According to our source in Washington who sent us this smoking gun file, “The shocking news is the funding.

“Barack Obama in 2017, actually took $400 million, 14 pallets of cash, and that money was transferred over to different accounts. We have the exact travel plan of that cash. That was the plan, the funding, to unravel the Trump presidency.”

Junson Chan was quoted as saying, “Obama took $400 million and was involved in this particular scheme. Money trail was 100% tracked. If this turns out to be true, this is actually serious treason.”

KanekoaTheGreat is the Twitter name of the man who has republished much of this (now corroborated) information and is to be credited for his ability as a sleuth that no U.S. media can emulate.

This information was allegedly delivered to the President by a female source on Christmas Eve at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago—perhaps the best Christmas present ever even for a billionaire. The theft of the election was orchestrated by Stephan Serafini, a 20-year foreign service officer. Stephan coordinated with General Claudio Graziano, a board member of Leonardo. Italian intelligence provided the conduit with documents, calls, and photos of CIA agents involved.

Kanekoa claims Italian security forces and Leonardo scrambled when they saw this photo of their spy craft published online

Kanekoa continues, “Those photos ended up on the internet and the operatives involved in Italy started panicking. They had the person who did the uploading arrested for ‘safekeeping’ and another put under house arrest. They are being accused of hacking for other reasons.”

The conduit to President Trump says, “On Christmas Eve, we met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago and informed him that he is getting the affidavits of the people involved.

“We need the grassroot army like never before because the people who thought they stole the election have lost and they don’t know it yet.”

So who is this Leonardo and William J. Lynn III?

Leonardo is a major defence contractor not only for Italy, but NATO.

William J. Lynn III is the CEO of Leonardo DRS, which is a U.S. subsidiary of Leonardo “with approximately $2 billion in revenue,” according to Kanekoa.

Lynn previously served under the Obama/Biden administration as Deputy Secretary of Defense and led the Department’s efforts in cyber security and space strategy.

Is it starting to make sense now?

Everybody knew about it but the American people—thanks, CNN and the rest

Published on Dec. 1, 2020 in the Italian national newspaper, La Verita, the piece is titled “Trump’s lawyers have no doubts: An Italian hand in pro Biden fraud”.

The article outlines the alleged operation executed in Rome in complicity of Italian defense-contractor, Leonardo.

And now there is corroboration—perhaps a bit too late

These are the two hackers arrested, caught on camera at the airport

These are photos at Rome’s International Airport of the two alleged individuals involved in building the algorithms for the data manipulation of the 2020 US election. They were being surveilled by members of Italian intelligence after suspiciously entering into the country.

Yahoo confirmed, “Police arrested two people on Saturday who have worked at Leonardo for their alleged role in hacking Italian defence group’s computers to steal sensitive information between 2015 and 2017, prosecutors in the southern city of Naples said.” https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/italian-police-arrest-two-over-141607383.html?

@laveritaweb added, “According to the campaign #Trump, also Rome [Vatican ?] and Italy involved in possible electoral manipulation.  Role of an official of the US Embassy, of military figures at the highest levels, of an Italian company in the defense sector.”

“The theft of the election was orchestrated by Stephan Serafini, a 20-year U.S. foreign service officer, who coordinated with General Claudio Graziano, a board member of Leonardo.” (Kanekoa)

And Junson Chan tweeted just last night, “Breaking news, Italian gov’t and Leonardo SpA defense contractor implicated in stealing Trump votes via algorithm manipulation and election hacking.

“Italian intelligence agencies tracked and documented this stuff and handed it to us Americans to reveal.”

This is a lot to absorb at one time on this breaking story, but you can judge for yourself by listening to the courageous woman who delivered this information to the President—hopefully—in time to save the Western World.

Click to listen to the audio

New Breaking News on this Story:

Testimony of foreign interference in U.S. election just given in Italian court

Today, Rome, Italy: “An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election. 

“Corroborating the DNI Ratcliff’s report of international intrusion, Arturo D’elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy.”

A government transparency organization, Nations in Action, thoroughly investigated the election irregularities, “which yielded the long-awaited proof that a flawless plot to take down America was executed with extraordinary resources and global involvement. Americans and elected officials now have proof that the election was indeed stolen.”

The Institute of Good Governance just issued the following statement on this report:

Our mission is to provide the full truth, expose the perpetrators of this horrific crime, and ensure that every person involved, regardless of position, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nations In Action and the Institute for Good Governance are making the following demands on elected officials:

  • Depose State Department officials starting with Rome staff including Stefan Serafini
  • Immediately strip Leonardo SpA of all contracts and seize assets
  • All congressional members must speak out against this foreign and domestic interference or face recalls and suspicion of involvement
  • Implement the most severe penalties for participants who had knowledge or participated and refuse to assist in the investigation

Maria Strollo Zack, founder of Nations In Action added, “States must prosecute all illegal voting activities and provide immediate legislative remedies. There can only be zero tolerance for criminal interference in American elections.

“This international conspiracy must be met with swift action by the President and be fully supported by elected officials for the protection of voting integrity and the prosperity of our great nation.” This is it, Patriots and Friends of Freedom—the smoking gun.

Either Congress and the State Legislatures react to this news and stop fraudulent Electoral votes today, or America’s Second Revolution will begin in earnest.

The President changed the American flag flying over The White House today.

He’s flying the original flag of the first American revolution

That was not an accident that happened in the flag closet folks.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post