You can’t check into a hotel or buy a beer in the State of Georgia without an ID, but you don’t need one to vote? 

Who are these people?

I guess what rips me is the racism of Lefty Loonies.  I watched a rather unkempt female protestor being asked by a reporter recently how it is ‘racist’ to require an ID to vote.

She actually replied, “Minorities don’t know how to get an ID.”

Say what? 

Most minorities drive, lady, and quite a few of them imbibe adult beverages which also requires an ID—but minorities are too stupid to get one to vote?

Leftist stupidity aside, we’ve got to fix this

A very sensible bill, H.B. 531, was passed last night in the State of Georgia which is a start in fixing this mess.  Georgia was perhaps the epicentre of voter fraud in the recent election in America, so it’s the proper place to begin repairing an intentionally decimated process.

Get a load of these ‘racist’ ideas in the bill:

  1. Same requirement as a Beyoncé concert or buying a beer—have an ID
  2. Ballot “drop boxes” only inside secure facilities
  3. No mobile polling places
  4. No more ‘private funding’ of election voting/counting facilities (like Zuckerberg did)
  5. One must vote in one’s own precinct
  6. Security paper for ballots


Georgia’s marxist heavyweight, Stacey Abrams, is stomping mad.

And that’s the point, Stacey Girl.

We’re not going to let you bastards rig the next election.

No more Mark Zuckerbergs dumping $350 million into Marxist strongholds to run the ‘counting’ using CCP (Dominion) vote-fixing machines.

No more mass mailings of fake ballots to be dumped in mobile boxes on the street.  Ain’t happening.

No more voting wherever the crooks have rigged the system—you vote in your own precinct using a ballot made of specially-produced paper.

So that’s a start, but the Marxists are already on the move

They’re cunning as wolves and know we’re on to them after the Big Steal in 2020, so their next move is to flood the zone with new ‘citizens’—by a  fraud so big it will take down the nation if allowed.

They know they can’t win elections where only legal (living) voters are allowed, so the O’Biden regime is flinging open the gates—but I did not know just how far they’d gone until today.

Rosemary Jenks of Numbers USA, outed the O’biden bolsheviks’ playbook to steal the next election

“Rosemary Jenks, president of NumbersUSA, reports the Biden regime wants to add 37 million legal and illegal immigrants,” per her appearance today on Steve Bannon’s Warroom.

That’s the equivalent of the population of the State of California—adding 10% to the citizenry of America—just to swell the Marxist vote by giving all of them green cards and a short path to citizenship before 2024.

The total includes amnesty for every illegal alien in the nation, as well as the returned criminals deported under President Trump, plus a doubling of legal immigrants entering the country every year—to take jobs from the American middle class and fix the vote for the Bolsheviks.

Big Business wins, as do the Big Banks & Brokers when cheap labour increases profits on the backs of those born to the nation but abandoned by the Bolsheviks. The losers?  America’s young, America’s poor, America’s minorities whose work opportunities are stolen, and America’s middle class, thrown over and out by flooding the nation with H1B visa holders for tech jobs.

“An informal alliance between leftwing activists and business titans stole the election,” says dr. Peter Navarro—Trump’s economic wizard

This will destroy the nation if they are not stopped

The economic miracle under the Trump Administration was simple and reproducible:

  1. Reduce/keep taxes at or near 20%
  2. Minimise regulations on business
  3. Encourage unfettered energy production
  4. Use tariffs and policy to make trade fair—not ‘free’
  5. Prevent wars by being stronger than anyone else

The O’Biden plot to destroy the American economy proposes:

  1. Increase taxes to 43%
  2. Violently throttle all sectors with regulations under Green New Deal
  3. Shut down pipelines, coal production and oil production
  4. Undo fair trade policies in service to China
  5. Focus military on transgenderism and culling of patriot males, while  starting up Middle East wars again (Syria for one) that Trump ended
Republicans-94%, independents-42% and even dems are missing him after tasting the sour fruits of marxism

OR….we could take back Congress in 2022, and flush these Marxists down the toilet of history in time for the return of the King.

Plan, per last article:

  1. Trump runs for House of Representatives from Florida in 2022, sweeping in enough Republicans with him to take control of Congress
  2. Trump is made Speaker of the House
  3. House immediately impeaches Biden/Harris junta for election crimes
  4. Trump as third in line, becomes President
  5. Trump runs for second term in 2024

And all’s well that ends well.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post