We’ve watched Britain fall, now America, and more— one of my oldest and dearest friends sent me this message

Jim wrote, “Howell, it would appear you were given a lot of questionable inside info! No doubt many things happened that you predicted but they were poorly carried out and seem to have backfired.”

My old buddy was right, so let’s address it

I’m also responding to many of our readers who feel the same way as my dearest old pal, University of North Carolina offensive linemen and football hero from the 1950s – Jim Jones.

“What the hell happened?” and “What comes next?” are very good questions, so let’s address them both.

What I’m going to show you using only government statistics and left-wing sources will shock you – and maybe you’ll see why I was so confident – and still have a bit of hope that a fair outcome awaits us.

We’ll use only public numbers to make the case

First question – “How many registered voters were there in the United States before the 2020 election?” 

The most accurate source for this number is the U.S. Census Bureau which estimated in the lead-up to the election (2018-2020), there were 153.07 million registered voters in the United States of America.

On December 4th, 2020, CNN confirmed after a month of counting – and in some cases ‘creating’ ballots – there were 81.2 million votes for Biden to 74.2 million votes for Trump, totaling 155.4 million votes.

Even Real Clear Politics noticed there was a tiny problem—millions more votes than registered voters—and quickly removed this screen, but not before I took a picture of it!

More votes than voters is a statistical impossibility – but it gets worse, in fact, much worse, so stay with me

According to the U.S. Government (source, statista.com) the highest voter turnout ever was 61.6% in 2008 for a black man, Barack Obama, proving that the Democrats’ lie about ‘racism’ in America, is just that – a lie. 

The United States is the most tolerant and least racist place on earth as Obama’s election proved in a nation with only 13% blacks – but I digress.

Those same statisticians now claim the 2020 election turnout was even higher, at 66.7% (source again, statista.com).

So, let’s summarise:

153.07 million registered voters according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

155.4 million votes based on reported numbers from each State.

So – 2 million more votes than registered voters – and no one besides me sees a problem with that?

But that’s nothing compared to the fraud revealed when we apply the actual voter turnout statistics.

Think about it for just a minute.  66.7% of 153.07 million registered voters is still only 102.097 million voters who actually went to the polls on November 3, 2020.

Now you see why I was so confident? – 53 million fake, fraudulent and made-up votes were somehow ‘counted’!

How could a nation that claims to have rule of law allow 53 million more votes than voters and not do a damn thing about it for months and months, while putting the fraud’s beneficiary in office?

I’ve been saying, “No, no, no!  Somebody in authority will stop it!”

But they didn’t, haven’t – and they may not.

Why? – because they’re all either in on the corruption, they benefit from it, are leveraged like the pedophile Chief Justice to ignore it, or are weak, limp-wristed Republicans who should have been up in the Democrats’ faces screaming about the fraud since November 3rd but weren’t.

So here was my dilemma – believe in the America of my youth – or see the one now before our eyes

We’ve seen corrupt officials at the highest levels of government spying, lying, tormenting and torturing innocent people with a president calling for it (Barack Obama) and a president receiving it (Donald Trump) yet not a single traitor or scoundrel has been punished to date.

We’ve now seen thousands of pages of evidence of criminal conduct, vote-fixing and vote-rigging, yet only two courts have acknowledged it, one in Maricopa County, Arizona and one in Antrim County, Michiga, while all others thus far have refused to see or hear a single piece of evidence.

Just dismiss the cases without looking or hearing and it might all go away!

This is the sad state of cowardly U.S. courts from bottom to top, except our monkeys wear black robes and are called ‘your honour’ for some unknown reason, as there is nothing ‘honourable’ about the lot as a whole!

So why do I have any hope at all?

Because those two courts did step up – or at least they did not lay down like the others. One of those courts is in Maricopa County, Arizona and the other is in Antrim County, Michigan. Thankfully, those cases of fraud are advancing.

They actually looked at the evidence and ordered the cases to be heard, which was the sworn duty of 86 other judges around the country who didn’t do their jobs. So that is a start.

And bit by bit, chinks are showing in the Marxists’ armour as the facts leak out and people turn on them – like in Wisconsin, where Mark Zuckerberg’s conditions of cash required Democrat activists be given access to boxes of absentee ballots before the election.

Such crimes are being exposed now every day, so let’s start with the epicentre of voter fraud (Georgia) where Democrat operatives were caught on camera adding and ‘fixing’ ballots. This was attested to by many witnesses as well in sworn affidavits.

FACT- The State of Georgia has failed to produce chain of custody for 404,000 of these absentee ballots that illegally showed up, meaning they will very likely have to be removed from the count, giving Trump a huge win by hundreds of thousands of votes after the investigation is complete.

Joe’s ‘big win’ from this huge fraud in Georgia stands at a paltry 12,000 votes, so just one such reversal can set the whole unwinding in motion.

But Georgia isn’t stopping there.

That exposure of fraud led Georgia organiser, Eric Warren, to file recall petitions for the corrupt Governor (Kemp) and Secretary of State (Raffensberger) who illegally bought and used the Chinese vote-rigging machines from Dominion without required approval of the Legislature.

These events set others in motion, once the legislators saw that the people were not simply going to let it go.

If the Governor and Secretary of State are recalled, it’s game on, so their fellow Republicans in the legislature suddenly had to seek cover for their own misfeasance by starting a real investigation.

They will ultimately put the blame on the Governor and Secretary of State who bought the Dominion machines, but this prompted actual legislation to go back to the law that is and always has been, which just happened (H.B. 531).

And these events have prompted others.  A grassroots group in Georgia is sponsoring “Pallets full of Ballots” rallies in Perry and Alpharetta, Georgia, on March 19th and 20th, respectively.

Speakers from across the country are coming, including Maxine Waters’ challenger, Joe Collins, from California, and Austin Forman’s band will be rocking the venues with cool music.

“Pallets full of Ballots” refers to another major reveal by a non-Trump guy, Patrick Byrne, and his team of investigators who caught (and filmed) Georgia officials storing and shredding ‘pallets full of ballots’ which had been illegally printed in China, in a Fulton County warehouse.

Patrick reported, “Last Wednesday, December 30, the Georgia Senate Judiciary voted to inspect those Fulton County voting operations. Hours later (as I have previously posted) Enterprise vans pulled up and got filled up with voting materials.

“A shredding company in neighboring Cobb County, Georgia was on December 31 given roughly 3,000 pounds of ballots to shred. Authorities have come into possession of those materials.

“A handful of papers stuck to the side of the shredding bin. They include some unshredded ballots (which 2 federally certified forensic examiners have affied do not match the legitimate ballots). ALSO, A SHIPPING RECEIPT FROM THE CHINESE FIRM THAT PRINTED THE BALLOTS! IN CHINESE!”

There are a myriad of such reveals, events and actions taking place, simultaneously, in just this one state, taking energy from one to start the next – and it’s spreading.

Each reveal of the steal prompts another look into what happened—and the movement is growing

Unable to hide any longer, the pathetically weak Republicans in the Georgia Legislature were forced to act

While State officials violated State law, Federal law and the U.S. Constitution, Georgia’s pathetic Republican legislators sat crying in their closets – like the courts – hoping it would all just go away.

It didn’t and it won’t, so they’re either going to act now, or lose their own seats to stronger men and women who will do what’s needed to restore integrity to elections.

At the last possible opportunity known as Crossover Day, where any bill to be heard in this year must be presented, they actually did something.

House Bill 531 passed the lower legislative chamber by a vote of 97-72, doing nothing more than returning to what was already law prior to secret agreements between Marxist, Stacey Abrams, and the spineless Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, who is now facing recall.

The bill simply requires a photo ID for absentee voting, limits the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot, restricts where ballot drop boxes can be located and when they can be accessed.

Before the digital letters of the bill dried, Marxist organiser and former gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, had weighed in and was screaming ‘racists’, which is the default scream theme for anything that limits Marxists’ ability to commit fraud in elections.

How insulting and truly ‘racist’ to say that it is beyond the ability of blacks to provide an ID or complete an online registration? Yet that is the Democrat’s default line, even from black Marxists like Stacey – whom I admire, because she is a fighter rather than a weak pawn like most Republicans seem to be.

She’s basically saying minorities are too stupid to get what they use every day – an ID – which is required to drive, go to a concert, cash a check, buy cigarettes and beer – or get into a Stacey Abrams lecture on Marxism.

That, my friends, is real racism, parroted daily by the Marxist press.

And while I am repulsed by everything for which this woman stands, I wish we could inject weak Republicans with her DNA

So, ‘yes’ to my old pal, Jim Jones, and everyone else, I believed our direct sources, but they – like me – believed justice would be done in the end, and it wasn’t

But you know what’s crazy?  I’m not giving up yet because I still believe in my home nation, its people, the U.S. Constitution and freedom.

This awakening is not only taking place in the State of Georgia, but all of the six fraud states where the steal was planned, prompted and perpetrated – and similar movements are popping up everywhere.

This is just starting Sports fans, so stay tuned.

Will the military sweep in and save us as I was told? Maybe, but it’s getting less likely by the day, in my opinion.

Do they have the authority?  The President (the real one) said he had invoked such powers on January 9th, but whether or not he will act on it is another question, and I’m beginning to doubt he will do so.

Letting this all play out may be a better long-term strategy so the people see what they lost and decide to take it back.

It’s been four months since the election and only now are the first “Pallets of Ballots” rallies being held – so I’m not giving up until someone in all six fraud States where Zuckerberg’s $350-400 million was used to fix the election has thoroughly investigated and adjudicated what (and who) that money bought.

This grassroots movement is just beginning and at some point, the tyrants, the weak Republicans who sat by idly while it was happening and even the Marxists will realise they went too far in their actions or inactions.

It will be time to prop up that American domino in the picture at the article’s beginning and we’ll change leaders until we find those willing to resurrect it.

America’s domino may be tumbling under a bumbling fool, but it will not be allowed to hit the ground and stay there.

I believe that the United States will defy the norms and expectations as it always has.

They – the States – will repel the invaders from without and within once awoken, which is suddenly happening in double-time as our borders are being intentionally flooded with gangs, rapists, drug dealers and the sick.

These millions are coming at O’Biden’s express invitation, you see.  The doddering old fool actually invited them to come to America, illegally cross, and they would be allowed in.

But the old fool also unwittingly flipped Texas, Arizona, California and neighbouring states blood-red (Republican) for a generation, once the resulting crime, unemployment and spike in disease (25% of border-crashers are testing positive for Covid) are felt by those living there.

Killing millions of energy jobs is already taking a toll on the Bolsheviks’ approval ratings.

But keeping a free people on lockdown over a flu that kills a smaller percentage than chicken pox will be worse for them, especially while opening the floodgates to Covid-positive foreigners to exacerbate the disease’s lifespan, take our jobs and receive benefits at our expense.

So yes, one of our sources was just a few doors down from the Oval Office but he believed what he was telling us

In fact, he believed what he was saying as much as we believed what we were being told – and maybe we will yet see something happen.

But nothing will push our hapless courts to act until the fraud is completely revealed to the point that the American people, our allies, and even our enemies have to sit back in wonder, asking “What the hell just happened?”

Then the Swamp Creatures will either have to come into the daylight and act, or face impeachment themselves – which includes the six of the nine monkeys in black robes on the Supreme Court who refused to hear or see the fraud, though that was their job (excluding Justices Thomas, Gorsuch and Alito).

53 million ‘ghost votes’ cannot be explained except by admitting that the most incredible fraud in history was perpetrated by traitors within and without the nation’s borders – all the way to the top – and those who allowed it, participated and those who ignored it must all be held to account.

Therein lies my hope that once this information is seen and understood by enough Americans, they will take back what was stolen from them and no power on earth can stop them.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post


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