From now on, you mess with us—we take you down. Bed Bath & Beyond stock dropped 36% in one day after cancelling conservative, Mike Lindell, and his ‘my pillow’

Wall Street, Big Business, Tech Tyrants, Marxists & Media joined against us.  It’s time now to fight back!

The Tyrants are no longer happy just to subjugate us—they’re out to completely destroy our kind—conservatives, small businesses, people who love their nations, and especially the religious among us.

Mike Lindell, a former drug addict who turned his life over to Christ, became a wealthy businessman with his own design of pillow (My Pillow) and was all of these things.

Lindell had never been political before—well that is until he met Donald J. Trump in 2016.

After retuning to his native Minnesota, Mike publicly mentioned not only that he had met with Trump, but really liked him and his ideas.


The attack from the  Media Disinformation Division of the Marxist Cabal was immediate—but they couldn’t shut Mike Lindell up. 

The Tech Tyrant division of the Cabal then banned him from social media in a co-ordinated attack, but that didn’t work either.  He just popped up on Bannon’s War Room and kept on talking.

Now, the Cancel Culture Gestapo division of the Marxist Cabal has set out to ruin his business by forcing the protected Big Box division (the only ones allowed to thrive during the Scamdemic) to stop selling his products.

The marxist cabal was unable to shut him up or to stop him from talking about Trump—so they decided to put him out of business

But we said, “No. Not this time!  Not this guy!”

Instead of ruining Mike Lindell and putting his hundreds of his American workers out of a job—there was a massive selloff of Bed Bath & Beyond stock tanking their value by 36%—and protesters were outside (and inside) their stores the very next day screaming about it and passing out flyers against the Big Box beatdown of Lindell.

(Getty Images)-black, white, hispanic & asian conservatives said ‘enough of this nonsense’ and turned on the retailers instead

Kohls Department Stores also stopped selling Mike Lindell’s pillows, so protesters organised to cut up and mail in their credit cards—tens of thousands of them—with organised letters saying they would never shop at Kohls Stores again.

And guess what?  People have begun ordering My Pillow direct from Mike Lindell, online—and his sales are going up instead of down, while Bed, Bath & Beyond is having to close many of its outlets.

Remember our campaign against Gillette razors back in 2019?  We cost them $8 billion and got an apology!

Gillette started running anti-man ads promoting transgender agendas—which was braindead, right?  Your customer base is 90+% men who like being that way, and you decide to target and shame them?

But as with others who turn on their own customers in service to the mob–we decided it was time make them pay dearly for that betrayal.

So, on August 11, 2019, we started our ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ campaign and published it in these August pages under the headline, “Gillette Cuts its own Throat” (one of Harry’s better headlines, in my opinion).

$8 billion in losses later, Gillette australia apologised and stopped running anti-man/pro transgender ads

Now we’re taking it to the Wall Street fat cats

I spent many years in the financial industry and can tell you it is rigged better than a casino.  It’s designed so the house always wins.

But this week, a group of small investors and day-traders who share info on Reddit had another idea.

Many if not most of them grew up playing computer games, which they would buy, sell or trade at Game Stop—a retail chain they loved.

The Wall Street oligarchs targeted Game Stop’s stock and began shorting it, intentionally driving down the price of its stock.

“Shorting” is where you sell shares you don’t own at today’s price, expecting it to go down, where you can buy the shares to cover your short at a lower price, putting the difference in your pocket.

As my old partner, famous trader, Lewis Borsellino used to say when we were interviewing fund managers, “I want to know how you buy low and sell high—and I don’t care which you do first.”

But the Reddit Gang also said “No” to the Wall Street tyrants this week and started buying shares instead—millions of shares in small quantities—driving the price up….way up.

By Tuesday of the Deplorables revolution against the Wall Street riggers of the system, Bob Pisani of CNBC reported, “Short sellers are down $91 billion in January as GameStop leads squeeze in stocks they bet against.”

$91 billion is some serious cash for anyone–but the bastards just bailed themselves out from our pension funds from what I’m hearing–so we still might lose in the long run with people like Fauxahontas Warren and the Democrats running interference for the Oligarchs in Washington.

It was reported that Biden’s people called Robinhood from the White House to put the fix in for mega-donor Oligarchs (who gave zero to Trump, by the way).

So we need to appeal to State leaders to stop the steal by filing suit against the interlopers as long as the beneficiaries of the riggers are in the White House.

Yes. The Marxist cabal pulled together to save the Oligarchs from the pitchfork crowd—halting buying—but not selling

The unspeakable hubris of the cabal is beyond the pale this time.  By only allowing clients to sell—intended to force the price lower—the brokers protected their own while doing violence to small traders—their own customers.

From the Biden usurpers in the White House to the brokers who fund the Democrat Marxists, the whole herd came together to save the billionaires and oligarchs from the Deplorables as always.

“We can’t have the little guys getting ahead, now can we?”

But some gutsy folks are fighting back, like Dave Williams, Colorado Representative from House District 15

Rep. Williams said, “forcing regular hardworking citizens to cover the losses of billionaire Wall Street speculators is heartless, un-American, and deserves the strongest possible response from public officials like us.”

Dave Portnoy, the Barstool Sports pundit who is also a day trader, jumped on board against the Robinhood CEO who folded to the Wall Street gangsters by halting buying of GameStop shares and said, “Everybody on Wall Street who had a hand in today’s crime needs to go to prison.”

After singling out Robinhood—the trading platform most of the Reddit group uses for buying and selling also halted the buying of the shares to protect the oligarchs in a short position—Portnoy said, Robinhood was “the biggest fraud of them all” and said the company’s executives should be in jail.

Portnoy is not just sports for the little guy anymore

The battle lines are drawn and it’s us against them

From rigged elections to rigged financial markets, we’ve been plundered by the Left for long enough.

They steal our elections through lies, fraud and manipulation.

They steal our wealth in a rigged financial system run by the big banks we’re forced to bail out each decade to a stock market that can literally be shut down to protect the gangsters when they’re on the bad side of a trade.

They try to destroy us when we speak up for what’s right or against what’s wrong.

When we let our fellow citizens get ‘cancelled’ without standing up, we condone it.

When Democrats like Elizabeth Warren threaten ‘investigations’ into the Reddit group rather than the oligarchs who finance her, we’re letting the wrong people get punished–and the wrong people are in power.

So let’s start doing some punishing ourselves.

We’re going to do some ‘cancel culture’ of our own.

We need to change out our politicians like dirty underwear and learn to form our own power bases to rise up in unison against those who silence us, savage us, attack our beliefs, our religions, our nations and our cultures.

Step on one of our toes, and we all come together to make that an expensive choice for the stepper.

We’re not taking it any more.

We need to start at our school board and city council level—take them over and fix them, while taking back our cultures from the bottom to the top.

We need to run for office.  Thousands of Democrats walked away with offices in 2020 unchallenged (29 Democrats in my home state of Virginia are now in the legislature) simply because the inept Republicans didn’t even bother to field a candidate.

Don’t let lazy leaders cost us any more.  If no one is running for mayor, or a state office, you do it.  Put your name in the hat and show up to win.

We can’t keep taking this lying down and we certainly can’t wait on someone else to fix it. 

It’s up to us now. They mess with one of us, we all make them pay in unison. In the meantime, we fix our broken election system by getting elected ourselves.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post