarian regime’. His confession of this is on film. You just watched it.  If not, you should.

No hearing.  No trial.  Straight to the airport, and back to Hungary, where he will be tried for numerous war crimes (and more recent charges filed for trying to undermine his home nation of Hungary).

I went to Budapest in 2015 to research this most wicked of men. Soros was doing so much harm to our world, I wanted to know more about him.

My question was, how did this young Jew hiding as a Christian godson of the Nazi in charge of stealing Jewish wealth, suddenly get launched on the world economic scene, bringing down entire nations and currencies?  How?

He made a billion dollars in just one day, for example, destroying the British pound – but how did he have the financial leverage to make such an enormous bet?  No one on earth had such leverage.

As an old trader I can tell you that you can’t make such a move unless you have the collateral to cover your gamble on ‘margin’ if you get it wrong.

Where did he get the enormous sums necessary to cover such a gamble?  No one would book a trade like that without collateral – many billions, in fact.

The only thing I determined from interviews and research of the Schwartzes in Budapest on that one question is that not much of that Nazi blood money George Soros seized with his adoptive Nazi “Pop” could have ever made it to Berlin.

Nope.  I am convinced that an enormous amount of it went to Switzerland.

Wealth stolen from Nazi thieves who stole from Soros’ fellow Jews and neighbours doesn’t change the fact that it was blood money – and it still is, as well as all the money Soros has made using it to ‘trade’.

All he has done for these many years is trade Jewish blood money to fund a return to his Nazi values of National Socialism (Nazi values projected on America), via a terrible fraud.

Time he was arrested, Mr. President.

First phone call on November 4th, President Trump, needs to be to ICE to report this crook’s visa fraud. It’s on the record and I’ve got the proof.

Here’s the number, to save you time, Chief.  It’s 1-866-347-2423.

Have the bastard picked up that morning and let Viktor Orban know George is coming home for trial. He will be waiting at the airport – and I’ll be there with him to cover the story.

Next, call the Treasury Department and order them to track how young George came to have the leverage necessary to destroy nations if it wasn’t the wealth he helped steal from the Jews in Hungary with his Nazi collaborators.  There is no other explanation or income trail.

It won’t take long, Sir, because it’s already been researched – but was stopped by the Obama crooks.  They knew where his money came from, but were on the take and partners in his Ukraine criminal enterprise.

Then – have the Treasury lock down every penny Soros has worldwide in trusts, foundations, banks and “Societies” that he’s so corruptly used to destroy Western Civilisation – while they prove me right.

He had a good run, but it’s time for George Soros to pay the piper before going to hell

György won’t need any money where he’s going, Sir.  They serve three meals a day and will give him an orange suit to wear.

Howell Woltz (Twitter @WoltzHowell, Parler @HowellWoltz)

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland

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