Step one and two are complete—Biden’s bolsheviks are now completing step three—taking down America by destroying the dollar

Harry’s Note:

The following article by Howell Woltz gives a terrifying look at the financial carnage in America as Biden and his cronies loot the nation with a printing press. 

This may sound like an American problem, but have a think about this. The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency.

If it goes down, there is likely to be massive turmoil in the world’s financial system.

Who knows how many financial institutions could go down, and how many real life businesses, super funds and financial institutions will be taken down with them?

If that sounds scary, have a think about this. The US 7th fleet floats menacingly between Australia and a large nuclear armed nation beginning with C that hasn’t been overly friendly of late.

If a million US dollars won’t buy a litre of diesel, the fleet may find itself tied up in Los Angeles harbour whilst its 20,000 sailors rummage through the bins looking for old pizza crusts or fish heads that haven’t been licked completely clean yet.

In the meantime, just remember the old saying that when a loaf of bread costs a million dollars, you’ll be surprised at how many loaves of bread an ounce of gold will buy you.


‘Fiat currency always eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.’

Voltaire warned us 250 years ago what always happens, and it is happening again at this very moment in quick-step under Biden and the Bolsheviks.

The world’s reserve currency, improperly called The U.S. Dollar, is being liquidated before our eyes.

I say, ‘improperly called’ because this funny money is printed by a privately-owned Central Bank – The Federal Reserve – which is neither ‘federal’ nor a ‘reserve’.

What this entity has done since 1913 is in violation of the U.S. Constitution, which requires money to be backed by gold or silver. 

By bribing Congress, however, the world’s richest men were illegally granted the authority to print paper currency for the United States out of thin air – of no real value – and charge interest on it.

The story is as riveting as a Tom Clancy novel, best told by Edward Griffin in his groundbreaking book (still in print) The Creature from Jekyll Island.

The plot was secretly hatched in 1911 at Railroad Tycoon/Banker J.P. Morgan’s duck hunting club off the coast of Georgia, where the representatives of men estimated to hold a major portion of the world’s wealth secretly plotted authorisation for their illegal Federal Reserve.

Men representing the Rothschilds, Morgans, Warburgs and Rockefellers plotted in this room during December of 1911

Step One – Remove any backing for the money.

Article 1, § 10 is clear:  No State shall…make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.

Fed apologists claim that only States may have this limitation, but the Federal Government is not so restricted – conveniently forgetting that the States created the Federal Government and gave it no authorisation to make money at all – just to coin it for others from gold or silver. 

Further, the Tenth Amendment clearly prohibits any power not specifically granted the Federal Government, so that is hogwash trying to invent such a federal power not listed – like printing fake paper money of no value.

Article I, § 8 (Clauses 5 and 6) simply offer the power to Congress to “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures, as well as: 

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.”

The power to coin money and fix its standard of weights and measures meant just that.  Citizens, banks and businesses brought their gold and silver to the U.S. Mint to turn it into money of a fixed weight and trusted value – guaranteed by the mint under government control.

But that was just the first of the three legs of the stool the Bank Barons kicked away – even though it wasn’t even their gold and silver backing it.

The marxist have now set the stage to take the value to zero

It took a bit of time after their cash machine caused the Great Depression, but their man, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, outlawed gold in 1934 and Richard Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard completely in 1971.

Step Two – Protect the fake money with ‘legal tender’ laws.

When I was a child, banks gave me silver coins in exchange for my paper money on demand.  But my beloved ‘silver certificates’ were eliminated in 1964 in preparation for The Coinage Act of 1965, where money ceased having real value altogether.

The new money did not even represent anything real like my Silver Certificates.  They were Federal Reserve Notes, backed by ‘the full faith and credit of The United States’ – which is zero at present.

31 USC §5103 (1965) then made it illegal for anyone to refuse this funny money, by designating it “Legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes and dues.” This step is an important one because if there are viable alternatives to fake money, people will use them.  Always.

Not my hero, this Richard Nixon—not only did he ruin any value or backing of U.S. currency, he cozied up to the communist Chinese

The only way to prevent other means of exchange from developing is to force the public to use the currency – which was done under President Richard Nixon.

He then ended U.S. dollar convertibility to gold, making United States money of no value at all. It became a fiat currency (created by Government ‘fiat’ or ‘decree’).

Due to the unmatched post-war power of the United States (and the growing world reliance on oil) agreements were forced on all nations to make this Federal Reserve Note the world’s reserve currency and require it to be used for all trade in oil.

While both brilliant and evil, that is about to end as the world watches the Bolsheviks print trillions, liquidating any perceived value the dollar may have had to zero. 

Were these enormously rich families; Rockefellers, Warburgs, Rothschilds and Morgans; not behind the funny money machine (benefitting from The Federal Reserve) this never could have lasted as long as it has – but now they’re moving on to create a global digital currency – which they will also control so the Federal Reserve Note must die.

Here’s Klaus Schwab—who wants control of all your money

‘In his “Great Reset” marketing book, Schwab threatens that this rising tide of nationalism will prove “incompatible” with the United States dollar’s “status as global reserve currency”.’

‘He suggests that an alternative currency will be needed, that a global digital currency is eventually going to arrive, and that China is “years ahead of the rest of the world” in developing one.’ 

And with Beijing Biden – the weakest president since James Buchanan – squatting in President Trump’s White House, the world has no fear of American reprisal if it stops using the U.S. dollar for oil or reserves, though that will take down the United States fast, quick and in a hurry.

This will bring the Federal Reserve Note to an end, which is being hastened by Beijing Biden and his Bolsheviks who are presently spending/printing it into oblivion.

Step Three – Print all you can once you’re caught.

And the bolsheviks are melting the presses down printing pay to play cash before the world wakes up and quits buying u.s. debt

Part of the Davos/Globalist/Marxist ‘RESET’ is to not only destroy the U.S. currency but the nation’s hegemony as well. 

The Biden junta is jamming the gears of everything American, flooding the borders with foreign forces and outlawing honest elections so the new Marxists can vote illegally – and not get caught.

And they’re all in with the Klaus Schwab/CCP take-down of America. The printing presses are red hot, and everything considered American is being attacked daily – by those sworn to serve the nation.

As for the destruction of the currency, perhaps the best analogy of what is going on is adding water to soup. 

“There was approximately $1.63 trillion in circulation as of March 21, 2018, of which $1.59 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes.”

So, let’s start our soup base there at $1.63 trillion to show you how destructive what they’re doing by pouring in tens of trillions on top of that will be.

That’s not the bulk of U.S. currency, as most is digital in reserves, or trade but no one in the Biden junta is forthcoming with this figure, obviously. 

So my best estimate is, “In June 2013, the M2 money supply was about $10.5 trillion [source: Federal Reserve].”

The Obama/Biden Administration then started adding roughly a trillion to the pot each year after that calling it ‘Quantitative Easing’ – a policy reversed by America’s real president in 2017 – so my best estimate is $13.5 trillion in total dollar value worldwide today.

Last year, the Democrat-controlled House squandered a shocking $6.55 trillion adding that much more to the soup making it a light broth.

They’ve slated an estimated $7.7 trillion for 2021 spending at federal, state and local level, which is multiples of income – and the broth is thin.

In just three budget-busting bills since the Biden regime occupied the White House – they’ve driven spending through the roof by another $7.15 trillion in the most massive fraud package in human history, admittedly intended to cement themselves into permanent power.

Now add it up – new money made or on the printing press just this past year (speaking anecdotally, as most of it is digital) – that’s $21.4 trillion.

The Bolsheviks added $21.4 trillion to the $13.5 trillion pot of soup, intent on destroying it while cementing their power.

Simply put, the value of every dollar has been reduced by that added money.  A dollar one year ago is worth about $.38 after this incredible liquidation by the Bolsheviks. 

Why would any nation want to invest in our dollars when the Democrats are spending away their value?

Keep adding gallons of water and it’s no longer soup

Our soup is not soup any longer – it’s mostly water and of little if any value.

These tens of trillions were garnered by lies and ruthless end-runs around rules and law – and it must stop.

Many are waking up to the dangers these people pose to the world, not just The Richardson Post.

Taegan Goddard of Political Wire took the junta to task this week writing, “President Joe Biden’s sprawling infrastructure plan doesn’t just attempt to turn decades-old progressive policy pursuits into law.

“Aides and operatives inside and out of the White House are coming to view it as an ambitious political play to cement, and even expand, the coalition of voters that delivered Democrats to power in November,” Politico reports.”

The now open plan is to cement a governing majority via bribes, payoffs, no-bid contracts, (exposed earlier in the week) illegal border crashers invited by Biden to become Marxist voters and dozens of lawless voting schemes to prevent fair elections or ballot integrity so they can do so.

But the clear and present danger is their destruction of America’s dollar, be it a real one or Federal Reserve Note – which will be used to fuel their agenda for a world currency the Global Marxists intend to impose on everyone except China.

Ok, the photo is a cheap shot, but the Biden crime family took $1.5 billion from the CCP and still earns $30 million a year—and old Joe looks pretty sharp on a leash, no?

In fact, Klaus Schwab is hinting that maybe China will be anointed to that power to make fake digital money for the Reset – so there is nothing Xi’s puppet Joe can do.

Once Biden has destroyed the United States currency Klaus and Gang will make their move. 

The Globalist will introduce their digital currency for reserves and require it for oil purchases – knowing they have a weakling sitting in the Oval Office so compromised that he can’t even object.


When all those trillions and trillions of dollars tied up in oil deals and foreign reserve accounts flood back into the world’s monetary system – on top of that tiny base that started the soup ($1.59 trillion) just think for a moment what will happen to the value of a U.S. dollar.

Tens of trillions of Federal Reserve Notes – a.k.a. U.S. Dollars – flood into the markets, losing value by the hour and minute. 

Currencies are commodities, priced by supply and demand and when the world is dumping trillions with no buyers, the price will drop to nothing. 

That is a very real assessment of what will happen if Beijing Biden and the Bolsheviks are allowed to remain in charge.  They will cause America to collapse – and they will celebrate it.

America is then completely underwater and its currency has no value.  Food and water riots ensue, but the Bolsheviks fired the police in their ‘defund’ campaign last summer, remember? And Biden just tried to outlaw guns for self-defence with an illegal ‘Executive Order’ (not found in the Constitution) to leave Americans unable to stop it.  

A wheelbarrow of dollars won’t by a loaf of bread – and this week’s focus is taking everyone’s’ means of self-protection–which I hope the Sheople won’t stand for.

Game over – and if you think it can’t happen, read some history, as that has been the ending of every fiat currency in history to date.

But there is a way out….

If the real President is restored in time, he can sack the Federal Reserve (after one last printing to cover all debts agreed to in that currency) and go back to a real U.S. dollar backed by America’s gold, silver, and real resources going forward.

Forget trying to be a reserve currency for others just so politicians can overspend, or making others use dollars for their foreign deals. That’s not our business and it caused most of our problems.

How you ask?  The ability to print all that fake money and have others buy it is what gave U.S. politicians the means of putting us in the financial straits we’re in and amassing too much power.

We pay off these trillions in debt (currently at $28 trillion before this latest spending orgy) which were incurred in Federal Reserve Notes with one last issue of Federal Reserve Notes to pay it all, and then shut down the party.

The Federal Reserve is independent of government, so let them deal with it or find a way to survive by continuing as a clearing house. I don’t care.

Then, a debt-free America moves forward and lives within its means once rid of the Bolsheviks and the real President is back in control.

As the bolsheviks force their agenda, more Americans are realising what they lost

He’s tan, ready and rested.

Howell Woltz

The Richardson Post (join me on Telegram – I left Facebook and Twitter)