From Texas to Trafalgar and Madrid to Montenegro, we’ve had enough!

Politicians who recognise the basic human right to live unencumbered lives will see their stars rise – while the Merkels, Bidens and Bojos will fall from orbit – crashing and burning along the way.” Prediction March 8, 2021-from your humble scribe.

The death rate for Covid now hovers between that of chicken pox and lesser flus, so the jig is up for the tyrants

And even the courts are reigning them in.  Perhaps you remember Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s exposé of the Covid hoax that we wrote about – its origins and goals – which had little to do with the anticipated virus from Wuhan, and everything to do with control.

Guess what?  Dr. Fuellmich was right, and his legal actions against governments in Europe and America that we reported last year just resulted in a landmark ruling that the lockdowns were a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives.” (Weimar Court, case-6-owi-523-js-202518-20)

Even better, the court has ruled these lockdown restrictions to have been “unconstitutional”.

While the Weimer state court does not force all of Germany back to its own laws, it will be used everywhere to point out the ridiculous nature of this attack on human freedom and should cause even faster change.

Lockdown riots in Berlin throughout this harsh winter took a toll on once-popular East German Commie, Angela Merkel -and the old girl is finally out to pasture.

The brussels sprout of europe is fallen—and it’s about time!

But Angela Merkel’s not the only one. 

Riots raged this winter in France, England, Spain (an estimated one million angry folks were in Madrid recently protesting the outrageous lockdowns) but all of this has been hidden by the Marxist press – and most pictures disappeared even here in Europe as quickly as posted.

In Berlin, just a few hours away, for example, Merkel had her stormtroopers heartlessly hose down protestors in sub-freezing temps with water cannon – yet they stayed – so Merkel will now have to leave.

The Leftists in The Netherlands had to step down or literally be tarred and feathered.  I watched it on live feed. The Dutch had enough as well and forced out their tyrants.

The only way France’s Macron is hanging on is by opening up his nation and ridding it of his totalitarian lockdowns – and mosques, by the way. 

Italy’s PM Renzi had to fold tent as well – and more tyrants are tumbling as I write.  Change is coming soon to a Marxist stronghold near you.

Even Marxist enclaves in America such as New York and California have had enough of tyrant rule

Just a year ago, California tyrant, Gavin Newsom and New York’s golden lefty, Andrew Cuomo, were considered the next democrat scumbags to run the U.S.S.A. (not a typo)

But how far and fast they’ve fallen once their citizens tasted the real thing!

Talking about Socialism is one thing, you see, but living under it is quite another, and it doesn’t take long.

The Wuhan Flu lies and overreach gave them an excuse to put in real Marxism, but a once-free people have gagged on it and are spitting it out.

Governor Gavin Newsom opened his state’s borders to all of Central America – even travelling there to invite them – while dining maskless at The French Laundry Restaurant (on $300 appetisers). At the same time, he was forcing real Californians to mask up, shutter businesses and stay at home – for a year.

As a result, the ‘RESCUE CALIFORNIA’ petition just raised over 2 million verified signatures for his recall already – even under lockdown – when only 1.5 million were needed to get it on the ballot this year. 

Fall of 2021, Marxist Governor Gavin Newsom will lose his job – hopefully to Republican Trump appointee, former Ambassador Rick Grenell – in a major blow to Marxism.

But Cuomo is like a cowboy getting shot with his own gun

The ‘hands-on’ governor now has five accusers of sexually offensive behaviour and not even his new nipple rings (visible on the right) can save him from wokies

Cuomo was one of the first men to jump on the “Me Too” wagon to destroy Republicans – which is now putting tire tracks up his back.

What is worse for normal people (non-Democrats), is that Cuomo quite literally killed tens of thousands of elderly people by forcing Wuhan flu patients via an illegal ‘executive mandate’ into nursing homes to spread the disease – rather than using the emergency facilities and a ship provided by President Trump.

Now?  He’s been caught lying about the numbers to the Feds – as is the trademark of Marxist tyrants.  They lie and the press covers up for them – that’s what they do. But this time the numbers and Cuomo, were outed by an aide.

Between Cuomo’s actual murder of tens of thousands by dictate, five state-employee accusers of the worst of ‘woke’ crimes (acting like a horny male) and getting caught faking the numbers of nursing home deaths to federal authorities to prevent criminal charges–‘toast’ comes to mind.

Not even a blinkered Marxist press can cover for him now and his own party henchmen are calling for his removal – or impeachment.

But as the tyrants fall, heroes are rising to the top

Stepping up and standing up to tyrants—heroes like Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas—are telling Biden’s bolsheviks “no” and taking back control

After Joe Biden invited the world to storm America’s borders and become Marxist/citizen-voters this January (in time for the 2024 election) – heroes like Governor Abbott and Texas Republicans are stopping the invasion of America.

Bolshevik Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, refuses to answer questions (Friday) about the border crisis, but others – including Biden’s own Department of Homeland Security – are screaming ‘there is a crisis at the border’ and have been begging for help.

The White House Press Secretary is almost as out of touch as the demented man she serves, but Texas Representative, Bryan Slaton (House District 2), is taking action because there’s very much a crisis at the border – and not just from Central American illegals.

“We all know Biden has opened the flood gates at our border. That’s why today, I have filed HB 2862 to finish President Trump’s wall in Texas.

“If the federal government won’t do its job protecting American citizens, then Texas will stand in the gap and do it for them.”

“DHS begs for volunteers to rush the border, admits surge of migrants is overwhelming” so someone is lying, Joe!

‘Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas begged Monday for volunteers from agencies within his department to rush to the border to help with an “overwhelming” surge of illegal immigrants.’

And it’s not just Mexicans, Hondurans and Guatemalans flocking to steal the jobs of poor/middle class Americans – just so they can become Marxist voters for the Bolsheviks–which is quite obvious to all now as their only reason for doing this–real Americans won’t vote for them.

There are an estimated 15,000 Haitians as well as thousands of Middle Eastern muslims walking through the gaps now that Biden’s Bolsheviks shut down border enforcement by Executive Order, as we’ve covered, and any who can walk become U.S. Citizens without vetting or process within just enough time to vote.

And now, they’ve literally opened Welcome Centres at 100% capacity with 72 hour processing instead, while the old fool actually ordered Trump’s wall building to stop.

No folks.  I’m not making this up.

While flinging open the gates to foreigners with diseases, drug gangs, rapists, and terrorists, the Bolsheviks demand ever more harmful lockdowns and the crushing of Constitutional rights for American citizens – who’ve had enough. 

While these foreigners flood in – Americans are locked down by tyrants, acting outside of federal law and the United States Constitution.

So, Governor Abbott is doing the opposite of the Bolsheviks.  He’s blocking and tackling the invaders (and O’Biden’s illegal ‘Executive Orders’)  while freeing his own citizens–and said this week Texas will finish President Trump’s wall–and Texas will name it just that–Trump’s Wall.

What a concept. Defend and free the people who elected you, while protecting them from gangs, terrorists, rapists murderers and Biden.

This is not going unnoticed by the electorate

Governor Abbott also just announced an end to Biden’s mask mandates and harmful lockdowns of businesses and a free people – in defiance of the Marxists’ mandates to the contrary – be they from any quarter including Washington, DC or any other Globalist cartel.

And today, Governor Abbott deployed the National Guard and Texas State Troopers to stop the Biden invasion at his State’s border with Mexico.

And guess what happened when a real leader stood up?

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves followed suit, changing all Wuhan flu ‘mandates’ to ‘recommendations’.  Massachusetts, Missouri and Iowa are relaxing their unconstitutional mandates as well – and soon, all the non-Marxist States will follow suit.

While the O’Biden Bolsheviks flood the nation with foreigners – to decimate our middle class – others are starting to stand up.

Another hero, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, takes it even further

DeSantis is taking the fight to the Bolsheviks. Biden’s thugs actually threatened to shut down travel to his free State and cut off federal funding if he does not violate the U.S. Constitution and shut down his State. Why? Because a free State makes the Cuomos and Newsoms look bad.

Governor DeSantis not only said no to Biden’s madness, as you may recall from our February 16 article (, he refused to even say ‘President Biden’ or ‘Mr. President’ when told to do so, and said “Go Fu*k yourself, Joe” instead, before hanging up on the demented old fool.

While I caught some criticism for writing about it (and for Governor DeSantis saying it) that’s precisely how one should speak to would-be-tyrants.

 They can only become like that if we let them.

Future president and first lady of the U.S. after Trump’s era?

By giving Sleepy Joe and other thugs no respect or quarter, we check their radical ambitions and illegal actions.

Others should copy Governor DeSantis’s disdain of Biden’s imposition government by fraud, and refuse any respect these thugs think they deserve. 

They work for us and we must remind them of that at all times, while finding branches of our respective governments that are still operational.

Now that America’s Highest Court has proven its complete irreverence for law, we will have to start at the precinct level and build in my home nation, with States defying unconstitutional impositions by these imposters and challenging the judges or impeaching them.

Heroes are everywhere – so out with the tyrants

In Australia, perhaps the blokes in Victoria should address Daniel Andrews in this way and tell him to go bugger himself – or recall him for his crimes against the people during the scamdemic.

Italy should make Matteo Salvini its leader now that the Renziites are deposed and trudging in shame around Rome in sackcloth and ashes, while Marine LePen and the gilets jaunes might storm Macron’s Bastille – but continue dismantling mosques (the one thing he did right in the end).

The U.K. may as well make Carrie Symonds PM since she’s running the show, or better yet, call for new elections and get a non-apron string attached leader who is a real conservative in place to fix things rather than just locking them down for lack of courage.

And while we’re identifying our heroes, let’s take it to the Marxists who tried to steal our freedom and world.

They came very close to winning, so it’s time we all become heroes and finish this.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post