German Marxist, Herbert Marcuse.  From the radicals of the 60s to BLM’s Marxist revolution, the DNA traces back to this man

What does every Marxist radical in America since the 1960s have in common?

They either studied under or were mentored by teachers of the obtuse philosophy of the man they call, “The father of the New Left.” 

From Sixties radicals Jerry Rubin (The Chicago 7 riots) and Angela Davis (Black Panthers) to Abbie Hoffman (Weathermen)—the lineage is clear.  This little known professor in Southern California founded American Marxism.

As much as James Madison, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson contributed to the founding of the world’s most successful form of government, this man may deserve the most credit for its undoing.

But I’ll bet a ruble to a rupee you’ve never heard of him.

And that is not an accident

German born Herbert Marcuse was a student of Marxist philosopher, Martin Heidegger, in the 1920s.  Heidegger would later become a Nazi Collaborator.

For those unfortunate enough to have been forced to read this bugger’s nonsense—as I was in the 1970s—it is utter gobbley-gook. 

For the closest example, do you remember the scene in Ocean’s Twelve, where “Matsui” makes unintelligible riddles with George Clooney and Brad Pitt in a bar and they nod and say ‘Ahh’ knowingly, as if they understand the un-unintelligible babble as some sort of deep wisdom.

“If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same day”

Matt Damon’s character wants so badly to be ‘in’ that he tries his hand at joining the conversation—as a generation of students did in the 60s and 70s with Herbert Marcuse—and now they teach Marxism at every level from PhD. down to kindergarten, rather than just admitting it is nonsense.

(National) Socialist demon, Adolf Hitler, hired Heidegger as ‘propagandist’ Rector of The University of Freiburg (where Herbert Marcuse was his student). 

Heidegger’s ‘philosophy’ was so disjointed and meaningless that Hermann Göring’s officers described his spoutings, as ‘gibberish’ (per leftwing Wikipedia, so I’m not alone in my opinion). 

But that is what the National Socialists wanted.  Gibberish packaged as wisdom makes people feel inferior if they do not ‘understand’ or get it.

His blousy spouts have no meaning or purpose—as he states is the goal of his philosophy—to have no meaning or purpose.

Got it?  Live life with no purpose—simply ‘be’ while shunning all morality and religion—and you’re good to go.

Well, in my world, you’re not.

“I’m not here to peacefully protest,” says Black Lives Matter leader, Jaiden Grayson. “we’re trained Marxists. You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down”

As the leader of the Black Lives Matter takeover of downtown Portland, Oregon, Marxist Marcusian, Jaiden Grayson told reporter, Ami Horowitz, “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

 “And then what?” asked Horowitz.

“Again, you’re asking a question that cannot be answered,”—and here comes the scary part.

After they completely destroy America and everything it stands for, she says, “The unravelling that happens to that system is also exactly what will fuel black minds in black bodies that will recreate a new world.”

“Recreate” is the key word, as what they state as their goal is not a ‘new world’.  It’s one that has been tried and failed in 25 nations over the past century and a half at the expense of 160 million lives—so far.

When this Marcusian art of destruction is complete, the canvas is still empty—which is perhaps why today’s totalitarians consider Marcuse’s blending of Marxism and the unintelligible drivel of Heidegger, as Socialist genius.

“If you’re not smart enough to understand that which cannot be understood, then you’re not smart enough to be one of us”

Both Heidegger and Marcuse were Matsui on steroids—but it’s not a just a stupid word game this time

The whole Western World is buying their nonsense—not just the radical misfits turned out by America’s elitist universities.

And don’t think for a moment this new American form of Marxism is going to stay within that nation’s borders.

One Black man’s death caused this, while thousands of Whites are being assaulted and butchered today without a whimper

This tiny minority of amoral Black Gender Bender Marxists living in mostly white nations, violently beat the crap out of innocent Whites and burned their own neighbourhoods all over the Western world—not just Democrat Marxist strongholds in the United States.

There were 4,100 BLM protests worldwide, including 30 in Australia (see the world map here for a shocker)

The founders of Black Lives Matter in both the U.S. and Canada are all female Islamists who describe themselves as “Black Queer Activists”  and “Trained Marxists” without tying themselves to any gender, so calling them Gender Bender Marxists is based on their words, not mine.

And as Richardson Post readers know from a recent article Black Lives Matter is a fund-raising front for the U.S. Democrat Party.

All money goes through a money-laundering outfit, ActBlue, which was founded by two anti-American academics, Matt Debergalis and Benjamin Rahn.

These Black Lives Matter Marxists were initially financed by none other than George Soros along with Dubai-based Muslim Brotherhood funders.

Amazing how Marxism can bring Muslims and Marxist Jews together to destroy their mutual enemy—Western Civilisation—isn’t it?

Benjamin Rahn & Matt De Bergalis founded Act Blue which fundraises for both BLM and the Democrat party.

The apologists for this criminal conduct and their ‘fact-checkers’ claim that

 “donations to Black Lives Matter do not go directly to the Democrat National Committee”—though that’s not what was ever said by me or anyone else to my knowledge—but it’s a very slick switch up to hide the truth.

By admission during the Obama years, funds from Islamic organisations in Dubai, and monies from Communist China—as well as from a host of anti-American radicals like George Soros—came in to ActBlue and sat for 60 days (per their own website).

After this short waiting period, those same funds appear to have been ‘distributed’ to Democrat candidates and progressive causes—for a 3.95% fee, of course.

If that’s not textbook money laundering—of funds not even allowed in politics, I might add—then I don’t know what would be, but these cats are as safe as if they were in the arms of Jesus because they’re Democrat Marxists.

As the world has seen, Democrat Marxists can even stage a coup against a duly elected president of the United States, and not a one of them spends as much as an evening in the pokey for it.  They’re above the law.

And maybe that’s what needs to change

President Trump used his Twitter megaphone this week to let folks know he’s had quite enough. 

He asked how many Americans thought it was time to deport the funder of all this violence and madness—George Soros.

“[Re-Tweet] IF GEORGE SOROS SHOULD BE DEPORTED!” the President wrote—and 71,700 Americans did just that.  They retweeted it—before the post went missing at the hand of the Twitter Nazis.

The President has also had quite enough of delays within his FBI and Department of Justice which has yet to indict a single one of the coup plotters.

These swamp critters came dangerously close to taking him down via a frame up using a knowingly false dossier and spying on him and his team.

These actions constitute a federal crime pursuant to 18 USC Sections 241 & 242.

They were authorised by the previous President Obama and Vice President, Biden.

The world really doesn’t have any alternative but to re-elect President Trump.  

The alternative—Joe Biden—is a Xi Jinping-owned Marxist, bought and paid for with a $1.5 Billion dollar bribe to the Biden family.

But it would certainly be heart-warming to see the coup cabal (including Biden, who was part of the Oval Office plot—frog-walked out of government buildings (and CNN where many of them now work) to face their just rewards.

If they run out of handcuffs, zip ties work just fine!

It’s time for someone to pay the piper—or America may well be lost to Herbert Marcuse’s radicals of the New Left.

Howell Woltz (follow Howell on Twitter @WoltzHowell or on Parler @Howell Woltz)

The International Centre for Justice

Warsaw, Poland

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