Nation News Desk 22 October, 2020. “US moving self-propelled artillery to border with Quebec; reports of uniformed Chinese troops in Canada


A video of about 70 or 80 Chinese troops marching on Salt Spring Island north of Prince Rupert and Vancouver surfaced back in March of 2018.

They were in uniform but unarmed—a mix of men and women soldiers—and we chose not to make a big deal out of it then as did this more recent poster of the old clip (which has oddly disappeared).

But recently, it was revealed the Soros-backed Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau—who hates Trump—cut a secret deal with the Chi-Coms in 2018 that has now been ratified by legislation, allowing CCP troops to operate freely on Canadian soil.

In America, this miscreant, Trudeau, would be a card-carrying Democrat Marxist, willing to do anything for power.

In Canada, he’s a card-carrying Liberal Party Marxist willing to do anything for power—including selling his own nation out to the CCP.

Hat tip,— now it all makes sense!

The Nation published this map of Chi-com troops spotted in Western Canada back in October of 2020, allegedly guarding the port they now own down in Vancouver.

So why do you need troops on salt spring island to guard a port more than an hour away?

We now have confirmation of what Trudeau was doing, as published by the Canadian press.

Canadian Independent Press Review, January 15, 2020

“Under the terms of the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA), a bi-lateral treaty ratified with China by the Trudeau government in 2019, Chinese security forces can be stationed on Canadian soil to protect vital Chinese investments, without the knowledge or consent of local authorities.”

Interesting, no?  “Without the knowledge or consent of local authorities.”

Chi-com troops are also being housed on Indian Reservations where they are more easily hidden, and even in Vancouver’s Stanley Park—where Canadians are no longer allowed to go because it has been taken over by the Communist People’s Liberation Army.

Amassing communist Chinese soldiers this close to the U.S. border cannot—and will not— be tolerated.

The mainstream press has been silent—or are they simply serving their CCP handlers and Democrat Marxist Comrades, as they prepare for action?

President Trump ordered a redeployment of F-22s and F-35s to Alaska recently, and authorised one million reservists to be ‘called up’ back in the Spring.

Sending America’s latest military aircraft to the hinterlands of Alaska made absolutely no sense when we first read about it.  Why did he do that?

I did not connect the dots—until now.  Trump has flanked the enemy with the most sophisticated air power on earth.

The Chi-coms move an inch toward America, he can light them up from behind.

When President Trump authorised one million ‘reservists’ to be called up last Spring, we thought it was to send Democrat/Soros/Antifa fascists a message that domestic violence would not be tolerated—but those troops weren’t ordered to report.

Perhaps the ‘call up’ was for something more serious than Momma’s basement-dwelling suburban sleaze who spent too much time at college learning Critical Theory rather than Critical Thinking.

Maybe it was a message to Joe Biden’s handler, Xi Xinping, instead, that Trump does not want to see China rise like the Democrats do—and will see to it that they don’t on his watch.

No Red Dawn on Trump’s watch

Remember the great movie with Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Jennifer Grey and Powers Booth back in 1984—Red Dawn?

Okay, okay—maybe that was before your time, but go watch it now.

Weak leaders like Biden did little to prevent or fight off the Communist invasion—just as the Democrat party now aids and abets the CCP. 

In Red Dawn, the Marxist forces rolled right up through the west until they hit armed Americans willing to die protecting their homes and way of life.

Same story as Biden’s Red Dawn today, except it was Russians and Cubans on the Mexican border who invaded—but they didn’t know Americans like I do—and neither does Xi Xinping

Maybe that’s the wake up call America needs—a Red Invasion co-ordinated by testosterone-challenged Democrat sell-outs, who can be bribed to do anything against their own country and people.

Though I’d far prefer that Biden ‘concede’ and move on to the GITMO trials with his co-conspirators (both foreign and domestic)—having to fight for freedom once more might be the wake-up call my home nation needs.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post