Why isn’t Bolshevik Biden in the picture? Because he’s not in charge—in reality, this is Obama’s third term (hat tip rooshv.com for the graphic)

Obama called it—said he’d love to sit in his basement directing the next president—and he seems to be doing it

We covered the genesis of Marxist Chicago organiser, Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama), under the tutelage of Rudy Lozano’s Communist gang back on on April 24, 2019.


It’s a shocking tale, especially poignant as the same Obama characters are back and it’s playing out before our very eyes.

This died-in-the-wool Marxist—Barack Soetoro Hussein Obama—or whatever name he’s going by now—actually said he wanted this! His exact quote—“If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in front man or front woman and they had an earpiece and I was just in my basement in my sweats, and could just—sort of—deliver all the lines but someone else was doing all the talking and the ceremony.”

Well, Barry Soetoro cum Barack Hussein Obama, got his wish it seems.

He’s on his third term, speaking into the earpieces of Sleepy Joe’s handlers and running his same staff as before—Susan Rice, John Kerry, Ron Klain—the same horrible hacks who sold out America to Iran and China.

They also organised spying on Trump and his family as you will see. But the first thing Marxists always do after creating a crisis to steal a nation is  consolidate power by eliminating the middle class—which is our only real defence against their sick ideology.

They’re following the game plan to the letter

If there is a meaningful way up the economic ladder, Marxist destroy it by any means necessary, and Biden’s Bolsheviks under Barry’s control are tearing down America’s ramp to riches faster than Nikki Haley switches loyalties (or O’Biden has to change his adult nappies).

America’s descent into the nightmare of Marxism is unique as it has the largest middle class in history—and the best system of class transition from bottom to top—so it absolutely must be destroyed as a preface.

Donald Trump had millions on the way up that amazing ladder to middle class wealth, which is why they had to tear him down “by any means necessary”—to quote the Marxists mentioned here-in once again.

First, they’re wiping out jobs at the low end by flinging open borders to all comers in service to Big Banks and Biz

Business is not just ‘biznes’ in America. 

There are the giant banks and retailers who want it all—and they pretty much got it under the Democrat/Chinese Scamdemic—where by fiat they became the only sources of food and goods allowed to stay open.

Then there is that part of America, Australia, England, et al—the small businesses—that before the Wuhan Flu, provided 67% of the jobs.

While Democrat/Labour mega-funders like McDonalds, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and the super-billionaire ilk thrived (making record profits) Ma & Pa Burger, fresh markets, human-sized stores, shops, bars, family-owned restaurants—all ‘small’—were sequestered, victimised, brutalised and illegally euthanised out of business.  Many won’t return.

There is no power in the United States Constitution or most other nations in our Western World for thuggish Democrat/Marxist/so-called ‘Labour’ governors and mayors to steal our rights, but many did, including some soon-to-be outvoted Republicans. 

Bye-bye next election (if we don’t ‘recall’ you first).

My America believes only the giver of our rights—God—can take them, not Scomo, Cuomo, Newsom or Northam.

Any usurper of God-given rights is by definition on the other team, and any believer in God or our national Constitutions must resist these forces of evil to the death—or we deserve the consequence.

I mean that.  I would rather die in resistance to Marxist slavery than suffer it, and if we don’t all get to that place soon, it’s over for our way of life.

Now that the Bolsheviks of most English-speaking nations have flung open the gates to all comers, who do you think will suffer?

It won’t be the warped politicians who did it to us, and it won’t be the BigWigs living behind their own walls in mansions who paid them to do it, oh no.  It will be:

  • Legal immigrants
  • Blue collar workers-Union and non union
  • Young/new entrants to the workforce both upper and lower middle class

They will be wiped out and have hordes upon hordes swarming the borders to take their jobs—as happens when Wall Street/London and Marxists collude against our nations and people for low wages—and more power.

It’s a very toxic mix.  Big business and Big Money want cheap labour to improve profits, worrying not about their nation or fellow citizens.  They consider themselves above us—citizens of ‘the world’—not nations.

The Marxists know they can turn the newcomers to their side with handouts, so don’t expect any resistance on principle from them.  They’re all in if it keeps them in the game of fleecing (and controlling) ‘us’.

For the record, 17 millions real Americans are now jobless.

Yet the O’Biden Bolsheviks prescribed a minimum wage last week of $15.00 per hour—unaffordable to small businesses—to deprive the poorest of Americans their chance at employment in favour of immigrants.

Why, you ask? 

Because as long as they can’t work, they will be dependent on the State—and more easily controlled by the Marxists—as well as being reminded at election time who steals from others to give away unearned goodies.

Oh, but the Big Job Steal might even be worse

The O’Biden Bolsheviks are also pushing to blow the limits off H1B visas as a reward to Big Tech for helping rig the 2020 elections in their favour.

When a marxist says any word followed by ‘reform’, look out. ‘reform’ is always a set-up in marx-speak to do wrong

An inordinately stupid California Socialist, Representative Linda Sanchez, and the creep who barely escaped multiple bribery and corruption charges in New Jersey (Senator Bob Menendez) are putting forth this proposal to rob upper middle class workers of employment as well.

Calling it ‘Immigration Reform’ under the equally misnomered “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” Biden’s Bolsheviks are gutting high-tech opportunities for American college grads and upper middle class workers.

By taking the high cap of 140,000 H1B visas off, and bumping it up by tens of thousands in favour of foreign techies who work for a pittance to make Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and scum even richer; they also knee-cap America’s middle class—once again—but at mid to higher level.

Our kids and the upper middle class are taking one again for Wall Street and Silicone Valley—and it’s just plain wrong. The 353-page atrocity of a bill has three key elements, according to Mark Krikorian, Executive Director for the Centre for Immigration Studies, which will “radically change the face of U.S. Immigration policy.”

Will sleepy Joe invite the 250,000 trump-deported MS-13 gang-bangers to the White House for tea to meet Dr. Jill, his daughters, granddaughters and Hunter’s inter-family harem?  No answer?  We’ll ‘circle back’ on that one

AMNESTY- Yes. 22-30 million illegal aliens in America (the Bolsheviks have been saying “11 million” for eleven years now as millions more pour over the border each year)—will magically become ‘citizens’ under this unconstitutional anomaly of an O’Biden ‘Executive Order’.

And get this—the magic wand not only turns those illegally here into citizens (who can then vote Marxist), the Bolsheviks invited hordes of deported criminals and border busters sent home under Trump, to return as well!

Welcome back, boys!  Pelosi, Biden and Harris have been saving your guns and sex slaves, just waiting for your return!

CRIMINAL OFFENCES EXCUSED- That’s right, and to doubly offend sensible Americans and their families, the bill claims this is for purposes of ‘family unity’.

Got that?  No?  Neither did I.

Per Trump senior White House advisor, Stephen Miller, the bill states, “any illegal alien who has lived in the country for at least three years and who was deported between January 2017 and now can apply for re-entry and citizenship with full amnesty.”

This is how much Marxists hate us and our countries.  They are literally inviting the worst criminals on earth back to sell deadly Chinese-made fentanyl, traffic in women and murder our children—as long as they vote for the most corrupt politicians once they’re back on terra firma Americanus. (Sorry if my Latin is rusty)

MERE CLAIM OF ELIGIBILITY IS DEPORTATION SHIELD- Did you catch what the Marxist are doing there? This is critical.

If the worst gang-banging, murderous fentanyl-dealing foreigner says he’s eligible under a bill none of them has read, then the Democrat-gutted U.S. Border Patrol must simply let him back in—per an illegal Executive Order.

They can return to their criminal enterprises trafficking children for pedophiles, moving drugs and prostitutes—oh—and voting Democrat!

What did you mean by ‘the same characters are back in charge’?

You caught that, eh?

Let’s start with John Kerry—Obama/Biden’s Secretary of State—the open-borders Secretary of State who has been caught back-channeling the terrorist regime in Iran to undercut President Trump and America while he and the Obamite Marxists were temporarily out of office.

Kerry married a Mellon—one of America’s richest families—then married the Heinz Ketchup Queen—one of the world’s richest heiresses 

Kerry never did much of anything good on his own—this suspected traitor—but he sure knows how to pick wedding rings.  Here’s the scoop on this man.


It’s hard to suck up to a terrorist when you’re that tall—maybe you should get on your knees next time and give more‘aid and comfort to the enemy’, or put a little ketchup on it?

Kerry’s close ties to the Mullahs of Iran are troubling, as if his illegal running of back channels to undermine Trump wasn’t enough. That’s also  treason under the U.S. Constitution.

Kerry’s daughter Vanessa married Iranian-American doctor whose best man was son of Mohammed Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Kerry’s chief counterpart in the Iran deal.  A bit too cozy for me on nukes

John Kerry also fathered “Colour Revolutions” as Obama’s Secretary of State, where American embassies helped decimate legitimate elections the world over in partnership with long-time Obama mentor, George Soros, as also well-covered here.

Together with his lovely bride, the Kerry-Heinzes have quite the hidden wealth we uncovered during our Ukraine  ‘colour revolution’ investigation—Kerry covered for step-son Chris Heinz on that ‘Burisma thingy’ in Ukraine with Hunter Biden, right, John-Boy?

Worse, the rat was in nearby Netherlands plotting a similar election coup for America last June (2020) while we peasants were locked down on false premises so badly that I could not even drive there from Poland to cover it!

Now Kerry’s out to destroy the world’s freedom under The Carbon Hoax, while jetting to and fro spouting more carbon from his private jets than a volcano, advising that ‘we’ be lock-downed indefinitely—but with open borders for any who wish to cross them.

So who is Ron Klain?

This is the Schmo who admitted that the O’Biden administration completely screwed up the far more serious Swine Flu pandemic when they were in charge back in 2009—so—they put him back in charge.

Ron Klain, put the most embarrassing dress-down on Biden of his pathetic campaign, and if Sleepy Joe had any input at all, this is the last man who would become his Chief of Staff.  But he did, indicating a puppeteer, no?

But there’s one even worse than Kerry and Klain—Susan Rice.

It was this Obama krone who begged for ‘renewed’ MI-6 spying on Donald Trump, his family and his businesses in that official letter (below) to MI-6 Director Hannigan—after Trump won the 2016 election!

Meet the most evil and dangerous member of the open-border junta—Susan Rice. 

She’s running the show for Obama—it’s not Biden and it’s not Harris—that’s all for show

When the ashes are cleared after this faux administration burns itself down, it will be Eva Braun Rice and her Hitler, Barack Hussein Obama, lying in each others arms with (hopefully) the same outcome, while Joe Biden is comically making sand castles from their ashes without a clue as to what transpired.

No difference now—rice told Sleepy Joe what to say then…as she does today….and every moment she runs the white house

In fact, that might be Biden’s defence at the trials.  “I’m so daft, I didn’t know what they were ordering me to do.”  But I think he did, just like Boris Johnson knew about the spying on Trump as I’m about to tell you.

“Here’s what you’re going to do next, Boris”, whispers Carrie Symonds.  “just cause the stupid blokes voted for you doesn’t mean you don’t listen to me!  I’m a fake ‘conservative’ too!”

But Susan Rice made this happen as perhaps the most evil Obamite aside from Obama himself.  MI-6 spied on candidate Trump, then President Trump in service to the Obama trash.

This came from British intel, confirmed by British intel as authentic – Rice asking MI-6 to ‘continue’ spying on trump after he was elected president – “shiver me timbers” Britain! What have you become?

Gutting the Middle Class is just Step One of O’Biden’s plan with further Class Warfare to follow

These radicals are setting the nation upon itself, and their latest proposal is to label American patriots and Trump supporters ‘domestic terrorists’—though the Democrat’s military wings, Antifa and BLM, had their thugs burn the nation last year at the prompting of these rabid hussies.

With the encouragement of marxist females, their Antifa/BLM terrorists did $2 billion in damage during the summer of 2020

I wish this were just hyperbolic rhetoric, but even Sleepy Joe is now calling Trump supporters “domestic terrorists”.

Worse?  Congressional Marxists, Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Brad Schneider have put forth legislation that would potentially label Trump’s Make America Great Again rallies “domestic terrorist actitities.”


These radicals blamed Trump supporters they labeled ‘White Supremacists’ for a so-called riot at the Capitol on January 6th, ignoring the fact that their own Antifa/BLM man, John Sullivan, led the way.

CNN paid Sullivan $35,000 for his terrorist activities Jan. 6th and embedded their own reporter, Jade Sacker, to ‘sack’ the capitol—while blaming it on trump supporters a mile away at the President’s Speech

But the truth couldn’t be sequestered forever.  It came out yesterday that President Trump had authorised 10,000 National Guard troops for January 6th—and Democrat Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, refused them.

The worm is turning quickly now that America has tasted the rancid fruit of a fixed election and Marxism—and as Sleepy Joe’s ratings fall faster than his son Hunter’s boxer shorts—a reckoning awaits.

My hopes for the courts to do the right thing and hear the overwhelming evidence of election fraud for an overturn of that disaster are waning.

U.S. courts are a very big part of the American problem—as I know better than most from being crushed by that dystopian institution—but I still had some hope for a court jester with some integrity.  I was wrong.

But next year is our chance to turf out dozens of RINOs and Marxists, which a jazzed up Trump base is ready to do, as we saw just last weekend at CPAC.  Then it’s on.

Biden is unlikely to still be in command, but if so, he’ll be impeached by the new majority and removed for his criminal activities with China.

Harris will also be removed for criminal election fraud, leaving the presidency open for the Speaker of the House, in Constitutional succession.

You guessed it!  Donald J. Trump—America’s real president

And guess who has been proposed to run for Congress in Florida—with the plan of immediately making him Speaker of the House?

Donald J. Trump, that’s who.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post