Was this the March 4th surprise? Read the transcript of CIA/DOJ inside whistleblower spilling the beans to Lin Wood and you decide

The following incredible interview was given to attorney Lin Wood by an insider whistleblower who claims to have been imprisoned, threatened, tortured and beaten, but who still refuses to give up.

We covered each of these stories since 2019 in The Richardson Post – and they are now part of an official record – thanks to Trump advocate Lin Wood.

If it is true, then so many mysteries are solved. Like, for instance, Democrat National Committee staff member Seth Rich’s murder after he leaked Democrat secrets to Wikileaks.

Justice Antonin Scalia’s mysterious death at a hunting club which lead to an opening on the High Court. The Marxists thought this was just in time for Hillary Clinton’s presidency to choose his replacement.

Accidents?  Not hardly – and neither were many more of these ‘coincidences’ according to this, as yet anonymous, whistleblower. This hasn’t been sworn in court yet, so we don’t know how true it is. All we can do is to put it out there so that people can make up their own minds.

In the interview, this CIA/DOJ insider tells Attorney Lin Wood on the record that both the Seth Rich murder – and Justice Scalia’s – were intentional acts supported and even arranged by the highest-ups of the Obama regime – top DOJ and even White House officials, sanctioned these ‘hits.’

The stink goes all the way to the top, including Democrat National Committee sleaze like Donna Brazille and her lover, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. He claims that these two were waiting at the hospital to get Seth Rich’s thumb drive out of his pocket before his murder was even revealed.

How did they know? 

This ultimate insider also confirms our reporting on Chief Justice Roberts’ pedophilia and Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to what he claims was child trafficking for illicit purposes, ostensibly resulting in the ‘adoption’ of Roberts’ foreign children.

We’ve covered the HAMR spy program deployed by Jim Clapper, John Brennan and James Comey against 159 federal judges (including Roberts) and Trump’s family long before the election to gather leverage over them.

This whistleblower also covers the Clintons’ involvement with Department of Justice Acting Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, in collaboration with Vice-President Mike Pence and Mitt Romney to destroy Trump – as part of the criminal enterprise of left and right that ran my home nation.

This recently transcribed interview, is now there for all to see and read.

I’ll admit that I’ve put Harry and Nurse Ratched through hell this past couple of years putting out these seemingly impossible pieces of information – but once this interview is seen and absorbed – you will probably know we were never misleading you, lying to you, or baiting for ‘clicks’.

We just had some very good sources that allowed us to tell the truths no one else could or would two years ago.

It was known – but not allowed to be mentioned.

Had I still lived in the United States instead of Free Poland, I would have been imprisoned for telling these truths – a fact of which I’ve been repeatedly reminded.

Had this amazing last bastion of free speech, The Richardson Post, not been protected in yet another free nation (and run by some very brave souls) – these stories also would not have been told.

So read this amazing transcript for yourself, keeping in mind that as a nationally famous attorney, if Lin Wood shared information in these proceedings which he believed to be false or even misleading, he would be stripped of his ability to practice law.


What comes next is anyone’s guess, but this could be the promised shock wave intended to start the tsunami.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post