American blood is also on Biden’s hands

Well over two thousand Americans will be murdered by these illegal aliens just next year.  That’s a fact, and it will likely be far worse after Biden’s ‘rush the border’ scheme. 

Who will stand up for these Americans who lose kids to illegals while Trump is temporarily out of office?  No one, it seems.  Not even Republicans.

You see, it’s not just the thousands of illegals murdered by the cartels and left to rot in the Darièn Gap jungles of Panama or the deserts of Mexico. That is a sure fate for those who refuse to pay, work for them, carry their drugs, or give up their spouses, daughters and children for sex trafficking. It’s thousands of Americans every year as well.

Recognise this man?  angel mom’s certainly do. their children were slain by Obama/Biden’s Marxist voter import scheme, which trump stopped, but has started again under Biden Bolsheviks

“According to the latest statistics released by the FBI as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), more than a quarter of all murders in the US were committed by illegal aliens in 2018.”

“Out of a total 9,049 homicides that the FBI reported, some 2,500 (28%) were committed by foreign nationals who were never supposed to be in America in the first place. As far as both parties in Congress are concerned, this is not a national problem.”

If illegals imported by sick Marxists for votes (and RINOs for cheap labour) are removed from official statistics, America is one of the safest, most peaceful places on the planet.

And now the demented old fool promised to tear down Trump’s Wall and open wide the borders Trump restored

Remember how they bashed Trump for “children in cages” using photos they later admitted had been taken under Obama/Biden rule?  Well now it’s worse.

Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs was on a podcast with Congressman David Nunes (CA) on Friday and disclosed that the border patrol in his State apprehended over 100,000 illegals in February alone.

Add in 118,000 rapes and 138,000 violent assaults on Americans each year, then tell me bringing in another few million is a good idea, Mr. Biden!

Congressman Biggs pointed out that 100,000 is just those who got caught – and already in March the number of apprehensions has exploded to 140,000 which is not even close to all who came through mostly unguarded gaps in Trump’s Wall and other border States – by Executive Order. Catch and release is back.

Cages built under Obama/Biden, which were then used to batter Trump, are over-crowded under Biden by an estimated 1,700% – and the liars have relabelled them “Reception Centres” – refusing to allow any media to cover them.

But AOC isn’t doing her photo op pretending to cry at a border fence now that it’s a real crisis (there was an empty parking lot on the other side of the fence, not children, as she falsely claimed in her Trump bashing photo op in 2017).

This crisis is affecting the poorest and the blackest of Americans, but Antifa Fascists and Marxist Black Lives Matter are silent over this migrant flood that will affect their alleged constituents more than any – because they’re the Democrat’s militia wing, not true activists, just paid mercenaries.

Biden’s pathetic press secretary, Jen Psaki, refuses to admit there is even a crisis at the border, even though it has now reached Biblical proportions.

And the corrupt Marxist media isn’t asking a single question of Psaki or her clearly senile boss.

In fact, it wasn’t even a real press event.  Biden had notes with pictures of the reporters he was to call on and what appeared to be pre-programmed softball questions with his response written out for him.

Biden’s first presser sent his approval ratings to a negative 12 ‘strongly approve v. strongly disapprove’ low

And he still blew it.  It was actually quite sad to watch, but I’ll save my sympathy for old people not trying to destroy my home nation or buggering its children.

But let me leave you with some good news

His new movie, absolute interference, nails the Marxists to the wall. Lindell claims it will force courts to overturn 2020 election steal     

Remember when we published a link to Mike Lindell’s movie, Absolute Proof, literally showing the vote-switching fraud on November 3rd, where Democrat Marxists colluded with the CCP, Italian and Swiss governments, along with anti-American Islamists to steal the election from Donald Trump?

Mr. Lindell has now spent another few million, hired top forensic investigators, who among other things literally tracked down the buildings and offices where the IP addresses of the computers used for the vote-switching are located.

Mr. Lindell has another movie coming out this week, Absolute Interference, and it’s a blockbuster. Do watch it.

Maybe CCP-owned Dominion Voting Systems should have left this guy alone

“Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell on Monday, saying he spread false information that its voting machines rigged the 2020 U.S. presidential election….in federal court in Washington, D.C., seeking damages in excess of $1.3 billion.” (NPR- February 22, 2021).

Dominion has also filed billion dollar plus scare suits against Attorney Sidney Powell (who has separate but provable evidence of Dominion’s role in the 2020 election steal) and this weekend, CCP-owned Dominion announced another $1.6 billion suit against FOX News – all meant to scare truth tellers into silence.

Laura Ingraham took the path most travelled and cut off the President when he mentioned the steal, clearly on orders from above her

FOX host, Laura Ingraham, actually interrupted the real President, Donald Trump, Friday night in an interview when he brought up the fraud, saying they wouldn’t ‘re-litigate’ the election on her show.

But Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell?  All they’ve done is double down and it’s bearing fruit – along with Attorney Lin Wood’s reveals of those behind it all.

Lindell’s new movie airs this week and it is so powerful, his lawyers are telling him it will have the effect of forcing the courts to overturn the 2020 election – including John James, whose Senate race was stolen from him in Michigan, and Georgia’s two Senate election among many more.

Yesterday on Steve Bannon’s War room Pandemic Show, Lindell triumphantly shouted, “President Trump will be back in office by August!”

And if all the fraudulent votes are removed, the entire balance of power will be shifted – the Senate and House going back to the Republican, with extra power to spare – and America’s president back in the White House, which I believe with all my heart, is the plan.

But that’s not all the good news

Friday night, Georgia’s legislature passed sweeping election reform to eliminate the mail-in ballot-fraud system and ID to vote, as all civilised nations require. The pusillanimous Governor, Brian Kemp, then signed it into law

That, in my opinion, is the result of these heroic people refusing to let the muzzled Democrat press continue the lies by exposing the facts so publicly that other states and courts (as we’ve covered in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan) are being forced to acknowledge the fraud and fix broken rules.

Arizona’s Senate, as example, after refusing for months, is now recounting the 2.1 million votes in Maricopa County and has seized the vote-switching machines made by CCP-owned Dominion Voting Systems for hand count of ballots and forensic analysis of voting machines, respectively.

I’ll bet a farthing to a pound the numbers don’t match by a lot more than the alleged Biden ‘win’ when only legal votes are tallied.

So, I’m still not giving up and will never accept this pathetic pedophile currently fouling the People’s House and President Trump’s office as America’s leader. 

And if Editor Harry and Nurse Ratched allow me to put this explosive sworn  testimony forth that simply puts words with the pictures of this fool’s half-century of illicit sexual activity with children – including his own – no one could support this man, assuming his son, Hunter, is telling the truth in his laptop diary and the former federal agent has no fear of prison for perjury.

Originally published by the Associated Press but it appears to have been borrowed by foreigners at some point judging by the spelling errors

Joe Biden is a sick man, and he and his Vice-President need to go now.

But that is unlikely, so once the President is back, we close the borders, evict the invaders, and retake America for Americans and legal immigrants who follow the process rather than breaking into our homes and nation.

Then they and hundreds in their scheme need to be tried for treason and hung.

And for the record, I’m putting RINOs who along with the American Chamber of Commerce are supporting this border scheme on notice that unless you sign a pledge that these invaders brought in by the Marxists will never be given a pathway to citizenship, you will be primaried and beaten at your next election.

President Trump took human smuggling at the border to a 45-year low, as stated by Border Patrol Union President, Brandon Judd.

He wants president #45 back as badly as the rest of America.

President Trump will return one way or another now that Americans are seeing the fruits of Marxism – and who the man the Democrats kept hidden during the campaign but was planted in office by America’s enemies through fraud really is.

If we let the bastards get away with fixing elections and flooding our borders at this critical juncture, America may well be unretrievable – even under President Trump.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (now on Telegram after quitting Big Tech censors)

Warsaw, Poland