They can’t stuff this genie back in the bottle now.  It’s out there for the entire world to see, and it’s just as President Trump said – “The election was stolen.”

Time Magazine’s Molly Ball even did an exposé on how the liberals did it, including Norm Eisen–the Colour Revolution expert’s part–and the joining of hands of Big Business and Big Labour to destroy Trump.

They’ve gone from denying it (until the inauguration) to now bragging about how they did it!

The cover-up by U.S. Government agencies and the Democrat Party’s complicity in the crimes from local Election Boards to the White House is now beyond question – and can only be described as outright treason.

REAL TIME TRACKING OF HACKERS switching votes on election night—with their  IP and LOCATION—proving china and others installed Xi’s puppet, Joe Biden, not the American voters

The useless FBI has been sitting on this knowledge of Dominion Voting Systems’ ability to ‘switch’, add, subtract and fabricate votes since 2015, according to the cyber experts in this piece who gave them proof six years hence.

We encourage everyone in every nation concerned with Marxist tinkering in elections to watch this amazing documentary, Absolute Proof, to see how it may have happened in your country or anywhere that uses this method.

The documentary was taken down immediately by the CCP’s partners in American Media (both Social and Un-Social) within minutes of posting, but is still on Mike Lindell’s site at

Absolute Proof (

Thousands of pages show each ‘switch’, addition and deletion of ballots—from Trump to Biden—with IP address & city

For those who did not watch the film (yet), this is the data tracking each foreign hack of election servers and Dominion machines across the nation on the day of the American election (November 3rd) – and beyond.

That’s right.  They were still switching, adding and deleting votes well after the election to ensure that the winner with almost 80 million votes – Donald J. Trump – lost to a CCP puppet who got 68 million votes, many (if not most) from illegal or dead voters.

That’s what the CCP and Iran did, but what about the local traitors involved?

Good point, and as now proven – and accepted by a court in Northern Michigan, despite the lies by CCP media and Democrat Marxists to the contrary – the Dominion machines were responsible.

Don’t worry, Nurse Ratched – the forensic report released by a court said it, so Dominion will have to sue the judge and attorney, not us.

The case in question was filed by attorney Matthew DePerno against Antrim County on behalf of a disenfranchised citizen, Bill Bailey, whose vote was voided by Democrat/Dominion fraud.

The master tabulator and CF program cards along with thumb drives were ordered by the court to be made available for review under ‘discovery’.

Data was captured by forensic and data collection experts (Allied Security Operations Group), proving that the chain of custody was completely tampered with – as the Dominion manual describes and tells the user how to do – proving Dominion Voting Systems’ President to have lied to the Michigan Senate, when he said this was not possible.

Attorney DePerno filed a motion on December 14th asking for the court’s permission to release the forensics report to the public and the motion was granted – so it is all now of public record – Antrim Michigan Forensics Report, Revised Preliminary Summary, v.2.

That’s where the local fraud comes in.  For example, there were 1,222 ballots reversed out of just 1,491 votes cast in this small overwhelmingly Republican county – an 81.96% ‘rejection’ rate.

So what happens then?  The Dominion system and its software allowed the locals to ‘adjudicate’ the ballots – which in this Republican county meant, switching them from Trump to Biden – as the data now proves.

The average error rate of Dominion machines in the six states where fraud has now been proven averages 68%, meaning the local Democrat election officials decided the vote instead of the voters in two out of every three cases.

So why haven’t we heard about this? 

I think you know the answer to that.  The Democrat-controlled media and Marxist-leaning Tech Tyrants who protect them squashed this – until now.

Here is precisely how it was done

The data proves that that in Michigan alone, between 3:30-5:00 a.m. the day after the election, 200,000 mail-in ballots were ‘found’ and they were all for Biden.  In fact, we have a new video showing the drop hours after the election was over.

The Mark Zuckerberg funded vote switching site in Detroit (TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall) and others had a little problem, you see. 

They had faked and counted Biden ballots multiple times, creating more votes than voters. Same thing happened in Milwaukee, WI, where the Democrat operatives pushed the votes in 71 precincts beyond the number of actual voters by as much as 350%

No fraud there, right?

So they had to dump in fabricated physical ballots created for this potential problem, which were trucked in after the election centre was closed.

Ballots were produced for the fraud states in a variety of ways preparing for election night, which we’ve covered. 

They were purchased from China for the fraud by the State of Georgia (as filmed by Patrick Byrne), trucked in from New York to Pennsylvania (as reported by the driver of the truck), produced by Skinny Joe Merino’s gang in Philadelphia (for three days after the election, as reported) and so on, but we have the steal in Michigan on tape now as you just saw.

So exactly how did the locals ‘switch’ votes already cast?

I’m glad you asked, and rather than tell you, you can watch for yourself.

Misty Marten, Election Official in Coffee County, Georgia, actually showed her election board what the Democrats were doing in Atlanta – on film – after Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, lied to the world and said this was impossible, though Dominion’s user manual describes in detail how to do it.

Go to minute 3:21 so you don’t have to watch the whole thing–but it’s worth a watch, if for nothing else but to hear real Southern accents.

Misty Marten demonstrates voter fraud to officials

So why would Georgia Secretary of State, Raffensberger lie?

It is now proven fact that Brad Raffensberger ordered $107 million of these machines from Dominion Voting Systems at the last moment before the 2020 election.

He did so without the required authorisation from the Georgia legislature or testing – making that act illegal on two fronts.

And Georgia’s equally corrupt Governor, Bruce Kemp, was in on the scam with Raffensberger – both of them RINO Republicans! 

In fact, according to Paul Sperry of The Spectator, Kemp’s Chief of Staff, Jared Thomas, “was hired by Dominion salesman Barry Herron”.

How ‘bout them bulldogs, Jared?  hope University of Georgia got some of that Dominion commission

Lots of money sloshed around in this deal, but hey, what’s $107 million of taxpayer money if you never have to worry about re-election ever again? 

Winning forever is part of the Dominion deal it seems – though kickbacks are also alleged.

Here’s what must now happen in America

Marx’s Mainstream media has lied to cover up the truth and its Engels branch of Tech Tyrants have played Whack-a-mole relentlessly to crush evidence of election fraud, but it’s now beyond their reach.

Mike Lindell set up his own servers to prevent de-platforming and millions have already watched his documentary Absolute Proof, which was only released hours ago.

If my inbox is any indicator, this evidence is spreading via e-mail like pediculosis pubis in a one-toilet third-world bordello.

President Trump did, in fact, invoke The Insurrection Act on January 9th, and triggered Executive Order 13848 signed September 12, 2018 in a public speech before leaving office – FACTS.

Between these two actions, all assets of those who participated in the now-proven election interference by foreign powers their domestic individual/institutional co-conspirators are to be seized and forfeited, including any who hold them on behalf of the traitors.

This puts the assets of all national Democrats, owners and executives of Dominion and related companies, and most local election officials in at least six states (likely most from looking at the data sheets) – as well as banks and institutions holding their assets – in jeopardy of arrest by the military for treason.

The media who promoted the lie that it didn’t happen – and its ugly twin sister Tech Tyrants who funded and suppressed the legal vote (like Zuckerberg’s $400 million for the vote-switching centres in major Democrat cities) – have left their fortunes exposed to seizure and their lives potentially in the hands of military tribunals.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the President gave over his authority as Chief Executive to the military to deal with the traitors, their trials before tribunals (not civilian courts) and their disposition – i.e. punishment – which has historically been delivered at the end of a rope.

Does that mean Trump is coming back?

I don’t know, but under the law, he should have that choice.  Once the traitors are dealt with, the military in charge of ending the insurrection are required to hand power back over to the civilian executive.

But after reviewing the evidence for yourselves, who would that be?

Would it be a usurper now proven to have won by foreign election interference on his behalf – a crime of treason – or the guy who was elected by a historic 11 million margin of American voters?

Trump will be smart and let the courts decide now that the evidence is so overwhelming and beyond dispute, I’m quite sure.  He’s in no hurry.

But this can simply no longer be ignored by the courts – and 30 cases are still headed that way, again, in spite of media lies to the contrary claiming they’ve all been dismissed.  They haven’t–like the case and evidence before the court in Antrim County, Michigan.

The issue should be put to the Supreme Court to end any question of President Trump’s legitimacy as winner and I suspect that is where one of these cases goes from here.

Will Trump take office again?  I don’t know.  

He’s been so abused – and it’s been less than a week since a 7 mm Remington magnum round was stopped by the (newly-installed)  bullet-proof glass of his Mar-A-Lago bedroom – 23 feet above the ground.

But Donald Trump is a fighter, and it looks like things are turning his way. 

Monday morning, the criminals who were part of the treason with the CCP, Iran and others will be putting Donald Trump on trial in the U.S. Senate – where no civilian out of office can be impeached or tried.

So, it will go nowhere, but the Marxist traitors may have sealed their own fate with this latest fraud on the people and their favourite president.

The Democrat’s post-presidency Impeachment #2 is a fraud in itself as you can read – it’s a movie script without a shred of evidence and no mention that their own Antifa/BLM stormtroopers led the charge on the Capitol building January 6th – while Trump supporters were a mile away listening to his speech.

The hapless FBI has even admitted it was pre-planned by a panoply of groups raising the question if they knew that, why was no one prepared–unless they all wanted violence (mostly by actors) to smear Trump?

But by making these allegations that President Trump’s claims of election tampering and fraud are lies, the scum perpetrating this hoax open themselves not only to rebuttal as required by the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but cross-examination of his accusers – and their having to sit through days of real evidence, now available for all to see.

Thanks to private citizen, Mike Lindell, we now have ‘the receipts’

As the recent election proves, about half of my countrymen have been brainwashed by Marxist teachers and cultural icons of the rottenest sort, but they still have that grain of fairness in their heart and soul, I believe.

When they see what you just saw from the well of the U.S. Senate on C-SPAN live, the jig is up for the Marxists and their media.

Our Senators can’t claim to not know of this hard evidence any longer if they vote to convict in an illegal proceeding – and that in and of itself would be a crime on their part to do so.

A decision will then be ripe for the Supreme Court to determine the winner of the fraudulent election – unable to dodge their duty any longer either.

It is then incumbent upon the military to act against the domestic traitors and foreign actors who compromised our most precious of institutions – free and fair elections.

I’m betting on hundreds if not thousands of arrests nationwide, every military lawyer on the planet preparing for quick tribunals – and every hangman left in the world suddenly being in high demand.

Then – either President Trump will be inaugurated for his rightfully won Second Term – or the military will hold new elections under their dominion rather than that of domestic traitors colluding with America’s enemies, including the CCP.

Once settled, it will be time to take down the CCP for its crimes against humanity (Wuhan virus) and trying to steal my nation in a rigged vote for their puppet, Joe Biden.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post