After reading this amazing book back in the 1990s, I flew to California to take its author, Ed Griffin, to dinner

This is a story like none other. World bankers stealing trillions in wealth from individuals and governments worldwide through outright fraud—all sanctioned and authorised via dupes put in power by those who benefit the most.

In 1729, Voltaire wrote of this scam, “Fiat currency [unbacked paper money] always eventually returns to its intrinsic value—which is ZERO.”

And we’re almost to zero now.  As Ed explained in simple terms back over dinner in the 1990s, “You keep pouring water into the soup, eventually it’s not soup anymore.”

And as the Federal Reserve keeps printing trillions of dollars, their buying power go lower with each addition!

Let me explain. When I was a kid, a letter to Grandma about 200 miles away—a 7.5 hour trip in the 1950s—cost 4 cents, delivered to her door.

The trip takes less than half that time now as transportation is far more efficient, yet that same letter costs $.60 to deliver.  Costs dropped, yet the price to send a letter rose by 1,500%, or did it?

No.  It did not.  My money just lost most of its value.  My dollar—unbacked by any asset other than “the full faith and credit of the United States”—is virtually worthless today compared to the 1950s. 

It’s worth pennies instead of a dollar because they kept pouring water in the soup—adding more and more dollars.

How did the world succumb to such fraud?

The bandits who promoted this hoax of fiat currency—money with no real value or backing—have perpetrated this fraud on America not just once, but four times.

The so-called ‘Federal Reserve’ created in 1913 is neither ‘federal’ nor a ‘reserve’ and was preceded by other so-called central banks the first of which began before the Constitutional Convention created the nation. George Washington’s first move as president, in fact, was to shut it down.

Washington wrote to Lafayette in 1779, “a wagon load of money will scarcely purchase a wagonload of provisions”

Inflation reached 5,000% between 1775 and 1779 as always happens. (Source- Restoring America: by returning to its Constitution, p. 81, by Howell Woltz). The latest incarnation of what Washington referred to as this “species of fraud” is The Federal Reserve, the fourth privately owned central bank authorised to issue the nation’s sole legal tender—or so they say.

Its history is sordid and beyond the reach of this piece, but worth learning to prevent it from happening again when the federal reserve note ‘goes to ZERO’.

Awakened States are now preparing for the fall of this fraudulent currency known as The Federal Reserve Note

The States have learned—many of them thanks to Ed Griffin—that the mechanism behind what is called ‘The Science of Money’ is itself a sad joke better described as criminal fraud.

A good current example can be seen by taking a look at what happened when Congress voted just last week to squander another $1.9 trillion to bail out big-spending Blue States run by their fellow Marxists. 

The U.S. Treasury is now selling $1.9 trillion in bonds to foreign governments, banks and many other fools as collateral for this massive amount of wasteful spending.

Yes.  Debt is the only backing of a Federal Reserve Note.  The funny money is actually printed against obligations, not assets.

If you think using debt as a value and collateral makes no sense, then you understand the ‘Science of Money’ perfectly.  It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Imagine borrowing $100,000 from your friends and family, then offering your Notes payable to a bank as collateral to buy a new house, while you keep and spend the cash on drugs, hookers and lavish vacations—you know, like politicians often do—after they fund America’s enemies.

Pretty stupid, right?  No bank would ever take such debt as collateral, yet the people of most nations are doing just that without even knowing it.

And the private bankers behind this fraud have been paid unknown trillions for this scheme, but no one knows just how much, because they refuse to allow an audit— they claim they are ‘private’ while printing the public’s sole allowed currency.

Many states are recognising gold and silver as legal tender in anticipation of a crash in federal fiat currencies

Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado and Missouri, for example, passed laws making gold and silver ‘legal tender’ in violation of unconstitutional federal mandates to the contrary, as those federal laws are outside Washington’s constitutional authority.

More recently, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia joined them as Biden and the Bolsheviks drive my home nation into bankruptcy—destroying the remaining value of The Federal Reserve Note in the process.

The Biden Regime is very much beholden to the International Banking cartel, so it will challenge these States’ independence, but as a matter of law, it shouldn’t work. 

The Supreme Court ruled in Lane County v. Oregon (1868) that States reserve and possess the sole power to determine what forms of legal tender are allowed as that is not an authority granted to the federal government in our Constitution.

The court further ruled that States cannot be subjected to ‘legal tender laws’ that specify non-existent constitutional authority they don’t have–which, of course, Congress did anyway.

Not only is real money, money again in Texas, they chose to bring home Texas gold with the House voting 140-1 to approve the bill

As the court ruled, “this power, original in the States, and never as yet surrendered,” belongs at the State level of government in a federal system.

The Republic of Texas is a step ahead, once again

The State of Texas has stored roughly $1 billion in gold at HSBC Bank in New York City for many years—but no more.

Under the Bolshevik Biden Democrat regime, this may soon be hostile territory to any free person or State interest and leaving assets near a Democrat is like putting crack and a pipe with Hunter Biden for safe keeping.

It might not be there when you come calling for it.

Texas (formerly known as The Republic of Texas) was an independent nation before joining the Union and it has now re-established its own gold depository. 

Under House Bill 483, The Texas Bullion Depository, is a secure facility not only for state agencies, but for “Texas citizens to store gold bullion and other precious metals.” (Natural News, 02.15.2021)

This move speaks volumes about the future.

The rash flailings and illegal Executive Orders of Biden’s Bolshevik regime—once it fraudulently inserted itself into federal government—are obviously of great concern to Texas and other free people, but so is the history of Democrat regimes preceding them, with the exception of President John F. Kennedy—a Conservative.

This is not Texas’s first rodeo with criminal Democrat autocrats, which one can bet is front and centre on Governor Abbot’s mind as he prepares Texas to possibly be independent nation once again–should the Bolsheviks not be overturned for election fraud (the first cases have now reached the Supreme Court and opening arguments are on February 19th).

Democrat-Marxist President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was also beholden to the Banking Cartel, and he literally stole America’s gold in 1933 in its service, leaving the nation helpless under laws making the fraudulent Federal Reserve Note the only ‘legal tender’ for debts and obligations.

Yes. That actually happened in 1933. 

Democrats simply stole all the gold in America, and made it a crime for an ostensibly free people to own or possess it. 

This was done solely to protect the international banking cabal behind the fraudulent Federal Reserve, which was largely owned by foreign interests to which Democrats are subservient if not enslaved still today. 

Creepy Joe Biden presently stands (or sits) in service to those same interests in Europe and on Wall Street today—though one can now add China (which got him elected) as the strongman in Swiss banking, owning 75% of UBS, Switzerland’s largest financial institution as well as the Dominion Voting Systems company that put him in office.

It’s just what democrats do—they steal—it’s in the marxist DNA

Texas Governor Abbot’s likely concern about Biden declaring a national banking holiday and stealing the private wealth of American citizens and sovereign States is not idol speculation or unjustified, but well founded. 

They did it before and will have no compunction about a replay in service to foreign powers.  Democrat policies always favour America (and Americans) last and the Biden Administration is no exception, only worse.

They literally hate America and Americans—and you can’t name a single one of their policies from open borders to destroying the education system that give a different perspective, can you?

That’s also why Democrats don’t want America’s children to know their true history.  It makes it tougher to pull the wool over their eyes the next time they do something like this. 

A population educated in its own history rather than imaginary things like their “1619 Project” creating a false narrative of the American experience, might see it coming and just say “no”.

As more States move to protect their citizens from planned economic collapse by the Bolsheviks, conflict will follow

Beijing Biden has already threatened to shut down the State of Florida for political purposes, as reported yesterday.

Florida Governor Ron De Santis ran circles around the Democrat Marxists in Blue States who unnecessarily destroyed their economies with unconstitutional lockdowns and euthanised thousands of elderly in nursing homes by mandating the insertion of the illness into those facilities.

And they hate Governor De Santis’ success by using American principles instead of Stalin’s playbook.  How dare he show up the Bolsheviks in such a stark comparison—especially when Florida has more old folks than any other State?

By being smart and refusing to trample the Constitutional rights of his constituents, De Santis proved that Marxist lockdowns and harsh mandates don’t work—freedom does.

South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem, also protected the vulnerable elderly while leaving her people free to just be smart.

And guess what?  Like Florida, South Dakota’s economy barely took a dip, and is now fully recovered!  Imagine that.

But the Bolsheviks really, really despise South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem for more reasons than her success during their scamdemic, and they are out to destroy her.

Why?  Because she’s not only intelligent, courageous and lives by the Constitution—she would be a beautiful choice to be America’s first (elected) Vice-President in 2024—if not sooner.

Yep.  I’m still believing that when the brazen Democrat fraud is put before the U. S. Supreme Court in tandem with an indisputable conspiracy to interfere by foreign actors (as three suits now docketed before that court will do on February 19th) even the hapless Supremes might be forced to act.

Charming, brilliant and sexy—everything democrats hate

Here’s to hoping.

Howell Woltz (on Telegram at The Richardson Post Chat)

The Richardson Post