Biden’s new director of giveaways to marxist organisations – or just another democrat rodent in transition?

Beijing Biden spreads Wuhan flu money to Bolsheviks via criminal “no-bid” Contracts unrelated to the virus

The unfunded trillions are flying out of the Occupied White House faster than anyone can keep track of them – but none of the giveaways are for America or Americans.

Let’s start with the small one – $1.9 trillion

This massive amount exceeds 2020 tax revenues ($1.821 trillion) by roughly $80 billion just to show how crazy Biden’s Bolsheviks can be – leaving not a penny for government operation or their other giveaways.

Worse?  It’s not going where the lying bastards told the people it would go.

This massive bank-buster was sold to a duped public as “Coronavirus Relief,” but according to GOP House Leader, Kevin McCarthy, “Only 9% of the the $1.9 trillion will be spent to actually fight the pandemic.” 

“The editors conclude that it’s disingenuous to call it a COVID relief bill when in reality it’s a ‘progressive blowout for the ages that does little for the economy but will finance Democratic interest groups for years’.”

While the first heist was still in process, the Bolsheviks went in for another – $2.25 trillion

This was sold to the American people as an ‘infrastructure bill’ but only an estimated $650 billion is slated to go to anything like bridges, ports, highways and tunnels – you know, “infrastructure”.

The rest?  It’s strictly for pork spending on pet Bolshevik projects to cement Marxism into American life and politics.

Trillions are going for illegal payoffs to bolshevik organisations and to flood the borders outside of law – it’s never too early to plan the next election steal, eh?

Even the alleged infrastructure spending – according to Beijing Biden himself – will do crazy things like “raise all the roads in America by three feet.”  Say what, Joe?

So even this translates into Green New Deal nonsense, as waters are not rising – they are, in fact, falling.

90% of Atolls & Islands Are Stable or Growing.”

These beautiful Maldives are not under water as Gore, Obama and the United Nations promised us a decade ago – in fact, they’re growing!

For the Marxists who read The Richardson Post and have trouble with simple logic, if dry landmasses such as islands and atolls are increasing in size rather than shrinking or underwater, that means oceans are not rising. 

In short, they lied to us – again – and when the Bolsheviks raise American roads three feet as promised by Beijing Biden – that will also shut down transportation by truck and train of things like fuel, food, and most supplies, because they won’t fit under the bridges or in tunnels. 

Got it?  Regardless of facts, the plan is the same – take America to its knees ‘by any means necessary’ as the Antifa/BLM queen admitted us last summer in Portland was their plan.

And now the greedy bastards are back for – $3 trillion more

Who in the world could be left to bribe after the first $4+ trillion, and how will they ever sell this to the American people?

The answer to the first question, according to The Millenial Source, “On Monday, March 22, the Biden administration announced plans for a US$ 3 trillion spending package focused on a range of issues dedicated to boosting well-paying jobs, updating crumbling infrastructure and increasing wealth and racial equity.” (

In simpler terms, it’s a bill to keep teacher’s unions bought off, pay off California, New York, Oregon, New Jersey, Michigan and Wisconsin deficits due to corrupt management and Socialist practices, while imposing their racial division agenda on a once united people.

Yes.  They’re actually teaching racism now in public schools, K-12, and universities are enforcing Critical Race Theory (anti-white racism), punishing any student or staff who questions its ridiculous tenets.

In answer to how they will ever sell this bankrupting bullshit to the American people – they won’t.  Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer, figured out an illegal work-around.

How you ask?

They did it the old-fashioned Bolshevik way – threats of ruin.

Schumer threatened the Parliamentarian (Bolshevik operative appointed under Obama in 2012 – Elizabeth MacDonough) into agreeing to look askance while Democrats break the rules – once again – to pass their Marxist agenda and cement their overthrow of America.

Senate Rules require spending legislation to pass with two-thirds (66/100 votes).  But what are rules and laws when Bolsheviks are in charge?

They’re nothing.  And Lizzie MacDonough folded faster than a cheap suit to Chuckie’s threats (or she would not be there today).

How they posed this illegal act is a work of art, I must admit.

“The Senate parliamentarian has advised that a revised budget resolution can include reconciliation instructions [though in violation of Senate Rules], opening a path for Democrats to pass spending legislation by a simple majority vote, an aide for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Monday.” 

“Budget reconciliation, a parliamentary procedure to bypass the two-thirds requirement for legislation, was used to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan without any Republican support.” [Emphasis added]

So, they stole the election up and down the 2020 ballot to get to a 50/50 in the Senate – and they now violate Senate rules to finish the coup?

The most generous reading of the Marxists’ latest living monetary manifesto hawked to the public as ‘infrastructure’ can find a very imaginary relationship to about 1/3 of this latest tranche – but all of that is for Green New Deal extrastructure as is their Socialist goal – not for  anything historically considered infrastructure.

It’s not a secret, mate.  She says it out loud every time her lips part

It’s not for bridges, it’s for taking over your property by fiat to prevent you from doing anything with it.  You may still hold the deed and pay ever-higher taxes on it, but you can’t dig a ditch or move your pisser to the ground floor as you may need in later years, without AOC’s permission.

They’re not even hiding it any more

The trillions are for Agenda 21 – which is nothing more than the Globalist Green New Deal.

If you have not studied what Agenda 21 has in store for you, I suggest that you put away your voter registration in the same place you keep your pre-puberty abstinence pledge until you’ve educated yourself – as this is global and you need to know what they’re going to do. 

We’ve covered this horrifying United Nations effort fully in multiple articles, of which Editor Harry’s is perhaps the best.

But claiming that even 1/3 of this sum that could overturn – or feed, clothe and educate the entire world – relates to U.S.  ‘infrastructure’ is outright prevarication.

These trillions are actually being used to bail out Marxist strongholds whose Socialist practices bankrupted them – largely over failed ‘projects’ past – while cementing the revolutionaries into power, by flooding borders with new Marxist voters.

This $7 trillion – an amount exceeding expenditure by all world governments combined this year – is earmarked for Agenda 21 Marxist projects to bring down America and fund nations abroad who are assisting in that endeavour – such as Iran. 

So can you give us some examples of these payoffs?

I thought you’d never ask. To make the last point, Beijing Biden just lifted sanctions on Iran – which he does not have the power to do unilaterally – and is giving them a $3 billion ransom they demanded before agreeing to even meet his Globalist Giveaway gadflies.

Hat tip to Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage magazine

But everyone knows terrorists feed on weakness, so they’ve demanded more from Mr. Weak Knees, even after being the most likely source of “at least 14 107mm rockets, a favoured weapon supplied by Iran to the militias, in a missile strike on U.S. troops,” according to NBC News.

Iran is now demanding more from Biden – up to $8.5 billion under U.S. control in South Korea and $6 billion more in Iraq, and while Biden’s Bolsheviks claim they haven’t yet agreed to it, Iran’s Central Bank governor Abdolnaser Hemmati announced it’s a deal and “The payment will be in cash which will be transferred to our banks.”

Big payoffs are going to political operatives to set the stage for election theft next year

Let’s start with the Marxist Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Gavin Newsome – short-term Governor of California now under recall – who just put a criminal in the Senate to replace the disgraceful Kamala Harris, whose seat was earned by the oldest profession known to man.

Meet her replacement, former CA Secretary of State, Alex Padilla now under investigation for illegal no-bid contracts to Bidenites

She is now Beijing Biden’s co-host in the Occupied White House.

How Padilla got the job requires following the money. 

He gave an illegal $35 million ‘no-bid’ contract to Biden’s California coup plotters, SKD Knickerbocker, which “will undoubtedly provide a partisan firm the opportunity to use taxpayer money to influence the federal election,” said GOP Reps. James Comer of Kentucky, Jody Hice of Georgia and Rodney Davis of Illinois in a letter to Padilla.

For those unfamiliar with how these scum merchants operate, SKD Knickerbocker took $806,000 from Team Biden during the campaign after former Biden staffer, Tara Reade, credibly accused him of rape. 

Most agree from the timing of this payment, that its purpose was to do damage control, but the $35 million will keep them quiet for sure.

But not to worry.  The trillions now being rushed through the Senate will re-imburse California for this illegal contract among many others.

Greasing the wheels with Family Endeavors for a no-bid $87 million – to house new Marxist voters

Biden transition team member, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, got this ‘no-bid’ (and therefore, illegal) contract from the Biden Administration to rent hotel rooms for illegal immigrants now flooding the U.S. border on Sleepy Joe’s invitation – including terror watchlist criminals from Yemen, Haitians and Syrians.

It’s not only Mexicans and Central Americans now that Joe put out the welcome mat for all comers, and while mainstream media idiots claimed GOP House Leader, Kevin McCarthy was lying about who was coming across, they had to retract it when letters from Border Patrol confirmed it.

This Bidenite, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, shifted from the administration’s transition team to run a Biden-oriented political organisation, Family Endeavors, which claims to be a ‘non-profit’.  “It seems pretty profitable for a nonprofit,” said the source of this information, according to the Washington Examiner piece.

He’s on the marxist home team all right

Andrew was on Obama’s HOME TEAM back in 2012, so this is no Bolshevik in training, he’s a groomed gangster from the good ole early days of the Revolution.

It’s not hard to figure out what will happen to those illegal migrants who he’s grooming to be Marxist voters – but it’s difficult to figure out how a booking agent buying rooms for federal payment can claim the $87 million to not be profiting – though he’ll have lots of expenses turning criminals into registered Democrats for next year’s election, I’m sure.

NOTE to Marxists – I call them criminals because they came across the border in violation of U.S. law, regardless of who invited them to break the law.

And this is just the start of the abject lawlessness.  Keep an eye on these pages as the scandals are coming faster now than my digital ink can flow.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (I’ve moved to Telegram, join me there)