Masses are being mobilised to flood America with new socialist voters on Biden’s invitation—given transportation, money and a Biden t-shirt to invade America—but thousands are dying on the way, and thousands more Americans will die as a result

You all remember the catastrophe that was Kevin Rudd’s ‘compassionate’ refugee policy. Untold numbers died until Tony Abbott did the impossible and cleaned it up in a New York minute.

Now Joe Biden is the latest ‘compassionate’ Lefty to inflict this disaster on his nation and the wealthy nation shoppers. Howell Woltz has the goods. More to come, watch this space.

Harry Richardson


That’s the part you don’t hear.  Children as young as four are coming to America’s Southern border by the thousands, often unaccompanied – trafficked by cartels and gangs – suffering indescribable horrors along the way.

Children are used to get cartel adults through the border, then recycled if they survive, while heartless Media Marxists sit in complicit silence

“More than 600 children were ‘recycled’ through the border over the last year, including some who were carried across eight times, by a different person each time, looking to exploit lax policies to gain a foothold in the U.S., a top ICE official told Congress on Wednesday.”

One child was discovered to have been used and returned 17 times.  Let me repeat that for the Marxists and RINOs in Congress, cheering Biden on – seventeen times just one child was used to traffic cartel men over the border.

Michael Yon, former U.S. Special Forces fighter who became “America’s most experienced living combat correspondent,” has embedded himself in the Darién Gap of Panama, which is the choke point through which the massive caravans of people from all over the world are now passing to invade the United States. Yemen, Haiti, Syria – name a country – they’re coming from all over the world, mostly young men of fighting age, provided with child escorts to get strangers over the U.S. border, courtesy of Cartel human traffickers & Joe Biden.

Yon (here covering Iraq/Afghanistan wars) described the Darièn Gap as one of the most dangerous places on earth—these new killing fields are on Joe Biden and Marxist Democrats, and they’re causing the death of thousands just to get new voters regardless of its harm to Americans

Once the demented stand-in president, Joe Biden, encouraged the world to ‘rush the border’ (a quote) during his lack lustre campaign in October of 2020, they did just that.

Now?  They could rightly be called slaves to the cartels who control them.

The old fool actually told the world to ‘rush the border’ twice – and doubled down on it this week in his one and only press gig since stealing office.  By election day, tens of thousands were staged and ready to invade – they’re now on the border entering America.

Michael Yon has reported, “There’s a lot of children that come through the Darién Gap without parents,” he said, “because their parents die out there.”

Democrats’ bizarre voter strategy is killing thousands – and they and their media lackeys could care less

Darién is the gap between the Pan Am highway in South America and it’s continuation as Highway #1 in North America, meaning anyone ‘rushing’ the U.S. border as Biden invited them to do by land must pass through this narrow piece of jungle which is completely under the control of violent cartels.

Border patrol union president: “Trump saw 45-year low in human smuggling at the border—now it’s all back” (Brandon Judd)

And guess what?  The cartels have found human trafficking for Biden’s Democrats even more profitable than smuggling Chinese fentanyl for their CCP counterparts in Communist China. 

They’re still hauling drugs as well, but the cartels are using Biden’s open border madness to tie up scarce resources on the U.S. side reducing available personnel to stop their smuggling ops at unfinished gaps in Trump’s Wall.

And it’s working splendidly for the pedophile community preying on/buying these children, for Marxist Democrats who want dependent voters at any cost, for RINO Republicans who want cheap labour – also at any cost – and the hell with Americans, legal immigrants and the law.

Sadly, it’s not working for their victims – Latin Americans seeking a better life and the nation’s own citizens who will be raped, murdered and robbed by dangerous young men Joe Biden intentionally lured to, and over, U.S. borders.

“Every single person is robbed,” according to Yon, as I heard him report live on Steve Bannon’s Warroom Pandemic. He addedthat every woman is raped – repeatedly – except the very old and the very ugly.

Border Cartels have an Affinity for Kids – Just Like Biden

Joe Biden, and the Marxists are now using children to bring in illegals who will vote Democrat for a living rather than earn one

How bad has Biden made all this with his “rush the border” stupidity?

Very, very bad.  Trump had the border secured and an agreement with Mexico’s president to hold migrants there – including the children – while being vetted for entry, and 90% did not make the cut – so they were returned to their home nations.

Trump was finishing the wall, which would have stopped almost all smuggling and human trafficking, but Biden stopped its construction his first day in office.

Biden also ended the ‘Stay in Mexico’ arrangement on Day One of his usurped tenure and now plans to spend $86 million on housing terrorists, cartel members, illegal migrants and all comers in hotels – and no, I’m not making that up.

Famous attorney and author, Gregg Jarrett, caught them.

The Border States will be overwhelmed!

No, they won’t.  They’re overwhelming all of America – wherever Marxist votes are needed most to steal future elections.

Biden’s Bolsheviks had a plan in place for that as well – ship the illegal migrants and undocumented invaders without even a court date for their legally mandated immigration hearing – all over America to be secreted away until asylum is magically granted via another illegal Biden Executive Order.

This isn’t speculation on my part. A former border agent investigated and reported on it, and Judicial Watch has the evidence from forced disclosure that illegal immigrants are not only being flown at taxpayer expense, but “get priority boarding ahead of all other passengers.”

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of American citizens and veterans sleep on the streets of the nation with no help from the Marxists while this hotel and many others are filling with illegals—all at taxpayer expense—all over the nation

“The cartels are sending these people all over the country,” former Border Agent, Victor Avila said. “They are transporting people all over the United States into our neighbourhoods.” (Warroom Pandemic, Episode 823, “Border Crisis Spills into America”)

Marxists are putting future voters where they’re needed

And how are they doing it?  Hundreds of buses have been chartered to take them anywhere the Marxists need voters before next elections.  That’s protocol for the poorer gate crashers, at any rate.

The Haitian wave of undocumented aliens last week, for example, was taken to Miami and parts of New York – roughly 130 on just one bus as observed by former Agent Avila.

First stop was Miami (where Trump won) to flood it with new likely Democrat voters, then on to parts of New York to buttress Marxist candidates for next year and 2024, when Biden promised them citizenship (and the vote) outside of law.

“Illegal aliens quietly being relocated throughout U.S. on commercial flights” according to judicial watch

But get this – many of these border crashers are not the poor masses they are portrayed as being.  They are wealthy and are flying into Mexico, walking across the border under Bolshevik invitation and heading straight to the closest airport, all of which have been ordered to allow them to travel outside of law.

And for those who are not flush with blood diamonds, cartel cash or riches from criminal conduct, they are flown for free as reported above – and given priority over paying American customers.

More to come…..

Howell Woltz

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