The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor a reserve—it is a private bank issuing the public currency outside of law

A critic once wrote me, “But the President chooses the Board of the Fed.”  I replied, “No, the Fed chooses the President.”

There are two institutions we’ve recently covered—the Bank of International Settlement in Switzerland, and The Federal Reserve—which are the last two places on earth that could ever ‘go down’. (Discussed in Italygate article here)

But we also covered that President Trump effectively merged this rogue money printing machine of the world’s wealthiest families (The Fed) into the Treasury Department, which is why they had to take him down by any means, legal or otherwise.

They chose to do so by rigging the American election with hostile foreign forces and domestic traitors.

But did they actually remove him now that the Fed appears to have been ‘grounded’?

I don’t know, but after 30 years of studying this corrupt organisation wrought from unconstitutional materials like a financial Frankenstein, I know that there is no more corrupt organisation on planet Earth.

This research included going to Jekyll Island, Georgia to J.P. Morgan’s duck-hunting club where this Creature, The Fed, was born.

The attendants to that illicit and most secret meeting represented what was then 1/5 of the world’s wealth (in 1911).

So, I would bet on the U.S. Department of Defence ‘going down’ before the Federal Reserve—because it is still owned and controlled by ‘them’, not ‘us’.

Look at the notice for yourself, and we’ll discuss it once we know more:

So, what does this mean?

This means that there are no U.S. dollar transfers happening right now.  None.  Think about what that means for international trade—especially for Joe Biden’s sponsor, Communist China.

This means that international interbank settlements in Federal Reserve Notes (falsely called, U.S. Dollars) are not happening either. None.

This means that banks are not getting their 9:1 ratio on loaning fake money to their customers (as a ratio of actual deposits of fake money with The Fed).

This means that domestic banks are not getting settlements either, which is tantamount to a banking ‘holiday’ just like FDR forced on the nation as he prepared to steal America’s gold (in 1933).

But that’s not happening this time—because somehow Trump made this take-over of the Fed occur, and unlike JFK, he didn’t get killed (yet) for doing it—so it seems he’s not out of power completely, if this just happened, in my opinion.

In closing, this means that American banking is on its knees for the moment.

It may well be “up” before I am in the morning here in Poland—but it happened in the United States today.

Yes.  The unthinkable, just happened—and it’s not a bad thing.

Keep positive.  If the Federal Reserve falls, the game is over for the Bolsheviks.

How will they finance their current $1.9 billion giveaway to Marxist enclaves all over America and the world if there is not a Federal Reserve mechanism to sell debt to suckers still buying America’s junk bonds?

They can’t.

And what is so crazy, without ‘debt’, not a single Federal Reserve Note can exist, as that is the only “backing” it has—a debt to someone else.

This is called fraud in all rational minds—but Marxists can never be rightly accused of ‘rationality’ now can they?

After 167 million souls have died from this ideological virus, pushing it on the world’s most successful economy and nation is insanity, yet they continue as if somehow their version of feudalism might work.

I don’t know what will happen, but this is a very big story.

The world’s fake money machine just got bitch-slapped and I can’t wait to hear to whom I must send my regards for doing so.

Howell Woltz (Banned on Twitter, so I’m at Telegram–join me–The Richardson Post Chat)

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