President Xi had much to celebrate this year as keynote speaker to the Davos criminals. he took down America with just $1.5 billion to the Bidens and 30 pieces of silver for the other side!

Just $1.5 billion to the Biden Crime Family…plus buying 80% of Dominion Voting Systems and related operatives to hook them up to the internet….and you know…. do things.…but still a bargain, no?

Whatever pittance may have been Pence’s (other than the token traitor’s coin he was delivered on camera after selling out Trump in Congress) I’m sure he came out better than Judas—you know, the other traitor?

“So, first thing, Grasshopper Joe” says Uncle Xi, “You must end American energy independence and get your military back into wars to keep them busy!”

Amazing how ‘Grasshopper Joe’ did this in just one day after Trump—and only Trump in my lifetime—never started any wars at all.  He ended them instead, largely by ending American dependency on foreign oil.

Biden quickly reconstructed the global landscape to buy off the RINO’s war machine and groupies like Bush/Cheney/Halliburton, et al, to return to getting even richer on top of the bodies of our children who fight them.

How?  Because when America is energy independent—as President Trump allowed us to become by de-regulation—we don’t need anybody, any country, any war machine, or any camp prostitute hangers-on like Halliburton et al, to rebuild the places we destroy.  We’re good.

So, to please RINOs, Dem-Socialist climate hoax groupies, Xi and all anti-American forces, Biden first gutted American energy independence by breaking all his campaign promises within hours of usurping office.

He wiped out 11,000 mostly union jobs after swearing he wouldn’t, ditched America’s lifeline to energy independence (XL Pipeline) and is instituting stifling regulation of fracking to put us back on Mideast oil.

New estimates are that China Joe’s policies will ultimately destroy 4 million high-paying energy industry jobs—and he’s only been there a week.

So, what does that have to do with constant wars?

Do you really think any American president before Trump in the past 70 years (other than Reagan) gave a rat’s ass about our troops dying if their oil buddies made billions sucking that black gold out of someone else’s sand—if, of course, they’d donated heavily to their political campaigns?

If you believe they cared, take two aspirin (and an IQ test), watch “Charlie Wilson’s War” and call me in the morning.

Middle East wars, and the re-awakening of hostile idolators who live there, stem directly from oil shenanigans where the CIA (under Kermit Roosevelt’s command) stole Iran’s oil fields for British Petroleum—after dislodging duly elected PM Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953.

Had British and American spooks simply let these people be, Islam and its inherent internecine wars would be a local phenomenon rather than a global danger. More new book titles were published in Spain just last year, for example, than Islam produced in 1,000 years, so the Stone Age was in sight for followers of Mohammed—until 1953 when spooks gave cause for jihad.

How different the world might be if we’d just left this man alone

So, Xi and his hand puppet, China Joe, will re-create these disastrous policies as quickly as possible to put America’s thirst for oil back on the Islamic teat to decimate America—and return it to Middle East wars. This Donald Trump guy was very bad for the war business as you can see below and by unleashing America’s seemingly infinite energy resources, he created the greatest economy in my home nation’s history.

Trump could not be badgered, beaten or bothered by the war lobby—he made peace and brought our troops home instead

So, my take on Einstein’s famous E = mc2

Energy dependence = Mass Casualties squared

President Trump’s first move after inauguration was to make peace with the leaders of 50 Islamic nations and confront what he called, “the crisis of Islamic extremism and the Islamist and Islamic terror of all kinds.” The fools who preceded him as president didn’t have the courage to even call it what it was—Islamic terror. In fact, Obama/Biden forbid the term.

The MSM fools, RINOS, Marxists, et al had a good laugh over Trump’s 2017 attempt at peace—just not the last laugh

Meanwhile, back home, Trump’s appointees were busy removing 22 regulations hamstringing America’s energy production for every one issued. 

Never before in history had so much anti-business stupidity been undone so quickly.  Add in some much-needed tax cuts and the economy roared.

And then the real business of peace began, ultimately ending in what everyone from both parties believed to be impossible—real peace including trade agreements between Israel and many of its neighbours.

Within less than three years, America went from a war-mongering oil dependent, to the world’s largest exporter

That’s right.

Might not have heard that on ABC, but until last Wednesday when China Joe put a knife in America’s back, the nation was not only energy independent, but the world’s largest producer and exporter of it.

And for the first time in decades, peace broke out all over the Middle East—I believe—as a direct result.

America first is no more.  China first is the Biden-Xi strategy

“Next, Joey-san, you must tie America’s hands and feet, while China takes over the world, unrestrained”

This, of course, was also done on Day One of China Joe’s illegal occupation of the White House by re-entering the America last agreement known as The Paris Climate Accord, putting 196 nations under semi-UN control.

I say ‘semi’ because only one nation was to pay most of the cost (estimated to be as much as $100 trillion over the years) and bear the brunt of regulation.

The world’s worst polluter—Communist China—remains unrestrained and unmonitored under this ‘deal’ as does India, the second greatest polluter.

The world’s lowest emitter of the group—The United States—would submit to stultifying regulations eliminating any chance of being competitive (which was the purpose of the agreement)—under purview of an illegally empowered UN in direct violation of America’s Constitution.

For the naive who thought this had anything to do with climate change—why did they leave the world’s largest polluters free from any restraints if that really were a component of this ridiculous powergrab?

Notice Greta’s ‘coal strike’ was curiously quiet on China, India and the facts? She must not have read the carbon hoax

So, let’s do the numbers instead of the emotions:


5,615 total coal burning power plants in existence or being built in just eight nations/unions—yet the world hears only about The United States from the Soros puppets like Al Gore and Little Greta Thunberg.

So how many coal power plants does this rogue United States have and how many are they building?

There are more BTUs of energy under just the state of Illinois in the form of coal than the entire Middle East has oil—yet America is last on the list of its abusers. (Source of figures, p. 92, The Carbon Hoax, by Howell Woltz)

With just two moves, Beijing Biden implements his ‘Complete Submission & Victory’ to China First policy

By ending America’s energy independence, Joe and Xi will keep America at war and in a state of non-competitiveness as China takes over.

By putting the United States back into the one-sided Paris Agreement, Joe and Xi finish the job, putting American independence under UN rule—but let’s put a bookmark on this one.

This whole ‘accord’ is nothing more than a wealth-transfer mechanism to destroy what was once the greatest nation on earth while leaving Communist China unchallenged and unrestrained to take the lead.

It has zero to do with any alleged climate ‘thing’ (I’m not sure what they’re calling it this week) as the United States’ emissions under Trump fell more than any nation on earth—while the Paris Accord polluters pumped more and more coal smoke into the atmosphere than ever—unrestrained.

Australia’s elected appeasers
Push mad energy plans, just as teasers.
But while coal powers Asians
And nukes help Caucasians
Dumb Aussies sit praying for breezes!

There may be enough stupid Americans and Climate Hoax cult members on the blue coasts for that one to sneak by, but when the UN starts asserting control, mark my words, all hell will break loose in between those peaks of conceit and stupidity.

Americans in the heartland will never submit to UN control and we will quickly learn whether the military is running the nation or not when that anti-American Globalist organisation tries to assert itself on our sovereign nation-state’s soil.

Why do I say that?

For starters, the State of Texas just submitted a bill in its legislature today authorising a referendum vote in November of this year to secede from Biden’s American Corporation.

As the China First agenda and the string of Biden’s unlawful Executive Orders are put into the slightest effect—more States will join this chorus.

By then, the evidence of the fraudulent election’s wrong-doing will be before some court or legislative body, unlike the 86 suits which were dismissed on technicalities without hearing a single piece of evidence.

That’s right.  You won’t hear that on ABC either, but it is the truth. 

All 86 lawsuits were dismissed without a single evidentiary hearing, either on false claims of latches (timing) or standing (jurisdiction of the court to hear the case) though such issues of government lawlessness were one reason for those courts’ existence.

If the United States is under military rule as all indicates at present (they are not sharing intel with Biden or his staff and refuse to salute him) the winner of the 2020 election will soon be determined and have to be restored to the actual winner as a matter of law.

As cited in a recent article, “Fraud vitiates everything” (United States v Throckmorton).

Until then, watch China Joe’s popularity continue its nosedive as he and his master, Xi Xinping, claw at my home nation’s foundations in desperation before the Second Coming of the Orange Man.

That may be soon once the military finishes its duties under the Insurrection Act; it may be when Kamala Harris is impeached after the mid-term retaking of the House of Representatives; or in 2024 when Trump is re-elected for a full second term, but ‘be’ it will.

This prince of peace will not long be gone from the world’s stage if the American people are allowed a vote—and this time it’s counted.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post