The CDC put out the word, “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death.” 

I get it.  Your hospital was in trouble

Your local dictator shut down your State so regular patients (who are now dying in droves from lack of regular or timely care) were turned away or feared going to the local hospital for preventative treatment or procedures. 

The media was assaulting the airwaves day and night with CoVid fear porn, and you were not yet educated to the fact that if you hear it on CNN, it’s simply not true.

You’re not making any money and the hospital you work for is headed for bankruptcy since all elective and emergency procedures are shut down, meaning you’ll soon be out of a job.

So here’s the deal—as explained by management—you put down “Covid-19” on the toe tag—and the hospital gets $39,000 from the Feds under Obamacare—and you get to keep your job.

You write the truth—like that poor sucker in Tennessee who died in a motorcycle accident—the hospital gets only get $3,900—instead of ten times that amount. 

Oh, and you’re fired.

5 letters, a dash and the number 19—that’s all it takes. $39,000 or $3,900?  Your choice and they assure you, absolutely no one is watching.

The motorcycle death in Tennessee became “CoVid 19”—as did heart attacks, cancer, old age, natural death and anything including the sniffles.

I get it.  Your stupid policies bankrupted your State

Say you’re the governor of a horribly mismanaged state—oh, like New York, New Jersey or Michigan—all run by hapless Democrat Socialists who want the Feds to bail them out of decades of braindead management and corruption. 

All of a sudden, here comes the ‘pandemic’!

Overnight, every death becomes CoVid 19.  In fact, you get so greedy that you take people who really do have this rather nasty flu and you stick them in old folks homes to ‘up’ the dead—to 46% of all deaths nationwide—even though that amazing Donald Trump built out an incredible field hospital in the Javit’s Center and brought in the massive hospital ship—The U.S.S. Comfort—for you to place them instead.

Virtually empty—while thousands were left to die in rest homes—and infect the elderly who’d otherwise be alive today

But both sat empty.  Why?  Because they’d get nothing for the corpse—if they didn’t have a corpse.  Sick bastards these Socialists, no?

Billions were forged by these criminals in government in what amounts to state-sponsored euthanasia—for ‘profit’—to bail out their own recklessness and decades of bad management.

But how do you explain that to the thousands of families who lost their loved ones for absolutely no reason and are now asking questions?

You don’t. 

You just blame it on Trump—who moved heaven and earth to get you all the supplies you failed to keep or find—as required by law.  Instead, you built solar factories ($958.6 million) that went out of business before producing anything.

Yes.  That happened in New York—but don’t get me started.

So here’s a long but important clip about the source of the fraud–the test kits–which gives fuel to the whole mess, admittedly undependable by an interesting source, which is the companies who make them:

COVID-19 – Crimes Against Humanity – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – False Plandemic (

Dr. Fuellmich–also an attorney– has filed a lawsuit against governments for their participation in this criminal fraud, starting with Germany.

But let’s talk about the real criminals

So if the morbidity of ‘CoVid-19’ or Wuhan Flu is actually less than 0.25 of 1%—not as bad as many less famous flus—how do you keep such a scam going and use it for months on end to impose tyranny on free people?

That requires a fake test—and billions of dollars worth of them.

That also requires real fraud—and governments’ complicity in it. 

That also requires non-stop fear mongering by media hacks—without facts.

That requires billionaire TechTyrants and Pharma bloodsuckers falsifying data and banning evidence—because they are set to profit from our misery.

According to Dr. Fuellmich in the video above, this band of dandies even met to game it out (as we’ve also reported in these hallowed pages past), knowing the virus was patented, had been sequenced genetically, and was created so it could be easily manipulated.

Was it intentionally released or an accident?

Don’t know, don’t care—but the fact that the billionaire class was waiting for it, and government tyrants had their WHO booklets ready to terrorise us into submission with it, let’s me know they were all expecting it.

One fact is beyond question and it’s a disturbing one. No one dismisses our claim that it came from the CCP.

The first guy smart enough to call out the evil doers

While the chumps of Western governments just bought the nonsense from WHO hacks and companies making the billions (or shared in the take), Tanzania’s President called them out.

In fact, he had his security people take samples from the shipment of Coronavirus test kits and did some testing of his own.

“The president said he had instructed Tanzanian security forces to check the quality of the kits.  They had randomly obtained several non-human samples, including from a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep, but had assigned them human names and ages.” (

When the pawpaw fruit and the goat tested positive for CoVid-19 Maguful reminded his people, “I said before that we should not accept that every aid is meant to be good for this nation.”

He’s right.  So let’s learn from this and in honour of this wise man, call it ‘The Maguful Theorem’.

‘When CNN, WHO, Tech Tyrants, Socialist Governors, Big Pharma and the Billionaire class all tell you something is true—in one voice—you know two things:

1—It is a lie, and

2—Whatever it is they’re selling—you don’t want.

If you don’t have time to watch this video from Dr. Fuellmich above, save it. Youtube took down our original feed, but we found it on

We’ve just been through a ‘testing pandemic’ not a viral one and we need to remember this scam for next time—and vote out the Socialists before then.

The test-makers admitted in 2014 that they were wholly unreliable, and now we’ve seen that for once they were telling the truth.

(Thanks to King of Hearts, for sending this amazing video)