After losing in the lower court, Defendants Gates, Soros and Rockefeller, et al appealed—and they just lost

The three judge panel of the Chicha & Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber in Peru found that “Bill Gates, George Soros, and several members of the Rockefeller family were deemed responsible for the advent and spread of the Chinese virus.”

Judges Tito Gallego, Luis Legia, and Tony Changarei unanimously concluded from the evidence that Bill Gates, George Soros, and the Rockefellers (who gave us the UN and Federal Reserve)— were referred to as part of “a criminal elite that rules the world,” and deemed guilty of these criminal offences.

Criminals, no doubt, but will they ever be punished? Unlikely as you did not even hear of the trial did you? But they should be punished for their crimes against humanity

This is not something new—it goes back to The Club of Rome, 1972

We reported about this group and their evil intentions on March 5th, 2020 as part 3 of a series on The Carbon Hoax: Ruling the world with a big lie.

As far back as 1971, the founders of The Club of Rome, admittedly designed a number of ‘enemies’ to invent as cause for our elimination.

Elitists believe there are too many of us—but just the right number of them. Here are Gates’ father, Soros, Rockefeller— and Dr. Fauci, their virus guru— receiving ‘philanthropy’ awards way back in 2001

Sir Alexander King wrote, “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill….All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.”

“The real enemy then,” King added, “is humanity itself.” (The Limits of Growth-1971)

So how many of ‘us’ do these Elites plan on killing?

I’ll let another Club of Rome founding member, Ted Turner, (also billionaire founder of CNN) answer.

Ted bounces between 80-95%, which is over 6.5 billion of ‘us’ to be eliminated.

And these evil demons planned this 50 years ago

Their original plan of ‘global warming’ as excuse back in 1972 was at the end of a thirty year cooling trend. But what they also knew, they were just on the cusp of a turn to warmer temps based on the Milankovitch precession model.

Milankovitch’s cycle proved temperatures would rise until about 2010—enough time to frighten the world into voluntarily submission to their plan (they thought)—but enough people woke up to stop them instead

Yes. A funny thing happened on the way to mass euthanasia—the world started cooling again and not one of their dire predictions had come true.

Not even one—and they all bought multi-million dollar beach mansions as proof they had been lying to us for 50 years.

So, they went to plan B—the youngsters (Fauci and Gates) created a deadly virus…with an even deadlier cure

As we told you with certainty just weeks into this ‘pandemic’ from our sources in China, the virus escaped a P-4 lab in Wuhan—which was funded with millions from the NIH, a U.S. Government agency—under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci, a co-owner of the patents on both the disease, testing equipment and cure. 

That’s right. You probably won’t hear that on CNN–but the patents are public record, as disclosed by Dr. Judy Mikovits on multiple interviews (here’s her latest- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ9ccx0SFhU)

We assumed this ‘gain-of-function’ Covid disease was accidentally leaked from the P-4 lab as no one would be that evil, but after the conviction of Gates, Soros and Rockefeller(s), it now appears it was not only intentional but well-planned.

Gates, et al, actually war-gamed the virus’s release on October 18, 2019 with the United Nations, The World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation in New York when the Wuhan virus was still in a test tube. (https://gematriaeffect.news/event-201-october-18-2019-coronavirus-patient-zero-december-12-2019-johns-hopkins-and-bill-melinda-gates-foundation/)

World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation called it ‘Event 201’

Interesting timing, no? Normal people would call this ‘evidence’ of their impending crime.

So, they war-game it in mid-October, the disease is released (or ‘escaped’) in November, cases show up in December, and Communist China holds a super spreader event of 40,000 families in Wuhan in January, then sends them all over the world from Hubei province—to Italy, Spain, USA, Canada and all points non-Chinese.

‘Shit happens’ doesn’t cover such a well-programmed event.

The only place no Wuhan residents were allowed to travel was within China–as we reported when it was happening–showing the highways literally being cut in two to prevent escape.

But the vaccine is here, so all is well, right?

Wrong.  First of all, this is not a ‘vaccine’ as it does not produce antibodies.  A vaccine is created by growing the disease in a lab, weakening it to the point of not being deadly with just enough pieces of the pathogen to force the body to respond and prompt the immune system to pre-defend against it.

The Gates/Fauci Franken-drug is an MRNA (Messenger RNA) operating system that tells the body to create certain ‘spike’ proteins which make fundamental changes to every cell in the body over a period of weeks as they naturally replicate with the new DNA program.

It’s like software.  Who could ever think of that? 

Maybe the Microsoft guy?  Yeah.  We think so.  He’s brilliant—but he’s also evil—as we’ve also reported in the Jeffrey Epstein logs. 

Let me repeat—Gates is evil.

Gates and Fauci call this an ‘antibody dependent enhancement’ system, which has been many years in development and has been extensively tested on ferrets, cats, and other animals.

So how did those tests work out?  Good, right?

Well, according to the Gates/Soros/Rockefeller plan, they worked great.

Every single animal thus far has died of sepsis or cardiac arrest when exposed to an actual SARS-Covid virus—so now it’s being forced on us by Governments who are knowingly or unknowingly complicit in the crime—without the requisite or required human testing.

Sounds crazy, right?  Please go back and read Harry’s article from February 2nd or watch this video.

For those who did not read or watch, this is Dr. Lee Merritt. Her resumé is longer than a Central American caravan to Biden’s America, and she’ll explain how the vaccine will kill you slowly but not-so-softly—like a Trojan Horse.

When the next SARS-Covid comes to town, vaccinated humans will quickly expire, so do watch it sometime, please.

When your overlords demand you take the Gates/Fauci ‘vaccine’, simply ask them how it creates antibodies. And if the rule says you must take the ‘vaccine’ you can refuse because it isn’t one.

They can’t make you, because it’s not what they are requiring.  Moderna’s own statement says that it is not a ‘vaccine’.  Their website admits it is a biological ‘operating system’.

So, what happens if you do take Gates/Fauci OS 2.0?

When the real thing comes along, your immune system will not recognise a SARS-Covid disease as a threat or defend against it as the pathogen protein is already in every cell—put there and replicate by their re-programming of your DNA.

Bizarre, no? The MRNA has made Covid normal in your body rather than preventing it.

So when Covid 21 comes along, your body will be quickly overwhelmed and die, because your immune system was never signaled.  It was silenced by the shot.

But Dr. Fauci said ‘herd immunity’ would stop it!

Yep.  CDC’s original estimate was 6-23% of us getting it would cause herd immunity to kick in, remember?

Then we were told by many, 60%, 70% and as of yesterday, ‘The Fauc’ upped it to 90% who need the vaccine—the same number of us they want to kill.

Also, buried in the MSM garbage, was a piece where Fauci now says, “Vaccination of the children is the key to herd immunity.”

You got that?  The children who Fauci said rarely get it or transmit it?

Now these evil bastards want to shoot them up with their MRNA operating system?  (hat tip Bannon’s War Room Episode 703, as I had not heard that until today)

This is where this must stop.  The Gates/Fauci approach to a disease is an experimental biological agent that prevents natural protection, not a vaccine.

Any who take it—by force or choice—will face dire consequences or death upon the appearance of Covid-20, 21, 22, and so on.

Do you understand?  Why do you think it’s called Covid-19?  Do you think it is the first?  Hell no, it’s number 19!

Their rapidly produced Franken-drug does not produce antibodies, so it is criminal to describe it as a vaccine—and no one can force you to take a ‘vaccine’ that is not one.

Dr. Simone Gold of American Frontline Doctors (AFLD) warns that the disease can be deadly (though getting less so with every host through which it passes) and the only effective treatments are also preventatives like Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Vitamin D, Ivermectin—all proven means.  

Check out, AFLDS.com for a complete list of real treatments.

In reality, the wheels of the Gates/Fauci show have come off and it is a wreck

The Daily Mail asks:

“Why ARE COVID cases plummeting? New infections have fallen 45% in the US and 30% globally in the past 3 weeks but experts say vaccine is NOT the main driver because only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose.”

And I would add that the vaccine will only increase the death rate from a simple reading of the its designed mechanism which shuts down immunity to future Covid-SARS outbreaks and mutations.

The world is waking up to these demons who steal our elections, want us dead with preplanned pandemics and vaccines that ensure our eventual demise, leaving the planet with ‘them’ and just enough of us to serve them–and the courageous appeals court in Peru has outed them.

This is far from the first time evil men turned to mass genocide to achieve their warped vision–it’s just the worst. These satanic oafs are not seeking to eliminate a race of genetic weakness, they’re trying to remove all but enough of ‘us’ to feed and serve ‘them’.

I see the results of such wicked megalomania every day here in Warsaw, Poland, as the markers are on every block.

September 2, 1944. on this spot, 13 Polish patriot’s blood was spilled by the hands of Hitler’s occupants

Do you understand what they are doing?  Instead of shooting us in the back of the head like Soros’ fellow Nazis did on my block here in Warsaw in the 40s, they rob us of our immunity to natural diseases and leave us to die ‘of natural causes’.

In my humble opinion, there is no difference between what Soros, Gates, Fauci, and the Rockefeller scum have done and what Adolf Hitler did to us 75 years ago, except having the courage to pull the trigger and live with it.

They incubated their own Auschwitz in a beaker via a Fauci-financed facility in Wuhan, China, so they could sell billions of infection units with the ultimate goal of killing all but those who would survive to be their serfs.

Here’s the formula for survival—believe nothing that comes from most governments, from mainstream media, or from their own ‘experts’.

I’ll bet a beer to a bottle of single-malt it’s a lie if they say it.

So, what will they do now that’s it’s going away like every other flu?

Maybe because the perps—Gates, Soros and Rockefellers—have been convicted for this crime and they know the jig is up?

So here are my three T’s Mates:

  • Turn off the telly
  • Turf out the political sports who took money to do this to us, and
  • Think for your damn selves

Nothing they say is true, and until President Trump is restored, nothing is real.

Things are happening.  That’s all I can say, except don’t take this Franken-drug until you see what comes to pass over the coming weeks.

Many of these people may already be in custody, but thanks to Peru for being the one nation with the courage to stem this evil by officially convicting a few of them.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post