What did Prime Minister Conte know and when did he know it? Was he also in the scheme to defeat President Trump via fraud?

CBS News announced Tuesday that “Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned, sparking a political crisis while the country is deep in the throes of its COVID-19 epidemic.”

The article never explains how COVID had much of anything to do with it – though his government’s now-proven involvement in the vote-switching scheme to steal the election for Joe Biden on behalf of Globalists does.

News we broke on January 7th and again on January 10th, showed Conte’s predecessor (and coalition partner) former PM Matteo Renzi, was instrumental in laundering $400 million of the Obama/Biden Iran cash deal – 14 pallets to be exact – back to Barack Obama in 2017 as payment and funding to set up the vote steal for the Democrats in 2020.

The same Obama State Department’s colour revolution scheme which was used abroad to dethrone duly elected leaders (as we reported previously, this was handled at the highest levels of the U.S. State Department) was turned on my home nation in the most criminal conspiracy ever to breach those shores.

Obama’s team flew their private jets to the Netherlands last June to war-game their colour revolution in America.

This was done under the leadership of former Secretary of State, John Kerry – whom we also implicated in the Ukraine scandals and colour revolution there.

While the Deplorables of America, gilets jaunts of France and patriots of all nations were locked down under those same Elites, they were plotting with multiple nations to take down Trump via a colour revolution. Now we can prove who did it, and how.

We’ve got the affidavits and we have it on tape now for the ‘there’s no evidence of fraud’ head in the sand crowd

And there is more

Remember when the vote-fraud conspirator, Scytl wrote these words last fall?

“Scytl strongly denies the false information related to the U.S. elections November 13, 2020 [notice the fake date – it was November 3]…the company would like to clarify that: 1) Scytl has NO presence in Frankfurt, Germany [emphasis in original]

But that was a lie – and I’m glad I grabbed it then, as they’ve since taken down their denial – and we now know why.

Investigative journalist, John Paluska, dug up a Scytl document from 2019, where they admit to the Frankfurt server in a European sales pitch, page 3:

To guarantee the success of this project, Scytl’s team began preparing nine months in advance. Over this time, we conducted 3 separate trial runs, 5 user acceptance tests, and we set up the data collection center in Barcelona, as well as an emergency back-up center in Frankfurt.

Guess who bought the source code when Scytl went bankrupt?

It was the gnomes of Switzerland – specifically, Swiss Post which is owned by the Swiss Federal Government.

According to Swiss-American journalist, Neal Sutz, Swiss Post:-

“which is owned by the Swiss Federal Government, had not only co-developed the Scytl e-voting software with Scytl, headquartered in Barcelona, a number of years ago but had bought the sole rights to the Scytl source when Scytl fell into bankruptcy,”

Do the Swiss use Scytl or its source code?  Of course not, as it is designed to throw elections, not count them and not even the banking gnomes can pull that off in the independent Swiss cantons.

But suppose powerful Swiss forces in finance wanted to fix someone else’s election? Sutz explained why so many Swiss entities had an interest in destroying Donald Trump using the system they helped develop and deploy.

The deep state grabbed his kids and are now trying to ruin him for providing the evidence needed to prove Swiss/Scytl’s role

Sutz said,

“Switzerland is clearly tied to numerous financial aspects of the US 2020 Elections. Whether it is the fact that Chinese conglomerates own 75% of the UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) or the fact that Switzerland’s Federal Postal Service, Swiss Post, co-developed and currently owns the Scytl source code, this little, unimaginably powerful, geographically-miniscule, Alpine country, is unequivocally involved in this situation.”

And guess who bought Dominion Voting Systems a month before the U.S. Election?  The CCP, and it was arranged via their Union Bank of Switzerland – as we also reported, which puts much of the blame for this on the Swiss and their new Communist cronies.

 Stay with me – let’s tie it all together

The world’s banking cabal is run out of Basel, Switzerland – home of BIS (Bureaus of International Settlements) which may be the most powerful entity in the world. 

The Millennium Report described it as “The Rothschild’s Global Crime Syndicate,” explaining that “Every Central Bank is a member of the BIS-bank. 

They have a civil organisation agreement for total immunity and enjoy immunity from all worldly laws and rules so no one can attack them.”

Trump had plans in place to restructure the world’s monetary system and basically already merged the Federal Reserve (U.S. privately owned central bank) into the U.S. Treasury as we reported last year – which made the cabal furious.

President Trump also announced that he was putting the entity that stood as collateral for the Federal Reserve – the American Corporation – into liquidation, meaning they’d be screwed out of ever getting paid.

Also, the cabal makes its money from wars and warring.  When you control every central bank, you simply play one off the other, earning interest on both sides – but how do you make billions with a peace-maker like Trump in charge?  The answer is, you don’t, and you can’t.

This evil even has a name – “The Rothschild Formula” from when that family loaned money to both sides of Europe’s bloody wars, taking royal properties and wealth given as collateral from the losers – and interest (and often, control) from the winners.

Who else had an interest in keeping the world at war besides the banking cabal? 

It was Leonardo – one of Europe’s largest military contractors (seventh largest in the world and major supplier to NATO) – and perhaps the biggest player in Italian policies and politics, who uploaded the software to switch votes.

It was also the CIA, whose sole role on the globe has been fomenting wars since its inception.

They organised with the Swiss, the Italians, the Germans and British Intelligence to move the win from Trump to Biden so they could all get back to plundering the world without further disruption.

This unholy alliance was partly funded by the $400 million laundered for Obama from his Iranian pay-off (in and by the Italian government and, some rumours are now saying Vatican Bank was involved though there is no evidence of that as yet).

This was then sent to accounts in several countries to fund the international plan to rig the election for their Democrat allies.

The Swiss bank, now owned and controlled by the CCP, arranged for the vote-switching server company, Dominion, to be bought and the hardware placed in key ‘swing states.’

This was done in part with funding from Big Tech oligarch, Mark Zuckerberg (also $400 million), in exchange for a seat at the adult table.

Dominion machines were illegally hooked to the internet in the Zuckerberg vote counting city centres.

This is where they were networked via CIA servers in Frankfurt with partners in Italy, Switzerland, and Pakistan to ‘manage’ the vote switching from abroad – and they did.

To avoid detection, Lenoardo’s tech, Arturo D’Elia, uploaded the ‘bug’ to do the switching via a Leonardo Defense satellite.

This satellite then managed the vote exchanges from Trump to Biden in real time until the actual win from real voters (for Trump) overwhelmed the algorithm.

That required a co-ordinated shut down of counting in the six fraud states to fill in with ‘real’ ballots to match the vote that had been fabricated.

If you were wondering how you can have 13 million more votes than voters, that’s the answer.

You fabricate them and have fake names made up in Pakistan to associate with the fraudulent ballots that the criminals are producing back home.

The Pennsylvania crooks hired Skinny Joe Merino’s crime syndicate to produce fake Biden ballots for three days up in Philly at $10 a pop – marked only for Biden – and dropped them off in front of the Zuckerberg-financed fraud centre to be counted multiple times each.

Truckloads of ballots were delivered the day after the election to the Zuckerberg vote fraud centres in Milwaukee and Detroit, where the same thing happened.

As proven before in these pages, Arizona was piling in fake ballots from non-residents, dead people, and creating names to match via Pakistan, as learned from the Arizona Secretary of State’s own e-mails.

So, knowing all of this – and now being able to prove it – is why I keep hanging on to the hope that someone, somewhere will eventually do something about it

But I have no evidence that it will happen– just hope.

One encouraging bit of news is that Neal Sutz wrote:

“The entire dossier which I organized and put together for President Trump’s legal team was received and that receipt was confirmed to me in writing through text messages and then again publicly online.”

And I saw where General Michael Flynn’s brother, Joseph, publicly acknowledged that the information was safe and thanked Neal Sutz for his courage in putting it together and providing it for the fight ahead.

Perhaps that’s why just today, the attorney who broke all this news to the U.S. public, Sidney Powell, sent a message, “Italygate is real.”

Short and sweet.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post