The CCP launches digital currency to take down DC and dollar


Guess who came up with unbacked paper money, which is now bringing down the world’s economic system from the debt it caused?  CHINA

Guess who is now the first nation to create an unbacked digital currency?


Yeah.  What could possibly go wrong?  You don’t even have to print it.

China was the first to try fake money (8th century) and first of many to fail—because it never works

The havoc about to be unleashed on the world cannot be overstated and I don’t even blame the CCP.  I’m just surprised it took them this long.

This is the fault of corrupt U.S. politicians – Both Democrat Marxists and One World RINOs

Imagine the audacity of post-war America forcing the world to use its money for all oil transactions worldwide? 

That’s why nations buy U.S. securities and hold Federal Reserve currency – it’s not because it’s such a great value.  U.S. debt instruments – bonds, T-bills, you name it – are junk bonds and about to get ‘junkier’ as Biden’s Bolsheviks print dollars faster than the speed of light – reducing each buck’s value with every new pressing.

This is how we found out about this no good, very bad idea in the thirteenth century—damn that Marco Polo!

The first our Western World heard of this ‘species of fraud’ as George Washington called fiat currency, was from a guy named Marco Polo.

Marco Polo wrote in his journal, “All these pieces of paper are issued with as much solemnity and authority as if they were of pure gold or silver; and on every piece, a variety of officials, whose duty it is, have to write their names and to put their seals.  And when all is prepared duly, the chief officer deputed by the Kaan smears the Seal entrusted to him with vermillion and impresses it on the paper, so that the form of the Seal remains stamped upon it on that paper, so that the form of the Seal remains upon it in red; the money is then authentic.”

But what was it worth?  With what did the Kaan back his tornesel

That’s also in Polo’s journal and no surprise to the learned in this so-called ‘Science of Money’ (a.k.a. financial fraud), “And the Kaan causes every year to be made such a vast quantity of this money, which costs him nothing, that it must equal in amount all the treasures in the world.” This process is indistinguishable from the paper money hoax of the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and every other member of the Basle cabal worldwide, from which China’s Central Bank now exits to create a new means of fraud – a worthless digital money.

Is that a vermillion smear I see on Mr. Franklin’s $100?

So, what’s the big deal?  Bitcoin works, right?

I understand that cryptocurrencies aren’t new – and that Bitcoin just hit $60,231 today – and Ethereum as well as the 200th such invention (Populous with a market cap of $241 million) are booming – but the CCP crypto-currency is not this.

First of all, these blockchain currencies are not part of the traditional global financial system, nor are they ‘legal tender’ under most of our laws, which means they can’t be forced on the public to accept as payment.

The CCP is – what do we call it? – digitising billions of yuan without limit, which can soon be used for electronic payments in any currency anywhere in the world under the auspices and control of this most populous of nation’s Central Bank. In other words, it’s official.

That’s different.  And if enough suckers buy into it or are forced into it (like my nation did to the world in 1944 for all oil contracts) it will succeed even though it has zero value and is not limited in any real sense.

This is an electronic printing press that never runs out of ink, paper or zeroes.

Many nations will use it just to punish the U.S. or keep from being punished for breaking the deal on using only USD for oil transactions – and I don’t blame them. 

That was wrong and the Globalist/Marxists behind that scheme should have gone down as the criminals they were.

But think of it.  Every nation now under the CCP’s control via loans, infrastructure deals and bribes (which includes my own thanks to the Biden Crime Family’s deal for $1.5 billion) will succumb.

That’s most of the world, folks.  Just follow China’s $900 billion ‘New Silk Road’.  Every deal going forward will require these nations on the receiving end to use China’s funny money, I’m sure.

And this new ‘thing’ will track everyone who uses it – where they are, what they’re buying, where they’re going and who is with them – if friends are foolish enough to use it as well.

This digital currency is Bill Gates on steroids and its dangers cannot be overstated – but it will work.

Why do I say that?  Because my own nation’s stupid, short-sighted political hacks owned by the Globalist Federal Reserve founders, wanted to be able to print money of no value forever.

It’s not a conspiracy theory that the world’s richest European and American families created and owned the Federal Reserve.  That’s historical fact. And as stated in yesterday’s article, if this cabal of super-rich had not been behind that fraud, the world would not have accepted or prolonged it as long as they have. No Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans and Warburgs – no deal.

But after reading One World Globalist self-appointed Emperor, Klaus Schwab’s diatribe against nationalism (love of country) and praise of the CCP’s digital blackmail, I am personally sure that they’re behind this new “species of fraud” as well (to again quote America’s first president).

Consider this before slinging the inevitable slurs and insults in my direction.

Let’s think this through with a couple of examples.  Uncle Xi calls his pals in Iran – and even though Xi has Mohammed’s ilk in torture camps, harvesting their organs while still alive, etc. it won’t matter.

This is business, so you, the Head Mukimuk, take Xi’s call.

You are a mullah who hates nothing more than The Great Satan (from an Islamonazi perspective) so killing a few hundred thousand Uighur is just the cost of doing business – collateral damage.

Your Yazidi sex-slave secretary buzzes in, “Uncle Xi is on the line, calling from Beijing.”

Uncle Xi funds much of your misbehaviour since Trump’s crushing sanctions, so you take his call.

Keep in mind that John Kerry still has his head up the ass of the Iranians—and he’s one of Biden’s bolsheviks in charge of the false flag climate hoax

CCP Dictator Xi tells you that he has a way you can by-pass U.S. sanctions on your regime and sell your oil to the world without any problem so you can get back to your main business of slaughtering Christians and Jews.

When Xi tells you about his work-around to sell your oil, finance worldwide terror and nuclear weapons – whatever – with no more pesky SWIFT code monitoring of transfers by Uncle Sam and so on, what do you think the Iranian mullahs will do?

What will the dictator of North Korea – previously tamed by a real U.S. president – do?  He’ll go back to building nukes and launching rockets.

What will every rogue nation in the world do once their manoeuvrings are known only to the Central Bank of China?

Will Putin still sell his natural gas and oil in dollars?  Of course not.  Will U.S. sanctions have any teeth?  No.

And Beijing Biden – who is still receiving a minimum of $30 million a year from illicit China dealings (2% annual fee on the $1.5 billion given to son Hunter to manage of which ‘the Big Guy’ gets half), will say nothing to his Master, Xi – the man who put him in office with CCP owned Dominion Voting Systems.

This is a serious matter, playing out right now.  The CCP just finished its second test run and has now cleared the new funny money “to cross boundaries”.  That test is ongoing right now.

‘China will need a “compatible and coordinated system” to use the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency, and there already are signals from other central banks that a move into the field is imminent.” according to Adarsh Sinha, currency strategist at Bank of America.

This is a move that will shake up our world rather quickly, and the current lack of U.S. leadership will exacerbate its effects.

The best thing our Western nations can do is forbid the use of this Trojan Horse in hopes of limiting its effects – but I’m not sure many of our so-called ‘leaders’ have the courage to stand up to Beijing, which is a pity.

Time for some Reagans and Thatchers rather than the weak sisters now running the Western World – or we may have reached the end of what I consider the greatest civilisation in history.

Howell Woltz

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