As REAL CLEAR POLITICS and other outlets disavow their claims that Joe Biden won the election – we learn the Grand Master was once again behind the crime

The fix was in for Biden – and the usual suspects are involved. The triumvirate of rotten all had a hand in the plot to destroy Trump.

George Soros chose and financed Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for this very day – BUT HE got caught — and so did his vote-switching machines

Canada Free Press, by Kelly O’Connell, says it best:

“UNBELIEVABLE: George Soros Employee Owns Defective ‘Switch-Vote to Biden’ Machines”

So, let’s start there.  “Stunning Facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems…his machine was used in all the swing states.”

Lord Brown is a Globalist – former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, as well as a former VP of the World Bank – not a great resumé for our readers in my opinion, and worse, he’s working in tandem on this project with none other than The Clinton Global Initiative.

And before the vote-switching crime spree even began, Soros’s man, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, was feeling rather bullet-proof bragging publicly to President Trump on November 2nd, “We’ll defeat you in court Over Ballot Counting.”

How prescient he seems of the coming battle.

Well it looks like Josh Shapiro is being called on his bluff.  U.S. Attorneys are on their way there now – and Soros’s backup at the Department of Justice – an Obama leftover, Richard Pilger who was in charge of ‘Election Crime Branch’ – is out the door as of today, and can no longer run cover for them.

On camera #7, Delaware county, PA, democrat hacks filling out ballots instead of counting them-for a very long time

What stands out most in this video from official cameras is that the ‘guard’ who is ostensibly there to prevent this chicanery, appears to be supervising it instead.

“There is no such thing as a ‘glitch’.  The computer does what the code tells it to do” – per our voting machine expert

In Arizona, the national mainstream media called the election for Biden a week ago

Yet today, President Trump is closing in on victory after finding enough votes ‘switched’ from his column to Biden’s by the Dominion/Smartmatic machines  – in just one county – to put the whole election under the Sword of Damocles.

Now, there are 40,000 ‘provisional’ ballots being counted – running in the high 60 percentile in the president’s favour – which will likely have him flipped to the winner’s column by cocktail time.

In Wisconsin, Dominion/Smartmatic machine simply switched 19,032 votes from Trump to Sleepy Joe to put him in the lead—after we were told all counting had ceased

Arizona – called by every media hack in America for Sleepy Joe Biden last week – is a landslide for Trump once the Soros taint and ‘vote-switching’ are removed from the equation.

When asked how this could happen with machines that were – by law – ‘certified’ and tested, we learned that the person responsible for that requirement, Rae Chornenky – did not do her job.

Might be time to check Rae’s bank account – or her boyfriend’s.

Here a ‘glitch’ there a ‘glitch’ – all in Biden’s favour

Dominion ‘glitches’ appear now in every place where numbers magically jumped from Trump’s column to Biden’s on election night – long after everyone was told the counting had ceased.

We were watching it happen, and fortunately, took pictures because the evidence continues to disappear hourly.

And now – everyone in the world is watching and seeing the fraud except the U.S. media – whose job it was to do this, and their Tech tyrant allies who are removing it.

Shame on them, and may this dereliction of duty – and direct participation in the fraud along with their Democrat allies – put them all in the crosshairs of Trump Administration II to break their Marx-loving monolith into a thousand pieces.