Democrats Looking For Role Models For Next Election Cycle


Editor Harry wouldn’t have let me write such a stupid headline two years ago, but I think he might now—thanks to the Democrat party.

Why?  Because 21,000 dead Biden voters are ‘active’ and on the rolls just in Pennsylvania—uncovered thus far by the president’s lawyers—and yes, even Alyssa’s 2.5 year-old service dog was sent a ballot.

And according to the online Elections Board site, Alyssa’s dog voted for Joe Biden.

Democrats used his microchip service dog number on record from his training at the local university as a Social Security number, registered him and apparently voted for the pup.

Yep, the canine vote was solid democrat again this year in Pennsylvania!

Damn nice of them, but why do all dogs and dead people vote Democrat?

My canines and dearly departed relatives all seemed much smarter than that.

I lived in the Republic of Haiti for 12 years, through the Duvalier Revolution and seven coups after that, so I’ve seen corrupt elections up close and personal. But not even in Haiti have I ever seen anything like what the Democrat Party is doing in my homeland right now! Yes.  Today.

Wow! We couldn’t get away with that in Zamunda, could we?

So what does a Corruptocrat do when the president barnstorms the State of Pennsylvania?

That old Trump!

He relentlessly came again and again, turning Blacks, Latinos, suburban women and even union workers to his side in landslide numbers, overwhelming the system you so delicately rigged. 

What do you do?

Well if you’re the Democrat hack Secretary of State, Kathy Boockvar, or the elected Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (5 of 7 are Dems)—you fabricate your own laws that are in direct violation of those on the books—and therefore in direct violation of the United States Constitution—and you ‘find’ post election ballots to put you back in the game!

Nothing to it, really.

Trump was leading Joe Biden by 700,000 votes when the legal possibility of adding another ballot ended, so what happened?

Democrat demons were at the ready with close to a million ballots they mysteriously ‘found’—all for Joe Biden—and only Joe Biden.

No down ballot vote for Senator, Congressman, dog catcher—nope.  Just for Joe Biden. One quick check and ballot is ready! Saves time when in a hurry.

“Strange” you say?  Not at all.  The hack politicians and lapdog media say it is all quite normal—though nothing like that has ever, ever happened before—not even in Zamunda.

But it’s not just Pennsylvania, folks.  Oh no!

Trump also had commanding leads in Wisconsin and Michigan—two Democrat strongholds historically—when the day was called and the Republicans went to sleep—a happy lot. Trump won, right?

But what evil descended in the night after the witching hour?

“Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night”, according the John Daniel Davidson of The Federalist. “In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.” (we apologise for the screen shots, but these ‘official’ charts have all magically disappeared!).

Davidson continues, “In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.”

From separate sources, we learned that three vehicles—a Ferrari, a white van, and a Dodge Charger (frequently used by police) delivered those votes at 4 a.m. to the closed counting facility in Wisconsin—video footage of which we’ve been privileged to see—to be used as evidence of the fraud in court.

Can it get any worse?

Of course it can. These are hardcore Marxists who will do anything for power—but this is where they’ve stepped on—or in—their own stuff.

The golden rule of corrupt politics has always been to never have more votes than voters, but they couldn’t even keep that one straight in the heat of battle against the hated Donald Trump.

If I find out my North Carolina ancestors or dead dogs voted for Biden, I’ll never visit their graves again!

More votes than registered voters in these disputed states. Let’s take the top one, Nevada, where the turnout was 125%.  Pretty amazing, huh?

Nevada is second home to many Californians, where they play tax games and apparently do a lot of double voting—in both States.

Well they’ve been busted now and President Trump’s attorneys are crawling all over the voter rolls like ants on spilled ice cream.

Over 40,000 of these fraudulent ballots are being challenged in Nevada alone—where they gave Sleepy Joe a 22,000 edge—meaning Trump will win in that state as well.

And over 1,000,000 ‘mail-in’ ballots are being scoured, many of which will not be accepted for a variety of reasons—as about 30% failed in a recent New York Democrat primary—counted by Democrats—because their voters were too stupid to follow the instructions.

So, here’s what to expect

The remaining five media outlets—including Fox, which Murdoch Jr. and Disney have turned Marxist—will continue chatting about the Biden ‘transition’, and his choosing of global warming gangsters to appeal to his Globalist base abroad and dramatic choosing of Wuhan virus gestapo ‘mask’ patrols—in general, acting like he won—though not a single state has called the election officially.

Social media will continue clamping down on any dispute of this narrative—and stealing our charts and posts proving what they did—as long as they can.

And I’m glad of it.  Why you ask?

Because they are killing themselves and don’t even know it.

Ever heard of Parler?  It’s exploding as the new Twitter since last week. 

Millions are moving to Parler every day, where only criminal threats and sexually explicit material are forbidden.

Rumble? Same thing, with more software downloads than the tyrants of Youtube/Google have had in years.

Fox News and CNN?  They’re both history—tumbling in ratings far behind Newsmax—the conservative choice for viewing—which is replacing Fox along with One America News and others as the go-to for real content.

Joe and Hunter Biden with the Ukrainian Burisma execs he swore he never met or knew about.  Hmmm

And here’s the end game—Trump #4MoreYears

All that matters is December 14th, when States have to declare officially that their elections were fair and according to their own laws, as explained in our November 8th piece. (

To do so, all votes received after State law allowed them—in North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania—must be purged from the count, meaning one Donald J. Trump won them all.

The landslide winner must then be confirmed by the House of Representatives, which is likely to cause the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to soil herself.

If there are more shenanigans by the Marxists, then the U.S. Supreme Court will rule in Trump’s favour—as they’ve already ordered States to segregate the ballots received after their State laws required voting to end—indicating quite strongly that they will follow the Constitution and void them.

Again, a massive Trump win—and nothing but an indictment from Ukraine for Sleepy Joe (which was recently handed down by the High Court in that nation for his crimes)—which were exposed in these pages a year ago.

Perhaps the benevolent Donald Trump will extradite Joe and his boy, Hunter, to stand trial there for bribery, high crimes and misdemeanours, putting an appropriate cap on Joe’s 47 years of corruption—with zero accomplishments for the people of my nation.

Nothing like a happy ending, eh?