Joe wants to keep the CCP cash in exchange for giving up the crown—but will President Trump allow him and his family crime syndicate to stay out of prison at GITMO?


Two sources have informed us that Joe Biden reached out to his long-time colleague, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, yesterday, to ‘cut a deal’.

The evidence of Sleepy Joe’s sell-out to the CCP in exchange for millions ($30 million a year just in ‘fees’, in fact), as well as Ukraine and Russian bribes when he was Obama’s Vice-President are well known and proven.

But what about the internationally co-ordinated fraud to steal the election from President Trump—acting in concert with foreign enemies?

Now that he’s been caught, even Sleepy Joe knows that was a bridge too far.

So, what’s a traitor to do?

One source advised that Joe has offered to ‘concede’ the election President Trump won, in exchange for not being prosecuted as part of the scheme co-ordinating with foreign enemies to rig the election in his favour.

Joe’s proposal?

The Biden Crime Family gets to keep the estimated $150 million they received in payoffs from Communist China, Kazakstan, the Iraq housing project, Ukraine bribes, Russian money-laundering—and other corrupt arrangements as yet unknown—and they stay out of GITMO prison.

Even in his demented state, Joe knows he better get a deal before the Pelosis, Feinsteins and Clintons turn on him first.

As the evidence of widespread voter fraud and CCP connections abound, it appears Joe tried to ‘make a deal’ with Senate Leader McConnell just yesterday

Newsweek Magazine, “QAnon Supporters Think Biden’s Medical Boot Is Hiding Ankle Monitor Following Secret Arrest”

Once in a while, the MSM slips up and gets one right.

Let Sleepy Joe go through an airport scanner as a ‘fact-check’ and see what happens.  I’ll bet a quid to a farthing the place lights up like a Christmas tree.

The overwhelming evidence of a co-ordinated voting fraud scheme has now been exposed by the President’s attorneys in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada—the six ‘swing’ states Sleepy Joe and the Marxists had to win (or steal) to seize The White House.

When votes for the President surged beyond all expectations in these key states, the warlocks simply pulled the plug—all at the same time—kicked out Republican poll workers and observers, and kept stuffing the system with fake Biden ballots and electronic vote ‘switches’ to overcome Trump’s victory—which required going beyond the number of registered voters.

For the newcomers, this is called ‘evidence of voter fraud’

We’ve covered these incidences to the point of boredom, but I need to make the point for the thousands of new readers we’ve gotten from Parler this week who may have been spoon-fed MSM and were ignorant before finding The Richardson Post.

As example, when you mail out 1.8 million ballots in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Democrats claim 2.5 million were returned, even a liberal has to admit something’s a little hinky.

When suddenly at 4 a.m. the day after the election, the difference (700,000 Biden votes) show up electronically to put Biden over the top in a race Trump already won, you’ve got proof of fraud.

And when Philly mobsters like ‘Skinny Joe’ Merlino(covered last week- and other ballot manufacturers show up with the physical fakes to match the electronic fraud–over a three day period–that’s all cool, right?

And when 71% of precincts just in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have far more votes than voters, not even the Fake News specialists can offer a fig leaf for that now, can they?

When these ‘anomalies’ are repeated using the same algorithmic scheme in all six Swing States, not even CNN’s Rachel Maddow can make up a cover story to cover it.

So, what’s going to happen?

If Joe Biden ‘turns State’ on his party and foreign handlers, I hope the President takes the deal—especially if the Biden Crime Family foregoes about a $100 million of the grift.

As much as I want them all in GITMO for life, this will save America the inevitable Civil War that is brewing.

My fellow Americans will not let the Marxists steal the Homeland, and if RINO Republican governors and legislatures continue acting like eunuchs, the people will revolt, as is their right (see U.S. Declaration of Independence for details).

I advise the President to take the deal or some form of it, and immediately prosecute Joe’s fellow traitors under Military Tribunals.

The Clintons will probably ‘take care’ of Joe and his Crime Family for selling them out, so in the end, it will all be OK.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post