A perverse union of globalist billionaires, Marxists, and violent thugs target the middle class to destroy America (photo-Opinion Watcher)

Even Karl Marx might be apoplectic.

People richer than entire nations have merged efforts with corrupt politicians and violent Marxist thugs to destroy what makes America great – its middle class.

Step One – Destroy the best paying jobs

Right out of the box, Beijing Biden attacked the Energy Sector (in overt violation of his campaign promises) and shut down the border wall project.

While Democrat Marxists scream ‘infrastructure projects’ when out of power, they cancelled the two biggest such projects on Day One after sweeping the table in a rigged election.

Not even counting all the makers of the products that go into walls and pipelines, those who deliver them, and support workers, Biden cost 10,500 highly paid people actually working on the wall their jobs on Day One. The XL Keystone Pipeline cancellation is far worse.  Far, far worse.

Including secondary support jobs, estimates are as high as 83,000 high-paying blue collar jobs cancelled on Biden’s first day

Add in his fracking ban as well as his promised climate change regulations (as I shiver at -8 degrees after 8 straight days of snow) and the estimate is millions of lost jobs – good paying jobs – in the infrastructure and energy sectors alone on his first day as fake president.

As a result, estimates are that gasoline – at $2.00 per gallon under Trump – will be $4.00 per gallon by summer. (Source- Share to Save America).

While that may be a high (and early) estimate, in the long run it will be much higher and worse once his anti-energy regulations are in place.

Step Two – Kill entry level jobs with $15/hr minimum wage

Even the Democratically-controlled Congressional Budget Office admits this will cost 1.4 million of America’s lowest level employees their jobs.

Never before in history has the imposition of an involuntary minimum wage resulted in a positive for an economy.  It only ends up costing jobs for the most vulnerable instead of creating them, while raising a nation’s deficit as tax-paying wage-earners become government dependents.

As the world stands on the precipice of robotisation of many menial tasks, this will only act to shove the most vulnerable over the cliff with no way back up the hill.  Those jobs will be gone forever.

Step Three – Flood the borders with cheap labour and stop the deportations of violent criminal aliens

This is a ‘two-for’.  Stop deporting murderers and rapists to satisfy the marxist globalists, while bringing in cheap labour for big business billionaires and their wall street backers

Biden did both before he could find his first grope (but yes, he is reported to have already groped his White House ‘nurse’ so it didn’t take long).

11,000 Hondurans are already on the way who “hope Biden will be different from Trump administration.

Yahoo spun this as a negative for Trump and a positive for “Tio Joe” Marxists, but that won’t float with the 11,000 legal migrants and Americans who will lose their jobs to these illegal invaders.

Citizens and legal immigrants will then be forced to support them, their children and eventually their relatives in government give-away programs, which Democrat policies favour over those offered to actual citizens.

“Tio Joe” and marxists love migrants far more than Americans

Step Four – Grant America’s enemies access to power grid and education – to steal technology, indoctrinate & destroy

President Trump banned CCP Confucius Institutes promoting Communism and anti-American thought at public universities, while also limiting access to U.S. laboratories and technically advanced centres of education where America’s technology is regularly stolen by Chinese spies.

But Beijing ☭ Biden is giving handler Xi all the tools needed to take down America without firing a shot.  Trump’s limits on access to U.S. technology are being reversed, and bans on Confucius Institutes removed.

Perhaps worse, Trump’s policy forbidding CCP companies being imbedded in America’s power-grid infrastructure were also reversed  – but not by Executive Order this time. 

It was done by sleight of hand. As Megan Fox of PJ Media reports, “Press Secretary Dodges on Why Biden Revoked Rule Protecting U.S. Power Grid From China.”

National pulse headline, “Beijing ☭ Biden Quietly Revokes Trump’s Ban On Chinese Communist Propaganda In Schools” and is allowing the infiltration now not only at university level, but k-12

The hapless Biden Press Secretary, Jen Psaki was stumped by the question and promised to “circle back on that,” but won’t.  The question itself shocked even the Leftwing press pool – as they did not know about it.

What will the press corps do without their Starbucks lattes and Twitter when the CCP puts out the lights?  Now it’s getting serious!

But the danger is very real. One Electromagnetic Pulse weapon inserted into the grid by a Chinese contractor or supplier could completely disable most of America’s energy network, shutting down the nation for months.

Why Beijing ☭ Biden and his new Energy Czar – former presidential rival, Pete Buttigieg – reversed that policy, leaving the nation vulnerable to an EMP – or worse, remains unanswered, but there is only one explanation.

Remember in ocean’s 11, when Don Cheadle shut down the grid in Vegas with a small emp?  They’re real and available

Shutting down America appears to be their goal – or at least giving the nation’s enemies leverage to seek a peaceful surrender.

I’ve got to stop there as this is already more than I can handle without getting ill or angry

And it’s not just because the bastards are destroying the amazing middle class that was the envy of the world and acted as an anchor against radicalism – it’s the longer-range dangers that keep me awake at night.

Beijing ☭ Biden and his gender-confused Marxists are setting the stage to return my home nation to constant wars and conflicts while making it vulnerable to attack from within – all to benefit its enemies.

By intentionally destroying the energy sector – they are also (intentionally) destroying any hopes of American competitiveness in the world.

This and their so-called ‘green new deal’ are designed to turn the middle class into just another group of poor propertyless proletarians, ripe for harvest into their Marxist paradise.

They’re no longer hiding it.  Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden released a 110-page strategy manifesto last year that no one in the mainstream media bothered to read, but it was real.

The section at the end on immigration reform is particularly shocking.

By giving hostile foreign actors direct access to our already vulnerable power grid, the nation can also be taken down with a single pulse.

Further, America will now be returned to the miasma of Middle East conflicts as it was after the fuel crisis in the 1970s, which led to terrorism, wars, liaisons with dictators and evil rulers – as I believe is the Globalists’ plan today.

To ensure conflict, Beijing ☭ Biden just announced he is re-joining the braindead Iran deal so that evil nation can finish its nuclear weapons program – which was stopped cold by outsider, President Trump.

This will all but guarantee another world war to satisfy the industrial war complex and Globalists.

Americans should get ready for what comes in the wake of losing our energy independence – shortages, shutdowns and death.

Hours for just 10 gallons back in 1973—thanks to loss of energy independence at the hands of foolish national leaders

Meanwhile, this doddering old fool, Biden, is giving his handler Xi all the tools needed to take down America from within by indoctrinating its youth on the wonders of Communism – starting in kindergarten – while ending my home-nation’s self reliance.

Beijing ☭ Biden and the Bolsheviks are not only turning off the spigot to America’s energy and independence, they are taking my home nation into their Dark Winter without consent of the populace.

That so far, is the only promise these sick people appear willing to keep.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post