Florida governor was the first to say it out loud, but others are taking actions to stop Biden and his Bolsheviks from destroying America

Hat tip to Michael Baxter, for getting a copy of the transcript of the call where Beijing Biden threatened to “restrict movement” of people in and out of Florida on a phone call with Governor Ron DeSantis.

Biden had Deep State virus hack, Dr. Anthony Fauci, on the call as well as CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky. 

They took turns pressuring the one man who has done the best job of any governor in America on Fauci’s virus, ordering him to shut down his state and bow to their unconstitutional mandates.

“I will not comply,” Governor DeSantis told the White House thugs, repeating, “Florida absolutely will not comply.”

He added, “Instituting a travel ban or restriction of movement would be a gross example of federal overreach with no grounding in law or science. We have Covid-19 in check, and you’re trying to exert unlawful authority over our state and its people.”

According to the transcript, Biden then threatened the Governor of Florida, saying he would withhold federal funding and deny Florida access to Covid-19 vaccinations if he didn’t lock down his State’s economy.

That is called extortion in most circles, but Democrats are exempt from the law as we’ve seen.  After selling out to China for $1.5 billion and raping Ukraine and other nations for family gains with no penalty, why worry?

But when Biden’s threats fell on fearless ears, he went with his go-to schtick, “C’mon, man, Florida needs our help, and you need vaccines, which are hard to come by, isn’t that right, Dr. Fauci?”

Perhaps the only man on the planet in line to benefit more from a virus with his name on the patent than Bill Gates is Dr. Anthony Fauci and Governor DeSantis called him out on it.

“How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci?  And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorise the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians,” warned the Governor.

“Address me as Mr. President or President Biden,” Biden said.

“I will not, and you can go fuck yourself,” DeSantis said before hanging up on the fake president, setting the standard for how others should deal with the illegitimate scum sitting in the office lawfully won by Trump.

And that’s just the start of the fireworks, folks

Keep in mind that there is no executive power in the constitution to legislate yet each “executive order” in the stack is just that

It’s heating up fast now the Beijing Biden has sicked his Marxist corruptocrats on We the People – and I predict it will not end well for him or them.

So, let’s start small and go from there

Little Newton County, Missouri threw down big-time with Beijing Biden when one of his illegal ‘Executive Orders’ trashing the Second Amendment rights of the people was signed, and they’re not taking it.

Under the Constitution, the ultimate power is actually the local sheriff.  His/her duty is not to a political party but to protect constituents from criminals as well as overstep by State and Federal thugs who exceed their lawful authority.

Newton County’s Commissioners passed a bill on February 3rd that blocks and authorises the sheriff to arrest any federal officials who try to implement Beijing Biden’s attempts to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.

The “Second Amendment Preservation Act of Newton County Missouri” declares that “all federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations passed by the federal government and specifically any Presidential Administration whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in the county.”

Next – the Dakotas, Both North and South are bucking Beijing Biden

According to a Red State article entitled New Bills in North and South Dakota Would Allow the State to Ignore Executive Orders From Biden.

As example, Representative Tom Kading, introduced House Bill 1164, which requires the state’s attorney general to review Beijing Biden’s illegal legislation from the White House “to determine if it complies with the Constitution.” The bill says:

The legislative management may review any executive order issued by the president of the United States which has not been affirmed by a vote of the Congress of the United States and signed into law as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and recommend to the attorney general and the governor that the executive order be further reviewed. Upon recommendation from the legislative management, the attorney general shall review the executive order to determine the constitutionality of the order and whether the state should seek an exemption from the application of the order or seek to have the order declared to be an unconstitutional exercise of legislative authority by the president.

This is the legislative equivalent of Governor DeSantis’s retort, ‘Go fuck yourself, Joe’.

And how about Beijing Biden’s attempts to destroy America’s energy sector?

That’s not going down well – if at all. 

We’ve already covered Texas which is voting this fall to leave the United States and return to its former status as a sovereign nation (The Republic of Texas) as authorised by that State’s constitution.

The likelihood of Texas giving up its black gold for a godless bunch of Commies is about as likely as their giving up their guns and borders, so they’re planning to call it quits unless the elected leader of The United States is restored to power soon.

But it’s not just Texas, it’s neighbouring Oklahoma as well – another energy powerhouse – which will not be forced back to dustbowl farming.

Unlike Biden’s unconstitutional ‘executive orders’ this one at state level defending against federal overreach is legal

Oklahoma’s Governor, Keith Stitt, issued his own Executive Order to nullify Beijing Biden’s, “that makes a recent Executive Order by Biden of no effect to the State of Oklahoma.”

So, who’s up for ending Biden’s fake mask ‘thingy’?

Iowa’s Governor, Kim Reynolds, has had enough of the BS (Biden Stuff) – and not only ended Biden’s unconstitutional mask mandate, but more.

In one Emergency Proclamation she:

  • Ended mask mandates
  • Ended limits on public gatherings
  • Ended restrictions on restaurants and bars – no limits
As momma used to say, “sometimes the best man for the job is a good woman.” You go, girl. Maybe you can teach courage to some of the RINO girly men who’ve lost their man parts

But what about the guns?  Biden swore to take them too!

OK.  The States will have that under control as well.  Utah just showed the others how to do it.

While Beijing Biden thinks he’s disarming the Land of the Free to make it easier for his Bolsheviks and Xi to take over, his will is being undone – again, locally – where almost all Constitutional power actually resides.

Put it in your purse or on your hip.  It’s your right in America and not even Beijing Biden and his brownshirts can take it away

That’s right.  Governor Spencer Cox of the sovereign State of Utah just signed a bill making gun permits illegal.

In case you’re confused on that one, Utah says the Second Amendment’s wording that ‘the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’ actually means what it says, so no ‘permit’ can be required.

This law states that anyone over the age of 21 has the right to carry a weapon (concealed or not) without any permit.

Bad news for Beijing Biden’s new mandate for all gun bearers to be registered to make it easier to disarm the public before the putsch.

But what about Biden’s Tech Tyrants and Free Speech?

I am so glad you brought that up!  That’s why America’s Founders made Freedom of Speech Bill of Rights Numero Uno.

Without the right to speak freely our other rights have minimal value, and sovereign States like Florida (once again, under “Fuck you, Joe” Governor DeSantis) leads the way with a $100,000 per day fine for Tech Tyrants who suppress conservatives.

Nebraska, Texas, Wyoming, Arizona and others are jumping on board as well – costing the Bolshevik Tech Tyrants billions every day they continue shutting down Conservative voices.

North Dakota is even prohibiting big tech from selling individual data (their profit model) – with a $100 k fine for each offence!

Wonderful article at the Epoch Times on this that should be read which in essence points out the States that are making this a priority.

Via various pieces of legislation, these States are outlawing the moderation of speech to support Democrat Marxists – as well as the selling of one’s data and use of it to profit – without each individual’s express permission.

While national Bolseviks under Beijing Biden make silencing us a priority, the Republic is fighting back.

Texas State Senator Bryan Hughes who proposed his State’s legislation quite rightly said:

“Right now, we have an oligarchy; we have a small group of people in San Francisco who want to control everyone’s speech. That’s why this is so important.”

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis’ bill not only imposes fines of $100,000 each day social media thugs de-platform conservative candidates as they did in 2020, it mandates that these Nazi-like censors record that as a “campaign contribution at the state’s election commission.” (Ibid)

Also, from the Epoch Times piece, “Nebraska is another state that has recently introduced legislation that would fine social media companies for violating Nebraska users’ free speech rights. The bill was introduced by state Sen. Curt Friesen, a Republican, who told the Omaha World-Herald that he was motivated by a concern over the power of big tech executives to moderate online speech.

The Tyrant’s curse cometh – and it cometh right soon

Perhaps the worst governor in America is California’s slick-haired greaser, Gavin Newsom, who destroyed that state’s economy.

You may recall that this particular tyrant mandated that no one was allowed to be outside without a mask or visit indoor dining facilities.

This was the same week Gavin Newsom had a large maskless birthday bash at The French Laundry – a restaurant non-Elites can’t afford (appetisers are $300 each) – violating his own unconstitutional orders.

Marxist hypocrisy has no limits, but the public’s patience does

And apparently everything is on the menu at Governor Newsom’s parties.

Newsom’s ‘recall’ petition just hit the required 1.5 million signatures, so he’s headed for the junk heap it seems

Next in line for recall is New York tyrant, Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo’s aide, Melissa DeRosa in leaked phone call, “we froze” on divulging true numbers, fearful the data “was going to be used against us”

This bottom-feeder issued an order without any legal authority to put Covid patients into private nursing homes where the most vulnerable among my home nation were infected by the thousands and died.

Lawmakers from both parties are now calling for probes, a censure of and stripping of emergency powers from Cuomo, and DeRosa’s resignation, per the New York Times.

New Yorkers like to think of themselves as the most savvy among us, but it took this latest fraud to jerk them out of their love affair with this abrasive man who personifies all that is evil.  He knowingly lied about the numbers for political cover–and just got caught.

45% of the Covid deaths in New York – and other Democrat-run States –  were in nursing homes forced by Marxist tyrants to take in Covid patients. The thousands of families who lost mothers, fathers, grandparents and other relatives to the stupidity and lies of these foolish people with a political agenda have finally had enough.

Five brain dead democrats killed 73,733 elderly – as of August 1, 2020, that did not have to die – That was 45% of all coronavirus deaths in America

This was little more than Democrat-sponsored euthanasia of the elderly. Recall petitions are now popping up everywhere you see Marxist blue on the map above.

President Trump offered these hostile tyrants anything they needed – including the delivery of a huge floating hospital ship to Andrew Cuomo as well as turning the Javits Center in Manhattan into a Covid hospital.

They both remained empty.

Cuomo chose death for thousands of New Yorkers over taking help from the hated President Donald Trump. That arrogance changes a stupid policy idea into a potential crime, as he had a choice. Governor Cuomo lied, claiming he never issued this order – trying to blame all on President Trump – but as alway, we have the receipts.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s death warrant to thousands – completely avoidable thanks to Trump

So, the Revolution has begun. 

States are suddenly finding the courage they lacked to delve into the stolen election after suffering the horrid policies now being forced on them as a result of their lack of spine.

More than half are challenging the imposter Biden Administration in some form or fashion and that, folks, is a quorum.

As 30 remaining cases regarding fraud and foreign election interference course their way through the lower courts to the U.S. Supreme Court (three have now been docketed) some interesting facts will be revealed, adding fuel to the growing calls that the election cannot stand.

Contrary to the lies emanating from the Mainstream Media, not a single court reviewed the mountains of evidence before dismissal – except the court in Antrim County, Michigan – which not only saw the fraud but allowed it to be published, as we reported previously.

That’s just the start.

This story is far from over and with Fake Impeachment 2.0 behind us, the real battle for the soul of America begins.

I have no idea how this all sorts out, but it’s not over.  In fact, it has just begun.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post


Keep on smiling, Mr. President.