Did they think their constant hate speech against white Christians, Trump supporters, and American values wouldn’t eventually lead to violence? Or was that perhaps their goal?


CNN’s constant anti-Trump Russia, Russia, Russia rant for four years changed to an equally false narrative of Racism, Racism, Racism in 2020, but unlike the Russia hoax, this one isn’t just costing money, it’s costing lives. 

 These vapid narcissists are now accomplices to murder

America’s fastest dying network (CNN—down 45% in just five weeks) would have the world believe an historically Judeo-Christian America—which is 87% non-Black yet elected a black Muslim as president, not once but twice—is ‘Racist, Racist, Racist’.

It’s a good thing only dim-witted pro-Islamic, Anti-American Marxist Christian haters watch this network, but that unfortunately includes all of the current political regime squatting in Trump’s White House and most of the United States Congress.

Such horrifying rhetoric against good people has the Marxist/Islamic fringe taking this as a wink and a nod from the O’Biden usurpers to kill White Christians—which they then blame on guns rather than the killers.

How can I say such a thing? 

Because I watched the terrorist Antifa wing and Marxist BLM thugs of the Democrat Party burn cities, kill police while attacking White Christians and Jews all last summer without penalty—yet Trump supporters are still sitting in jail after being invited into the Capitol Building by the police on January 6th and politely staying within the guest corridor ropes, yet labelled ‘insurrectionists’.

Meet 21 year old anti-Trump Muslim killer of white Christians, Ahmad al-Issa. This one’s on you, CNN

The Capitol incident was led and inspired by anti-Trumper, FBI affiliates like Thomas Caldwell (https://www.inquisitr.com/6478158/fbi-thomas-caldwell-death-list/), Antifa leader, John Sullivan—as well as CNN’s embedded ‘reporter’ thugette, Jade Sacker, who actually ‘sacked’ the Capitol with him (Sullivan was paid $35,000 by CNN and NBC for so doing).

But the Democrat DOJ/FBI/Media blamed it all on peaceful Trump supporters shown on camera being invited in by Capitol Police—yet they go unchallenged by their complicit colleagues.

Marxist Media and Democrats use such Incidents inspired by their own Hate Speech (and money) to take gun rights

One citizen with a concealed weapon could have prevented or stopped this tragic act of anti-White/Christian terror in Colorado, which I also contend was inspired by Media/Democrat rhetoric planting the seeds of such anti-White violence.

Instead, it is being spun as a reason to take Americans’ ‘inalienable right’ to keep and bear weapons—while blaming it on ‘White people’.

Who would blame a Syrian Muslim terrorist’s acts on ‘White people’, you ask?  Usurper Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece, Meena Harris certainly would and she’s just one of many.

Don’t be deceived. A pretty marxist is even more deadly

‘After tweeting a message stating that “Violent white men are the greatest terrorist threat to our country” Meena Harris, Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, was taken to task for assuming the suspect in the mass shooting in Colorado on Monday is white.

She has since deleted the initial tweet.’ https://www.blackenterprise.com/kamala-harris-niece-under-fire-stating-violent-white-men-are-the-greatest-terrorist-threat-to-our-country-wheres-the-lie/

Her retraction was even more insulting (and dishonest) than the first one.

She wrote, “I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting. I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by white men.”

Both are lies, of course, as the deadliest mass shootings and numbers of dead ultimately prove to be carried out by Muslims and Islamic converts (like the Las Vegas shooter, as a prime example—though the media hid it).

Meet Amy Suskind, typical reptilian marxist

Facts aside, Mean Meena was parroted by other false narrative hackettes like Amy Siskind, who wrote, “The shooter is was [sic] taken into custody.

“In other words it was almost certainly a white man (again). If he were Black or Brown he would be dead.”

Ever notice that most Feminazi Marxists hating on white men are themselves white LGBT chicks?  That, by the way, summarises Amy Siskind.

Democrat Activist Media is Equally Against Christians, constantly planting seeds of violence against us

In the ultimate act of Fake News hypocrisy, Muslim anti-Christian Activist writer, Hemal Jhaveri, used Oral Roberts University’s amazing success at the recent NCAA basketball tournament to bash Christian values.

Lots of black and brown hands for a team cnn racists would have us believe is an example of white supremacy, no?

Rather than focus on the Cinderella story of 15 seed ORU toppling No. 2 Ohio State (and others) this Islamic half-person, (according to her beloved prophet, Mohammed, a woman’s value is only half of a man) Hemal Jhaveri goes on in her piece about “the university’s deeply bigoted anti-LGBTQ+ polices,” which she adds, “can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.”

Meanwhile, her own people are sailing gays off rooftops like frisbees and heinously murdering them without penalty—as it is ‘Sharia’—yet not a peep out of Hamel Jhaveri that I can find about gay killings by her own people on order of the Koran.

Such ‘journalists’ are a scourge. Condemning a university that encourages normal male-female relationships as is natural law, while ignoring her own ideology that demands murder of gays is unacceptable.

This hateful rhetoric is intended by the Marxists to foster violence against White Christians and Trump supporters

When I was playing football in high school, for example, it would have been unthinkable for anyone of any colour to sit during the National Anthem.

Our coach, Jerry Hollingsworth, would have cut anybody from the team for ‘taking a knee’ during the anthem—and their mamas would have given them a whipping when they got home!

Our team was a mix of black, brown and white, as were all of our parents sitting in the stands, together, who also stood to show their love of America—by singing the National Anthem—also together.

Division is the key goal of Democrat Marxists, and not just racially against one another, but to prevent what we once had—a common love of our country.

Unsatisfied just turning us against each other, Marxists more importantly want to turn us against our own nations to weaken them for hostile takeover—as we’re presently witnessing them do in America.

Marxists must eliminate patriotism, love of God, and love of one another before they can impose their ‘workers paradise’ on a free people—then they always kill the non-compliant.  Yes.  Always.

White, Black, Hispanic Christians and Trump supporters stand in their way more than any other subsets—though we’re growing in number—so we have become the targets of their most virulent rage and rhetoric to stir their spawn against us.

So, this needs to stop CNN!

Spilling anti-Judeo Christian bile onto the airwaves while falsely claiming that white men (who statistically commit fewer crimes than any group but Asians) are dangerous, is not only false, but libelous and deadly.

We are not going to sit idly by any longer while you commit these heinous acts of violence against our religions and our race in service to Democrat Marxists.

You are going to either 1) go broke or 2) be spun off into oblivion by ATT due to your nosedive into obscurity as a one-time source of news.

And we Conservative White, Brown and Black Trump-loving citizens in America will see to it by taking you to task when you lie, taking you to court (like Project Veritas) when you lie, and turning you off when you lie—which seems to be every day now. 

If you’re talking heads’ mouths are moving, it’s either an untruth or Hate Speech against Christians and Trump Supporters of all kinds and colours it seems and it will stop.

Your Hate Speech against us will no longer be tolerated, and I hope the families of the people killed by this anti-Trump jihadist you encouraged will sue you for your part in it.

May you be nothing but a sad smudge mark in history known only by President Trump’s moniker for you, “Fake News”, and may you be gone before his triumphant return.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (find us on Telegram)

Warsaw, Poland