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One of these pedos was already suicided. Who’s next?

Jeffrey Epstein was one of the most prolific child sex offenders in recent times. He was also one of the best connected, which may be why he always seemed to get let off with just a slap on the wrist.

That is, until Donald Trump became President. Epstein had been buddies with The Donald in the Nineties but was booted out of Trump’s Florida club Mar-a-Largo in 2007 for his sexual proclivities.

Many of Epstein’s associates are already well known, but an unimpeachable source provided me with a spreadsheet of both Epstein’s not-so-little Black Book along with the official flight logs of his ‘Lolita Express’.

The Deep State devastated us yesterday, crashing our servers, after our exposé on Orgy Island visitor, Chief Justice John Roberts, so we’re putting these files off site–on my own. I can’t put Nurse Ratched in further danger, so I’ll take the hits on this one.

The files can be found here. (Look in the header for ‘Epstein Log and Black Book’ once on site)

Sorry, this link has been removed as the files have changed.

NOTE TO READERS – We are not accusing these Royals, Democrats, RINOs, Hollywooders, politicians and Global Elites in Epstein’s logs and black book of being involved in anything.

We are simply accusing them of possessing very poor judgment to end up in the flight logs or Epstein’s black book – or both.

Also, many of these people seem to have been hired help, chauffeurs, masseuses, gardeners and so forth.

So, let the chips fall where they may!  You decide.

Not a snowball’s chance in hell this creepy guy becomes sniffer-in-chief, but he did prompt our new focus on ‘perverts in power’

Americans are told the lie that Joe Biden is “President-Elect”, so let’s give him a welcome present!

Is it arrogance, a sense of ‘no rules for us’, or just godlessness that awakens darkness in their souls?

Before you answer (or ask): No, I can’t tell you how I came across these documents, so don’t even try – but Nurse Ratched, and I did some soul searching.

Some of these are not nice people. An example being one well known couple who had 71 close associates – and over a hundred in total – mysteriously ‘suicided’ or become murder victims–perhaps including Epstein himself.

For those who don’t know the back story on The Richardson Post, Harry, the Editor, is the courageous man who published, The Story of Mohammed, which put a target on his back for life, so he’s hunted already.

You’d probably switch your name, leave your country, and move to Mick Dundee’s back paddock too.  Harry’s a lion, but he’s got family.

This book is now in 7 languages, sold 30,000+ copies and changed the world—for the better—as Islam is no longer shrouded in mystery

I’ve had my own run-ins with the Globalist – you know, the usual DOJ “Flynn” thing – false imprisonment for years, ruin, torture and near death – but Harry and I are on a mission to expose all of them in hopes of real change.

Epstein’s plane was nicknamed The Lolita Express by locals after the Jeremy Irons movie of the same name.

So, it’s hard to imagine that Epstein and the former President Bill Clinton, Chief Justice John Roberts and the Boys didn’t know what was up when they crawled on the Lolita Express.

Jeremy falls in love with his underage STEPDAUGHTER—and it doesn’t stop there

Some of those flights were within the U.S. and some would have been innocent enough, such as Astronaut John Glenn’s.

But in the early days, Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico – with its infamous eight-person shower – and his New York pad served as playpens for the rich and powerful as well, so make of this information what you will.

You can do your own research at the link above and decide, but it is fascinating reading, I assure you.

Epstein was allegedly in the financial business – but his real interest appears to have been high-end extortion

Jeffrey Epstein lured high-profile “friends” into his world. This was a world where grown men (and possibly women) were having sex with children. It’s as simple (and evil) as that.

The plane had ears and eyes, as did the ranch, New York playpen – and especially, the Orgy Island near St. Thomas in the Caribbean.

These lurid locations and hideouts are all featured in the ongoing case of Epstein’s alleged child procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, as evidence.

Showing princes, kings, Hollywooders, RINOs and other assorted Globalist trash in flagrante with little girls (and in the case of Democrats, little boys) can be a bit hard on one’s public persona – and this seems to have been Jeffrey’s stock in trade.

And what might one surmise about Epstein’s pedo playpen in New York? One only needs to see the art to understand the crowd to which he appealed.

Same guy!  Didn’t we see him on orgy island with Chief Justice Roberts? Yes.  I’m sure of it!  The one in the blue ‘Monica Lewinsky DNA’ dress!

That’s the ‘same guy’ on Epstein Island with our choice for ‘the most compromised judge in the world’.  You know, John Roberts, Chief Justice of the corrupted Supreme Court of the United States.

Jeffrey Epstein’s clients might have paid up with cash or political favours – both would have been desirable. Perhaps even Supreme Court decisions were on the cards? 

There are a lot of judges in his Black Book, and the most famous of all is the man who shut down the Texas suit that would likely have sealed President Trump’s Second Term just last week – to the great relief of the Globalist Elites.

So, you and the world now understand the leverage these dark forces once held over the rich, famous, and powerful – which will either get John Roberts impeached, or may turn him back to the light now that everyone knows who and what he is – and what they may be holding over him.

Do with this material what you wish. 

Publish it.  Spread it far and wide as a patriotic ‘thing’ so foreign nations can’t use Epstein’s dirt as leverage on members of Congress, House of Commons, or former Prime Ministers and Presidents who are now exposed on these lists.

Consider it a matter of national security to let the world know about these ‘gentlemen’ so that they can’t be blackmailed. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post