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Mobster ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino flips on Biden?  Wayne County reverses reversal—now siding with Trump?

Joseph Salvatore “Skinny Joey” Merlino was born March 13, 1962 and is alleged to be the boss of the Philadelphia crime family hired to produce 300,000 Biden votes for $10 each—within just 60 hours.

Skinny Joey is currently serving supervised release after a 2018 plea deal, which means he told somebody something back then to get off easy, though he claims now he’s not talking.

So if Skinny Joey isn’t talking, how do President Trump’s attorneys already know the exact method and location of the vote fraud that netted the mob boss a cool $3 million in just 60 hours—and even the location(s) of the fake ballot production?

Here’s what the President’s lawyers allege

Here’s Joey Merlino leaving federal court after his last ‘deal’ on April 27, 2018

While Skinny Joey and his attorney claim no ‘deal’ is in the works with the Trump lawyers—one of his crew differs according to the Buffalo Chronicle, which wrote:

“But an associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden.  The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot—a whopping $3 million for three days work.  They were then packaged in non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center.”

Front Page News has corroborated the story with more specificity, including that Democrat operatives working for the city provided the blank ballots to Skinny Joey’s crew the morning of November 3rd, which were taken to two individual residences in Philadelphia where the Biden ballots were hurriedly marked—only for Joe Biden—then delivered to the Convention Centre vote counters.

So if everybody knows the ‘who’ the ‘where’ and the ‘how’, it won’t be long before someone testifies to avoid prison, or enough forensic evidence proves it and Pennsylvania’s legislature—under Republican control—refuses to ‘certify’ the election due to the Democrat Party’s brazen fraud.

But more fraud and intimidation yesterday almost cost President Trump the Michigan race as well

Ned Staebler is a rabid White guy—and BLM/Antifa Marxist— on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers who publicly threatened and intimidated the Republican members for objecting to the fact that more people voted for Joe Biden than were eligible or on the rolls in many precincts.

That is apparently ‘racist’ to question stolen elections and impossible math according to this unhinged young activist, Ned Staebler.

Monica Palmer—a Republican who is also the board’s chairwoman—received threats of harm and sexual assault by online trolls who invaded the Zoom meeting, one particularly nasty black woman saying she was ‘coming for your head’.

Democratic Michigan State Representative-elect, Abraham Aiyash, also accused the Republican members of suppressing black voters. Aiyash then doxxed the children of board member Monica Palmer, according to The Federalist.

White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, posted, “Last night the Wayne County Board of Canvassers refused to certify the election results, citing irregularities (which are documented in 234 pages of affidavits).”

But the intimidation and threats of death from unhinged Democrat Leftist became too much for the two lonely voices of reason on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers—and they bowed to the mob.

But something happened in the middle of the night

The intimidation  was overcome with courage at 11:45 p.m. last night—and the two Republicans said they would not certify the Wayne County (Detroit) results after all until a complete audit was done to explain how more Biden votes than voters was possible.

Today—both sides are claiming the other side is wrong and how this ‘audit’ will be done, but it is now unlikely that the Michigan legislature—which is 21 Republican ‘trifectas’ to 15 Democrats—will certify the election as free and fair when Biden has more votes than voters in key precincts, and the extra ballots were delivered (or created) after the election was over under Michigan law.

The outrageous criminal conduct by Democrats and their surrogates to intimidate is unlikely to be rewarded by the Republican legislature with yet another Democrat election victory due solely to criminal fraud.

So where does all this leave President Trump?

Smiling, I suspect, perhaps even laughing.

The Democrats forced Dominion voting machines designed and programmed to switch the election on key swing states via bribes and intimidation—and Trump attorney, Sidney Powell, now has the affidavits of Hugo Chavez’ security people attesting to that fact who were there for the initial planning of what is playing out in America today, many years ago.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) produced the Source Code for the Software not only for Smartmatic (used in most Dominion voting machines) but others—routing the results through Spain and Germany—where the switching fraud might be hidden.

But it is no longer hidden.  President Trump now has those servers.

His attorneys now have 11,000 affidavits of fraud, intimidation and Democrat crimes to install CCP puppet Joe Biden in the White House, to zero claims of wrongdoing by Trump supporters.

A reckoning is coming, and betting against Donald Trump has proven to be unwise in past contests of will.

If Pennsylvania and Michigan can’t certify their elections as in compliance with their own laws, what then?

Trump will still be smiling, cause it’s not just Pennsylvania and Michigan Democrats who trashed the elections in violation of their own laws—it’s many, including my home state of North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia (where three counties magically found votes for Trump just yesterday), Nevada, Arizona and now—California!

There was so much fraud built into the system in California that elections called for Democrats are flipping to the Republican with most recounts.

Without either candidate having the required 270 Electoral College votes to win, the House of Representatives will decide the election, but each State delegation has but one vote.

That’s right.  Huge California as an independent sovereign state under my nation’s union, has the same vote as tiny Delaware and Rhode Island.

And guess what?  There are more Republican delegations than Democrat delegations, so he’ll still be smiling on January 6th, 2021, when the pathetic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has to announce that Donald J. Trump is President of the United States for four more years.

Howell Woltz