Donald Trump wins the election

Trump actually won in a landslide the night of the election—and that is all that matters under the US Constitution

I literally wrote the book(s) on The U.S. Constitution, so listen up.  We can count on FOUR MORE YEARS of Donald Trump – as a matter of Constitutional law

The Republican National Committee has filed or is filing lawsuits for injunctions against six swing States for including post-election ballots.

Fraudulently added ballots (after election day, they’re all fraudulent) and clear vote switching by Soros-funded Dominion/Smartmatic hardware and software programmed to ‘flip’ votes from Trump to Biden are now proven facts.

Famous attorney and former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, has also publicly exposed that the Obama/Biden Administration’s illegal spying program, HAMR (a.k.a., the Hammer), was secretly deployed as well to switch votes from Trump to Biden

Thus far, there appears to be massive, well-coordinated and planned third-world style fraud on one side, and absolutely none on the Trump side.

Only votes received by Game Day count – unless a State’s Legislature changed law – so Trump won

The U.S. Constitution is plain and clear on this.  Only the legislature of a state has the authority to make its election laws – period – no one else.

The Democrat-run State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, for example, ordered poll personnel to accept votes after election day – an authority it does not have – as Pennsylvania law says only those received by Election Day are valid.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, defied the U.S. Supreme Court’s order to open the ballot counting process to observers as well as a separate order to segregate post-election ballots – both of which she ignored.


She kept the fraud going for days and ‘found’ a million or more new ballots marked only for Joe Biden, to put him over the top – in an election Trump had won quite handily on Election Day.

And that’s just Pennsylvania.

In Michigan, 138,000 votes were delivered to the ‘closed’ poll counting station by a Ferrari, a white van, and a Dodge Charger 300 at 4 a.m. –  the day after the election, all for Joe Biden – and counted illegally, to put Sleepy Joe Biden over the top in that key state – which was actually won by Trump.

In North Carolina, my home state, the unelected Democrat Board of Elections ordered their poll-packers to keep running through extra votes for Joe Biden for up to nine days after election – in direct violation of State law.

While the Media hacks and Social Media tyrants continue ‘announcing’ these fraudulent steals for Joe Biden as winner, under law, this is utter nonsense.

Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Minnesota – even The Socialist Republic of California (my name for it) may have gone for Trump – but they announced for Biden before many voters were even awake on Election Day or dragged out ‘counting’ until enough ballots were mysteriously found, flipped, or forged to put the CCP candidate – Joe Biden – into the winner’s column by fraud.

The fix was in, and well planned at that – but none of it matters in the least.

‘Safe Harbour’ deadline is December 8th

U.S. Code 3 USC §5 was designed to settle these disputes, and requires the governors to confirm that it was settled per state law and procedures – which none of these Democrat-run States can do as they violated their own laws and the U.S. Constitution to make Biden the winner.

Their protestations are meaningless once these cases reach the U.S. Supreme Court – which make no mistake – is their ultimate destination.

 And then along came Amy


We’ve exposed the fact that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, was compromised by Obama’s HAMR spying program and rendered useless in a fight against the Socialists by their holding that leverage over his family.

But with the recent death of far-left wing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the confirmation of ‘originalist’ Justice Barrett, law will be followed, giving a 5-4 majority over the court radicals who legislate from the bench rather than just reading the Constitution and following it.

When these States’ lawlessness and violation of their own statutory provisions regarding elections are heard, Justice Barrett will side with the law, and no votes beyond each state’s provision will be counted. 

Once again, by law, Trump won on Election Day – so he will win on review.

Other important dates

December 14th, the Electors from each State meet and cast their ballots, per 3 USC §7, confirmed by six certificates from  State officials to a District Court Judge of the district in which the electors met – swearing to the results.

But what if one of these ‘officials’ is honest – or the Judge reviews their claims in the disputed results and knows it’s fraudulent?

That’s where this will go nuclear and either end up in The Supreme Court, or go to the ultimate end game in the House of Representatives on January 6, 2021 under Article II of the U.S. Constitution – where again – by law, Trump won on Election Day – and he’ll win on January 6th, again – by law.


But Nancy Pelosi & Democrats have a majority in the House and will vote against Trump!

You’re right – but again, we’re talking real law and the U.S. Constitution not the Twitter-sphere – and both are on the side of Donald Trump, not China Joe.

Image Howells constitution book


The Constitution has protections against such illegitimate seizures of power.

In case of a tie or dispute, yes, The U.S. House of Representatives will choose the president, “But in chusing [sic] the President, the Votes shall be taken by States, the Representatives from each State having one Vote.”

That’s Article II, §1 folks, and that’s the ball game!

How you ask?  Because of the 50 States, 26 delegations are Republican and their 1 vote each will be for Donald J. Trump. 

Doesn’t matter if it’s California with 55 electoral votes or Delaware with just three – each state delegation has but one vote in case of dispute or tie.

Game, set, match.  Four more years for President Donald Trump.

With lawsuits now filed in all States over the fraud, results are locked, and there is no pathway to a Biden victory.  None.

This all seems to be ‘new’ news in America, but not for readers of The Richardson Post

We warned you about the very powerful programs illegally deployed under the Obama thugs, HAMR & PRISM – now being used to twist the actual votes for Trump into a Biden win (by 3%).

We warned you about the Soros-financed Dominion machines and Smartmatic software tested in Venezuela and used to turn it to Communism to make sure they worked – then deployed in Democrat-run States to steal the 2018 election.

Guess what?  The States and Counties where the fraud is greatest right now ‘flipping’ Trump votes to Biden, also use the Dominion/Smartmatic voter fraud set-up.

We warned you last year about all of this – so how is it being treated as ‘news’ now that it’s too late to stop?

So, in closing, we’ve got an Editorial question for you

If the ‘news’ is just catching up to what you read in The Richardson Post a year ago – all documented – but you’re just hearing it from others today, why are you wasting your time reading any other publication than The Richardson Post?

Let’s take an example of how we do it.

You’ve probably heard about the sting operation allegedly set up by the Department of Homeland Security to flush out ballot fraud in 14 states, using a non-radioactive watermark with QFS blockchain technology.

You may have even heard that the National Guard has been deployed already and is finding an 80% rate of fraudulent ballots – all for Joe Biden.

We know all about it.  In fact we’ve got video:

Please embed here

So if we’ve got it on film, including an intel expert claiming to have been part of it, why didn’t we publish it?

Because we don’t do that until it is verified by someone on the inside.  When we get the nod from our guys inside the U.S. Government that it’s real (and we can release the story) we will.

Until that time – we won’t.

That’s what real journalists do – or are supposed to do – and why no matter how outlandish things may have sounded from time to time – we’re on the right side when the facts emerge. 

So, I’m asking you to spread the word and help The Richardson Post grow.

Our content is being severely suppressed by Big Tech Tyrants, the CCP is attacking us (more about that in a story soon), and we’re personally hit with shakedown extortion demands and even death threats – so it’s not an easy road.

So, I’m asking you to help Harry keep this thing going and growing.  Once President Trump splits up the Tech Tyrants next year and the brave people of China ‘Take down the CCP’, you will see this publication explode across the free world.

Be a part of that.

Howell Woltz